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  1. At this point, since he said something like that, anything goes. Except the death of Sora seeing as hes the protagonist after KH3. Honestly, Ive heard this games pretty dark, I was thinking something along the lines of a plot twist, where instead of Terra being a Nort like we all think Xehanort somehow gets Aqua instead in some turn of event. Leaving Terra to be a Light in her place, I mean, shes already a Master, an evil Aqua fight would be gripping, hurtful and challenging to say the least.
  2. Idk if anyone’s said this yet but do you think we haven’t seen Big Hero 6 yet bc it’s more than just that? What if Shibuya is a district in the city and TWEWY is a world within a world like Timeless River? I’d love that tbh and it makes sense.
  3. COPPED! i thought $20 for the shirt was good enough then i saw you get a free necklace? heck yeah please keep us updated
  4. If you look super super close to the hooded figure you can see that he/she has some hair in the front. Its been said that this hooded figure is more feminine than the other that have been in Cross and I think I cant kinda see it too. Wouldnt it be crazy as hell if whoever that may be, a Nobody of a former Leader or an entirely new character that they would maybe look like Xion??? Im probably reaching, but the hair looks kinda like short and black in the front, zoom in and look, Just saying, thatd be another crazy twist.
  5. Entering the world, they wouldnt have suits, but after meeting the team and their suit creators, if she sees them as heroes, towards then end of the world i can definitely see them getting suits. Not for the world order, but for fun, theyre technically heroes you know??
  6. Reviewing the trailers, Ive noticed that Keyblades have 1 to 2 keyblade transformations(or none at all) and they usually have an Attraction Flow to it, not to mention it seems they also have their own distinct Shotlocks. Im starting to believe tht your other party members are there strictly for aesthetic and to make you feel cool when you charge into battle with 4 party members lmao. Sora is so OP and weve only seen trailers. Anyway.. Star Keyblade: Double Arrowguns Magic Launcher -------- Either the teacup or Pirate Ship attraction flow. (unless one of them is for the Kingdom Key) Hercules Keyblade: Countershield ---------------- Pegasus Run attraction flow Toy Story keyblade: Drill Punch Hyper Hammer --------------- Buzz Lightyear ride attraction flow With this in mind, how many more Keyblades do you think we may get, AND how do you think Attraction Flows are activated. Idk if the Kingdom Key itself has any other Forms but its Drive Form IS Second Form, so keep that in mind.
  7. This is the translated cutscenes from the new episode and it got me thinkin, since im assuming the kid circled in red is Ven and Ven would be the one to receive the Book, do you think that Luxu may be Ven? The name Luxu was given to him by his Master, once he went with Ava he couldve gone by his real name to carry out the Masters plan, Idk im just brainstorming
  8. You guys ever think that Terra is more drawn towards Xemnas than Xehanorts Heartless, Terranort had both Terras and Xehanorts hearts right? Well what if when they became seperated that Xehanorts Heart went to his Heartless, giving him his jacket appearance and the slight appearance of his younger self and Terras Hearts went to Xemnas making him save Aquas armor and appearing like a long, silver-haired Terra. What if the Kingdom Hearts of mens Hearts was sort of a way for Terra to come back and bring Aqua and Ven back too, what if he had been plotting the whole time he was Terranort and when he became Heartless/Nobody he saw his chance for revenge?
  10. So far at least, but you cant top it man. There are so many cool elements like the shoulder guards and the navy shirt under the black jacket and the shirt had the red pockets. The color scheme was mostly black but there were a lot of other colors without them being to overbearing. KH2 sora forever
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