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  1. FINALLY! Grateful to finally see this but it’s taken way too long. I’m assuming there’s been issues with rights now there are multiple composers working alongside Yoko.
  2. Top 10 is phenomenal for a game like this. Seriously, given the size of the video game market we should be celebrating this as a huge win for the franchise. It’s a great sign that Disney would and should keep investing in it.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and I’ll be preordering but some of this is fluff that should be free. If the episodes are each like 0.2 in length then that will be amazing I just hope that’s the case!
  4. Ouch on the pricing - DLC shouldn’t be more than 20 £/$ plus another 10 for the concert tracks. There does appear to be a lot of content but that’s priced at more than half of a brand new game.
  5. So, serious question - is this all going to be post-game or fleshing out parts of the main game too? I haven’t replayed on critical yet as I was waiting for this. But could I get my critical play through going now so that I’m “finished” for when this launches... or do I want to start afresh on ReMind launch day?
  6. As usual for Kingdom Hearts, the score was phenomenal. Possibly the best in the series. But I won’t be voting until Disney/Square actually release it as a retail album. It is ridiculous that in 2019 the only way I can hear the music is to pirate it on YouTube or try and find a copy of the uber-limited release orchestra albums with only a handful of tracks on. Sorry to be bitter and twisted about it but it’s so sad that Shimomura’s music isn’t more widely available.
  7. Ludicrous pricing as per the last concert series. I really wanted an album last time but couldn’t justify £35 for it. It was single disc and didn’t even include every track played at the concert. Such a shame as the recordings were brilliant and it is a high quality album. But it’s just not worth that price.
  8. 100% this. I loved the story in KH3 but you’re right - it all happened in cutscenes, mostly in places we couldn’t go. The game is an 8.5/10 for me and the only real thing missing was Radiant Garden (I’m not fussed about the FF characters I just wanted to walk around listening to the field theme!)
  9. Just give me a soundtrack - that’s all I want after finishing the game yesterday. There were some amazing pieces that I need to hear again!
  10. This. ive actually avoided trailers and promos for the last week or so to try and calm myself down a bit (and avoid spoilers). Are we actually about to do this???
  11. If you like the music then this is an absolute must. Live and fully orchestrated character/world/battle themes beautifully complemented by carefully crafted footage from all the games on a big screen. As well as the big overarching KH themes. Plus you are surrounded by hundreds of people who love the games as much as you do. It’s honestly a fantastic experience 😍😍😍 even my partner, who has never played a KH game, really enjoyed himself.
  12. It was just after the launch of 2.8 - so must have been 2017. I remember because the audience went nuts when the orchestra played the final boss theme from 0.2 😊 I’ve seen lots of “films with orchestra” type shows and this was definitely the best one yet.
  13. Now THIS is news. Saw the London show for the last tour and will definitely be picking up tickets for this 🤩🤩🤩
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