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  1. I'm interested in this. It's a fun sounding idea with a lot of potential. I do have a few questions about the Pixel Pals.
  2. Well, it's been a ride, a weird one at that, but I enjoyed it none the less. Here's to future roleplaying endeavors. *raises a glass of milk*
  3. ~Aqua: Isopolis: In Need of a Nap~ Aqua was stricken by grief as she watched Henry’s sacrifice, but she couldn't deny the relief and gratitude the overcame her at the thought of having her staff back. The female elf gave him a slight smile, as he walked past her, but didn’t say anything. She would be fine, but others needed his goodbyes more than her. Aqua tightly clutched the staff to her chest as it reappeared. The thought of just how held back she was without her staff still worried her deeply. She decided she would need to practice using her magic without her staff along with learning to use other types of weapons. She’d also need to train her control over her emotions during battles as well. Rest would be her first goal, then after she’d worry over other things. She was about to go by Elia’s side to cheer her up went she heard Typhon’s loud voice along with Alastor’s voice. She groaned loudly, even more so when she heard Aura’s response. “Does it matter, they have a king pinned to the ground with a sword. Don’t listen to them, until they become reasonable and put their weapons away.” She crossed her arms. All she wanted was to sleep, but it seemed as if that plan was sidelined again.
  4. ~Aqua: Isopolis: Guess Who's Back (Back Again)~ Aqua shook her head as she came to her senses. It was an odd sensation to be back in time. She couldn’t fully believe she was back in time. Many emotions filled her very being, fear, confusion, happiness, joy, more confusion. It was odd to her. She had expected Yev to still want the Source, yet he seemed to have given up on it for now. She wanted to know just what had happened while she had been unconscious, but it seemed as if she’d need to wait to learn it in full. For now, there were other things to attend too. A quiet sigh left her mouth as she realized the others were still going to use the Source. Aqua couldn't agree with the wish to bring the humans back, but she couldn't bring herself to say anything in disagreement. She couldn't bring herself to ruin such unity. So instead she busied herself with marveling about Elia's and Henry's time travel feat.
  5. Working on a post that will be up tomorrow. Sorry for not posting, I just didn't want to ruin the moment.
  6. Well, if it helps it's just a crush on him. Aqua has too many trust issues to have anything beyond a crush on another. Love requires a level of trust that Aqua doesn't have to give. Although, if Aqua did have the level of trust you need to date...who would she date? I can't think of anyone. Not that's it's important to the story. I just like shipping my characters.
  7. ~ Aqua: The Void of Reality Itself~ Aqua sat up in a very groggy state. She stood up and crinkled her nose. "What...what's going on?" She asked confused and covered her nose. She could tell something important was going on, but not what or why. She looked around trying to get a grasp on things up that only made her more confused. Her mind was having a hard time processing where she was, or rather, in this case, wasn't. (Sorry, it's short I needed to respond something)
  8. I should have mentioned this, but the barrier works for physical attacks too. Sorry, I thought it was implied.
  9. I honestly think it's going on too long. The boss has 4 different forms and is starting to get longer than a KH boss and FF boss.
  10. ~Aqua: Too Lazy to be creative (again): The Wrapped City of Isolation~ Aqua had moved away from the fight to the back of the group. She had decided not to attack as she thought of a way to make her magic more useful to the fight, each idea she had was dismissed as too risky, unmanageable, or too magically taxing. She was, however, pulled out of her thoughts by Ahriman's sudden outburst into true and sudden madness. She couldn't say she wasn't a little surprised by it. She wanted to do more but had didn't have the time to think about it anymore. Aqua could see that some of the other's had already reacted to the situation. She used all the magic she had to create barriers around all present (but not the God wannabe.) She found herself suddenly exhausted and couldn't help but give in to her body's need to rest. She fell into a dreamless sleep as her body fell to the ground with a dull thud. (Sorry, it's so short )
  11. 1. It has three hits (attacks) max or five turns (Replies) 2. Aqua is going to faint (I'll explain that in my post). Sound fair?
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