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  1. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    -Eclaire Oathkeeper: One who stands against the Storm- Eclaire shot off, leaving a magic shield behind her to assist Rufus. "RHEA!" She roared once more, skidding to a halt, sword in the ground. All her weapons had been used up against Ahriman's arm, leaving only Rhea's two and Caladbolg, along with Shiva. Those currently had been tossed to their owners. "WALL." Was all she shouted, now next to Aura. Rhea was torn for a brief moment. Which way? Go, and leave Xion? She was not yet out of the woods... But Xion's hand found her knee. One slight nod was all Rhea needed - winging up, she threw her spear into the ground before Eclaire and the humans. "LAND OF THE KING." She cried out. A wall of ice sprung forth between the battle,and those who were harmed. Divine down, twin swords in hand, she slashed the air, sending waves of Light at Ahriman during her descent. One sword then burst into flames, while the other froze into aetheric ice, with which she slashed at Ahriman's new arm. Eclaire, now blocked by the ice, extended a hand to Aura. "You have heard the call of my heart, and the ringing of my voice. So I ask you, human....I ask for the lamp."
  2. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    -Eclaire Oathkeeper: One who stands against the Storm- She could feel it. Rabiyu's magic, the broken seal. It was a losing battle. At first she felt herself falter, Her ears lay back as the oppressive forces came up. The girl grimaced and took a step back on instinct, her body crackling with lightning. She had expected the attack, and only was saved by her arcing lightning storm to be turned against her, throwing her back and to safety, Ahriman's slashing narrowly missing. Hitting the ground and rolling, she got back up, wincing. "Dammit..." She stayed up, before she heard skidding. At her feet were three swords - Rhea's twin blades and Caladbolg. "Don't you dare take another step back!" Rhea shouted. She was busy stabilizing Xion, who at least was breathing.Rhea grimaced as she glanced to Elia. There was nothing she could do right now. And she knew that Eclaire was low on power, having used most of it. "She believes in you! Your mother believes in you! believe in yourself!" Nodding, Eclaire's wings flared to existence. That hesitation...oh, did she have a plan. She grinned, her cat-slit eyes gleaming. "Hey. Ahriman. You missed." Eclaire shot skyward, into the storm. Suddenly her wings were covered in blades and spears...every single weapon she had held, from Overture to Kusanagi, Shiva's Spear, In Paradisum in Fifth Configuration. And oh did she smile. Because she had seen something...and now....she knew what to do. And she threw her left arm out, and the weapons rained down...everywhere but Ahriman. "Rebound Glyph!" She roared, suddenly diving down. Simpler and far easier to use than runes, glyphs could do simple things. The glyphs she used would rebound whatever hit them...and they were on the weapons. suddenly was there, slashing at Ahriman's new arm, the one that hesitated...and rebounded off the glyph below her, and it shattered...but she was now flying at lightning speed at another weapon, and rebounded. Kusanagi in hand, she rebounded at Ahriman, executing Zantetsuken at his arm, letting the blade shattered to light after the strike, rebounding back with Overture for another powerful light-augmented slash, using the very existence of her weapons to empower her strikes. The rebounding was speeding her up, making after images appear as she now grabbed Caladbolg, attempting to cleave his arm off with the dark-enhanced greatsword before she now moved onto the In Paradisums and Shiva's Spear, slashing and stabbing at his hesitating arm with merciless precision, before grasping Lightbringer, the true name of Takao's sword. It glowed fiercely, a line of cerulean light left behind as she slashed at that damn arm. And then...the final glyph. There was no weapon. There was only the glyph. And once she struck it, she used one of those two seconds Takao had saved her. Her sword glowed...not with the fierce white-blue of lightning, but the cool colors of ice. "I see my foe before me. He is not good, nor evil - nor am I good, or evil. Like him, I see fear, I see hope. Before me I see not a foe, but an equal. Not an equal, but a better. I am the steel that creates my blade, the leather that wraps the hilt, and the song that sings through the wind." He glowed. "Noblesse Oblige - Anti-Foe Ancient Magic: Kugane Tragedy..Shiva - herald the frost of a new dawn!" And so she struck once more with Kugane Tragedy upon his new arm, before skidding on the ground and spinning, stabbing Shiva into the floor to come to a stop....right next to Rufus. Her attack was Flash Raid. " that little fight of yours give you anything, Djinn?"She asked, standing. She glanced around, then spotted Aura. "Does she have it?"
  3. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    -Rhea and Xion, before the "god' who calls himself Ahriman- Rhea skidded back from the explosion. Upright, she watched in elation as Eclaire struck with all her might, but that elation turned to despair. Nergodin lived, and within moments he was whole. Lysander shattered, but still did the man stand. She sunk to her knees, not even the strength of Rhaedyn Thane could have given her the hope needed. He was too powerful...if not even a new spell, a far more powerful Avalon Calamity, could not strike him or would him grievously...what could? He barely stood scratched, he barely even winded...yet there were tired and weary, low on power...and all he did was grow stronger... "What...hope do we have?" She said. "What do we have left...a demigod...against a being who...sighed off an attack meant to destroy castles?" Xion landed by her daughter, the catgirl having been knocked unconscious from the landing. She looked at her, then the lightning that was cracking. Without a second thought Xion held her daughter to her chest and thrust Caladbolg skyward, the greatsword becoming a lightning rod that the divine dragon's thunder would be drawn too. And drawn it was, through Xion's blade, her body, and into Eclaire. She gritted her teeth, a strangled cry barely heard over the din of combat. They had been to the side of Ahriman...and as the lighting faded, Xion fell, Caladbolg clattering to the ground. Her eyes had been burned, her body smoking. All she saw was impossible black...and then a spot of gold. Beautiful, brilliant gold, that grew and flowed hair. "A...are you...her mother??" She croaked, her hand extending. Then everything was white, pure, radiant white, as she now stood whole before the white-dressed girl. The girl gently took her hand, pressing it to her cheek. "I cannot pierce the veil for very long. For moments, on the edges of death, the twilight between your life and your passing, I can speak. Oh how I've missed you." "I...I'm sorry. I...I've failed...failed her...failed her mother..." " haven't. You went astray...but when the moment came you did not hesitate. You gladly risked your very life, gave up all you loved, to make amends." "Who...who are you? How do you know...everything? My regrets..." "Because, Xion Izanami...Ruler of The Sea of Lust, Mother of Eclaire...beloved wife of mine. You never disappointed me. You made me sad, and upset, but I knew your heart...I've always known your heart." She paused. "I must go. Tell Eclaire...tell her our beautiful, beautiful daughter my love never stopped burning for her. It is as bright as the newest dawn." "...What....what is your name?" The answer was given with a simple press of the lips. A single name flowed into her, before the black once again took her. She dimly heard Eclaire, begging her to answer as Ahriman gave his grand speech, his offer to surrender, to kneel. "Eclaire...Zion's love...forever burns." She struggled to sit up, then slid to her knees. "I am a Queen...I bow...I bow to no Fey, not Queen of Ice nor King of the North. Go to hell." Xion whispered. She coughed, feeling the blood come up and splatter the ground. Great. That hurt. Her strength spent, she fell and laid still, eyes closing. She just...needed a rest...but Xion could feel beside her the cackling electricity. She had her final laugh. -Eclaire Oathkeeper - Speaker of Epic Speeches- "Zion's love...forever burns." Those words were the herald of her waking. Her body coursed with electricty, painful yet powerful. She rolled onto her stomach and struggled to get onto her knees, coughing. Then a warm hand pressed onto her head, and another on her shoulder. Looking up hazily, she frowned. "T...Takao?" The Succubus smiled. "Just two seconds. All I had left after I had fulfilled my purpose. I hid them within the sapphire...just in case." Her aetheric body looked up at Ahriman. "Smile, Eclaire. A smile better befits one who wishes to be a hero." "No." Eclaire rose up, lightning crackling around her body, her eyes aglow with her pink aura. She briefly glowed a deep cerulean blue as she devoured the last two seconds of Takao's lifeforce, and she took a step forward. Her eyes blazed with the sakura pink hue of her aura, her armor shattering and fading to light, leaving her in her traveling clothes. The red half-cape fluttered briefly before going still, Shiva held aloft as it too glowed with that cerulean blue. "I stand against all you are. Against your destruction, your false rebirth, your false claims of sovereignty and divinity. If I am to be one to stand against a god then so be it...because I refuse! I refuse to kneel to you, to become part of your plan! Rename yourself a thousand times, create the world a thousand times over. I swear - I promise - that there will be an Eclaire Oathkeeper in every generation. In every world. I will stand against you until the gods deem this universe's end. Because you do not bring a true peace or true happiness. You refuse to listen! You bring a hallow peace, an existance without the feeling of true joy or elation! It is our sorrow, it is our pain, that makes us real. It is the very flaws in our hearts that bring forth the indomitable will to strive for change, to find the strength to stand against the storm. I do not stand alone either. I stand with family, friends, comrades! I stand to find the true peace, our true destiny! I have no questions, only promises. The promise to uphold my oaths, up protect Jynn until I die, and never forget the woman, the true Queen, who saw hope in the lost, saw strength in the broken, and love in the downtrodden. You are so blind, that even the human king could see! Could see the unity we show. Bring your divinity, your destruction, your misguided lies. For we have won a thousand battles by merely standing against you...shown a unity that is beyond you. you must turn us against each other with trickery and magic. Yet we came together with barely any words, with barely any hesitation...for we knew that above all else, you were the greatest threat. The greatest villain amongst us. So keep your offers and your gifts. I will stand against you, I will fight! Because a flawed woman saw imperfect Queen, and a faltering mother...showed me that this world can be healed. Not through forceful rebirth...but by extending your hand to one who needs love." Tears ran down her cheeks as she raised Shiva. "I shall take your head and your heart, Ahriman. And maybe then, shall you understand the true power of mere mortals. For Life...for a new dawn...We shall fight. Together."
  4. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    -Xion: Fighting Nergodin- Xion kept up her barrage....then Henry. Seeing him charge, Xion darted to the side. Her body began to glow with black-purple energy. "Dark-Binding Chains of the Mare - Ouroboros!" she roared. Small magic circles appeared around her body, and purple chains erupted, aiming to assist Henry in binding Nergodin. She didn't need to yell for her daughter to attack....for the dome, at Henry's shout, exploded with a massive pulse of energy. The ice dome shattered as...the ground began to rise. -Eclaire and Rhea: Ultimate Attack of Ultimate Destiny- The Circle was rising. Born on pillars of ice, the very circle was being thrown upwards by Rhea, who would then stab her spear into the ground, causing an explosion that propelled the magic circle - and Eclaire - towards Nergodin - platform, circle, everything. She stood fast, held to the ground by her spears. Her eyes pierced Nergodin, the beautiful teal aglow with the warm, rose pink aura. Eclaire knew that Nergodin was fast. And as such...she chose the best course of action. To not miss....she would need to bring the magic circle to him. Rhea had melted around the circle and gotten under it, and used both ice and a massive eruption of Fire mana to propel it towards Nergodin. "Her joy is my armor. Her happiness is my shield. Her kindness is my blade. By the will of those who fight for life, who brought forth Light from where there was none, by the souls of all who fell, fall, and will fall, I am the Light of Promised Victory!" She raised the blade up, as thousands of points of light rose from the ground. "Nobless Oblige - Sword of the New Dawn!" She roared, her blade engulfed with the light of a newborn star, cutting through the battle. "By my conviction, I will save kingdom! I will protect worlds! I do not strike alone, but as one with those who stand against you! On the name of thy sword, I bring forth a spell for a new era! I bring forth Avalon Salvation!" The Light grew fiercer, brighter, as if a Newborn Star erupted into the most beautiful sun, a celestial marvel as Eclaire grew closer at a face pace, and brought the Sword of Light down upon Nergodin, a single word shouted - the name of her sword, a sword named after a Queen gone, a mother lost, and a love ripped away. "SHI....VA!" her roar echoed in the chamber as the Retainer of Shiva, the lost girl who once felt alone, now surrounded by many she knew that, one day, she would see as friends. Her rose pink hair, buffeted by the magic, was torn in the wind as Shiva, ten times it's side, cut the air. Eclaire brought it down upon Nergodin as the name of Shiva echoed, the silvered blade unseeable through the brilliant light of a newborn star...a newborn spell. A new obligation, from those with power. A Noblesse Oblige, to bring the new dawn. One marked by a sword named for a fallen Queen, and a massive magic circle about to smash into Nergodin.
  5. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    Eclaire, Xion, and Rhea: Setup Eclaire braced herself, crying out as the world exploded around her. She grimaced and looked up - the shields the others had put around her had saved her. Spears returned, the ones she had set up began to move at a rapid pace, creating a magic circle at a rapid rate. She was finally ready. Rhea landed in front of her, slamming Geirskogul into the ground. "Ice of the great North, heed my call! I am the last remnant of the King, and I demand your resilience! Fire of the West, Fire that scorches the sky and the stars, give me your power, in the name of the Dragon!" A dome of aetheric Ice and fire erupted, creating a massive dome of protection around the circle and Eclaire. Rhea was holding fast, putting everything she had left in this great defense. This final bastion. "Rhea." Came the somewhat choked voice of Eclaire. "I have one last idea for you." Moments before, Xion had pressed her back to Rhea. "Twofold Defense!" They shouted, the beams from Nergodin causing minimal damage as they worked together. As Rhea landed and formed the dome, Xion held Caladbolg and Long and Dark December, darkness channeled into both. Letting go, she let them float behind her, before copycat blades formed, and she now flew towards Nergodin with wingblades. "Abyssal Drain!" She threw her hand out, the magic glyph she conjured firing a jagged, spiked orb of red and black energy at the being. She peppered him with fire, then looked to Typhon and Helios. "If you two have a plan, do it now! Eclaire needs time, and she needs him as slowed as possible." She roared, before multiple glyphs formed around her. "UN....MEND!" she shouted, peppering Nergodin with more darkness. Once close, she twisted, slashing at him with her aetheric blades, before dancing out of range. Unmend, Abyssal Drains, and her blades, a clashing flash of dark intent and jagged purpose. Every twist, though, her steele flashed, marking her body with runes. To what end, was only known by Xion for now. And she swore this bastard would die.
  6. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    Eclaire, Xion, and Rhea - We gonna go full DBZ her Eclaire felt the wind buffet her. Jynn held the attack back, but there was nothing they could do. As Jynn and the others attacked, more spears now appeared before those who held back. "Give me what you can spare!" Eclaire roared. "I'll only have one shot, and I'll need everything I can get! Jynn and the others can hold him off, maybe even wound him. But we need to strike him down before he gains more control over the source!" She stabbed her sword in the ground, falling to a knee. To create so many spears took it's toll. She needed to bring them back soon. She couldn't begin the circle...not without their power. Xion kicked off. Having already spared power, she flew towards Jynn, landing beside him. "Jynn. We need to hold him off. Do as much damage as we can." She looked at him. "Eclaire needs time to prepare an attack. Before, we were ready to pierce the winds and reach him. Unleash everything, Prince of Kilkis Seres." Her steele flashed, adding to him a rune - that of power. "The horn granted us a boon, and I have doubled it to you. Do what you can, Prince. And when the time is right...make sure we don't miss." She winged back quickly. She wouldn't be able to attack, not without losing precious mana. Landing already, she got on her hands and knees and began to draw more runes around Eclaire. Rhea flew before them. "Elf! I will hold back and defend. You and the angel spared what power you could - Do whatever you can now. Regain what you can." She held Geirskogul out, Ice and Fire flowing off it. "I shall ensure Eclaire's attack is not forestalled."
  7. Saber Lily

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    Just saw! I already voted
  8. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    -Eclaire, Rhea, and Xion: After the Storm- Xion stepped back, shaking. This....this thing was emenating power. Control. It was fully in control and it knew it...and all she could do was fall to her knees in defeat. Queen of the Succubi, on her knees...afraid. Afraid of the thing before her. Even Rhea took a step back, Geirskogul shaking in her hand. Failure. They both had failed. Xion, her people. Rhea, Thane. And now they could only watch in fearful silence, as madmen controlled the source. Not even the words of the others broke them as yet...but the sound of a sword, sheathed in preparation for a daring plan, broke the momentary silence. "In Paradisum, Fifth Configuration: Storm of Spears." Around Eclaire did the spears slam, at apparently random...yet deliberate...intervals. Eclaire did not falter. She did not fear. She was done running....she was done losing. "Everything is temporary. Harmony, peace, war, revolution, love, and loss. To dismiss the temporary is to dismiss life itself. Because that is what you desire. My friends...they have said it, so I must as well!" She stood tall. "Uniformity will destroy individuality, and consolidarity will destroy free will! You do not want life, but existence! You stand there as a god, and in that you have lost the very thing that drives us all to reach our fullest. The looming threat of the end. The looming promise of the afterlife. You have thrown away your greatest gift for power - your endless ambition, your atrocious atrophy, twisted into something that wants to unmake reality, that wants to reforge us all into one image. I will not stand for this!" She roared. "Your flawless unity is at itself flawed, as you remove the very thing that gives us life! You stand there offering to make us better, when all you do is preach mere existence! I have existed for thousands of years, but I have yet lived!" She took a step forward. "You wish to remove war, strife, and hate. You will remove sadness and despair, you will remove crying. You will remove tears!" She had to wipe her own away, as memories of what she lost bubbled up. "I refuse to lose my tears. Tears are the truest way to show your heart! Because without sadness, how will you know happiness? Without will you know joy? If you do not cry, how will you know laughter? You wish for flawless unity, but unity relies on individuality. It relies on the idea that everyone is different." She put a hand to her heart. "I was born but a mistake, but no longer! In uniformity, I would not be here! It was the love of a woman, who saw a broken girl on her threshold, and said 'You are not a mistake!' and held her hand out. It was the free will of Shiva that gave me purpose, that gave me hope! And to remove our will, to remake the world into one mind, one thought, is a fate worse than death. I had nothing to live for, Odin and Nergal. But now I have everything to die for." She raised her sword to him, the sapphire shining. "Around me are those I have followed and fought. As you sat in your tornado, did these brave souls entrust me with their power to pierce such magicks and attempt to stop you! Shiva's ideals of true peace are fleeting, but so are the wars that follow! The seasons come and go, and people live and they die. But I will not let you take their laughter, and their joy. Their relief, their sadness. I shall protect their tears! My blood lusts for a new dawn, my body yearns to protect the sunset. Your world will never be better. It will be a coward's creation. It is braver to fix that which is broken then start anew. And I do not stand alone. One by one do my comrades call out against you, call out against your insanity. The power of friendship is a joke within tales of yore, but all tales, all stories, are ground in truth - and this truth, is that one need not stand alone. I stand with Jynn, with Henry and the angels. With the elves and the Succubi. Even humans" She pounded her chest. "I am not a mistake! And I will not let you take away the life I have created! The lives everyone here wish to create, and continue! I refuse to merely existence anymore! I will live, not just for me, or for Jynn, or my mother. I will live for Shiva. For the woman who gave me hope." her eyes began to glow. "So do not speak her name again! Her ideals of true peace shall be forged, not in reforging everyone into one mind, one shape! But by reaching out and saying you matter! That your tears and laughter matter!" She shook but did not waver, cried but did not crack. "I am Eclaire Oathkeeper, daughter of Queen Zion of the Brightest Dawn, of Queen Xion of the Traitorous Night, Retainer of Shiva de la Alexandria. I was born from the love of two realms, that broke from their uniformity, destroyed their consoldiarity! It is the love of a Queen who believed in me, that I now can truly fly. It is the support of all around me that I will stand. And if I must, with an oath to keep with final breath, if I must - shall I be the one to drag you across the threshold to the doors of death!" Her piercing teal eyes were as if In Paradisum itself were now piercing the man before them. "I will forever stand with those who wish for a brighter future, not reforged with ancient magic but forged in the hope for a brighter future. And you will not take the dawn from us!"
  9. Saber Lily

    KH13 v4 - Discussion, bugs & features

    Add another tally for Dark Mode! Personally I will miss forum signatures. I had 4 of them on rotation, 3 of them made for me by Javelin434 to go along with his own. I will miss them dearly and really would love my signature back.
  10. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    -Eclaire Oathkeeper, Rhea the Unaging, and Xion Izanami- before the storm- Life was strange. Eclaire stood before a vortex, shocked still by the sudden betrayal. Henry wounded, Typhon trying to save him, the group both in disarray and distraught., Odin...had betrayed them. Nergal and Odin One-Eye now were in a vortex, the Source of All Life in their grasp. Even Yevgeni was shaken. Eclaire's sword dropped, scraping the ground. She turned slowly to look at yet another failure. "Shiva..." She whispered. No. Not again. She'd not fail again. Not while she remembered that last word, not while she had her mother and her friends...and yes...not even while her enemies looked before her. She refused to fail again. She wouldn't. Sheathing her silver sword, she marched over and hauled Yev up, right to her face so she could glare into his eyes. "I hate you with every fiber of my being. You dislike me for a myriad of reason. But right now, I need your help." She loosened her hold, making sure he didn't lose his footing, and raised her voice. "I need everyone's help right now." She turned, a plan forming. "I need everyone to gather what power they can..." She held out her hand. "And use it to charge In Paradisum. The chaotic mass of energy should be enough to break through the barrier, but I'll need more than it." She looked at Alastor. Yevgeni could use his light to charge her...but she needed to get above the vortex. "Man of Lightning. With how much power can you throw me?" She asked, letting go of Yevgeni. "The top of the vortex should be thin enough, but I need speed and power. Can you get me high enough, with enough speed, to reach a rune my mother can create?" She then turned to the others. Friends. Foes. She would let Alastor answer, then extend her spear, resting the end on the ground. "We all are here for different reasons. For different purposes. Some of us want to restore a world, others have ambitions. But right now, we have been betrayed. The Source is taken by a man who not only tried to kill Henry, a man who has more honor then I ever will, and now resides in that vortex with a Queenslayer. I'm not asking anyone to ally with me. I'm not asking anyone to promise anything. I'm asking for your help, your trust." Her hand slid up, resting on her heart. "I don't want the source. I just wanted Shiva. But she is gone, and bringing her back would be wrong. She and I had a final word, and she passed on peacefully. I am here to ensure the Source is not misused. That is my promise....not....that is my vow." Her ears slightly raised, and the girl found her heart. "So please. All of you - friend, foe, ambivalent bystander - I ask you for your help. We don't know the ambition of Odin or the machinations of Nergal...nor you, Yevgeni...but this is beyond our fight. This is beyond our differences. Within that vortex could be the end of everything we have fought for or want to create." She seemed to shake. "I could die trying to pierce the vortex. And I am okay with it. I...I have feared dying. I wished to die but ran away. I was a coward. But I...I will stand." her voice nearly cracked. "So please. Help me. If not for what I stand for, then for what you stand for.For what you wish for." She turned to Yevgeni. "Help me ensure that there is a world left to save." She asked softly. "Please." Xion and Rhea alighted beside her. "Don't have to ask us." Xion said. "I'll begin the runes." She kicked off and began to fly, already inscribing the air with acceleration runes. Rhea grabbed In Paradisum. "Take what I can offer. Fire, Ice, and Light. The wrath of Ithuriel." Eclaire nodded, then looked at the others. It was their choice to help or not. Either way, she'd need to be thrown higher and higher, then someone would need to maintain her acceleration and help her into the descending line of acceleration runes. Then...she would succeed to die hitting an impenetrable vortex at high speed.
  11. Saber Lily

    Overworld RP

    -Eclaire, Xion, and Rhea - In Combat- Rhea winged up and up. As everyone engaged, she quickly dived and took up position. If Nergal were to avoid Henry or get up from the attack, Geirskogul was already in hand, charged with Light. Her twin swords hang at her hips, the Unaging Valkyrie ready to unleash the wrath of the Ithurians, and the Wrath of the Valkyries, upon Nergal should he managed to escape Henry. A throw of the spear and a dual blade charge at him would be her manner of attack. Yevgeni's talk, his speeches. Eclaire's blood boiled in rage as she stood up, recovering from Nergal's attack. She was about to strike, when her mother once more grabbed her, arms wrapping around her body and holding her tightly. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry Eclaire. In that weak moment, I hurt you." She sobbed. "I can't remember your mother...I can't remember...but I know she was disappointed. And...and I never...never thought you were a mistake, Eclaire. You were my daughter. My sweet....kind...caring daughter...please...don't let the hate take you. Don't fall like I did. Don't become Consumption. You were the miracle i so needed." She whispered. "So please...don't...don't let the hate consume dearest Eclaire." She stood there, shaking. Tears streamed down her face, a torrent unending. And Yevgeni's sudden shift did not alter her hate was melted away...only to be replaced by such sorrow. "...I can't feel her anymore, Mom. I....I can't feel that pulse within my heart...I gave it up..." "Shh...whatever you has an ending, will end. What's important is you never forget how close they etch their love upon your no matter what, even if you forget them, that love always that one day, when you need it most, their face....their will bring you from the dark depths that you may have fallen." She loosened her hold. "Don't strike with your''s not you, Clary. You're're the kindest soul...I'll ever know." Eclaire slowly pulled away from her mother once more. She stumbled forward, brushing past Jynn and heading for Yevgeni. And she stood and raised her sword. "To use the Source to force unforgivable. You would not create anything but hollowness. You would create existence. We would merely exist. To force everyone to peace is to remove their will, the will that causes many of us here to still persist. The will to remember what we have lost, to cling to what we have." She pointed it at his heart. "There is no room in your heart for such peace, Yevgeni. I may be every bit the bastard you are...but at the very least...I accepted I was no ruler. I accept I never will be fit to sit on the throne of my mothers! I was not fit to stand by Shiva's side! And that's why I will stand by her name to final breath, why I renamed this sword after her! Because she saw past my unholy birth, she saw past the turmoil I could create and offered me a future! She offered me hope, Yevgeni! She gave me a new life, a new chance! To use the Source for anything more than restoring humanity is ignoble, is arrogant, is wrong!" she shouted. She had dimly heard Jynn speak to the man as she stumbled over, but the tail end rang within her ears. "As the Prince said...we are all different. And to force us to think the same in the name of peace is a fate worse than death. At very least, if I die, I will die Eclaire Oathkeeper, Retainer of Queen Shiva, and the one who loved her knowing there was no chance. I will die knowing the last word Shiva said to me." Her wings once more phased in, blocking Jynn from view. "And I will protect Jynn from you and your attack I have an oath to keep with final breath. Give up the source, Yevgeni. Jynn may not be ready to kill you...but I am."
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    Overworld RP

    Eclaire, Xion, and Rhea - EVERYONE US KUNG-FU-FIGHTIN', THEM FISTS ARE FAST AS LIGHTNIN'- Rhea backwinged as Henry executed his devastating kidney attack. She paused until he was done, then once more charged Nergal, throwing herself at him in a sidespin, a whirling spinning top of blades and twintails. Xion had moved closer to the humans. Despite her misgivings, right now everyone mattered. And as such, Xion chose to leave the fighting in her daughter's capable hands, and play the part of the late wife she couldn't remember - the protector. Eclaire...she was frozen. As she was let go, the chimaera faltered in air, backwinging through the fractals of light that marked where her Spears had faded. She gathered herself as Yevgeni led Aqua away, and Eclaire took pause. Would Shiva accept her own words? Would she accept the vitriol she, Eclaire, three at Alexander's memory? Maybe. Maybe not. But Shiva wasn't here. Eclaire felt the tears flow. "You bastard;", she roared at Yevgeni. "What would Shiva think? I'd love to know! I'd love to been yelled at for insulting her father! I'd give up every bit of my power to see her yell at me! But she's gone, Yevgeni! She's gone and I'll never get to hold her! Laugh with her! You took away the only person I had left in this whole damn world, all for a dead man's folly!" She rocketed at him once more. Yes, she had regained her mother...but... "You took away the first person to not see me as a mistake! She never once saw me as such am abomination, an unholy offspring!, She saw me as me!" Her blade began to glow. "And you took her from me!" Eclaire slashed, sending a wave of dark light at Yevgeni. " took away a mother who just wanted what was best for her son! Look what you did, you monster!" She screamed
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    Prologue: The Hunt for Captian Greyhawk.

    "..." Eclaire studied the ships. Biting her lip, she adjusted her glasses and quietly weighed all the information. They we're loading the smaller ship now, while the nicer one was left alone... "Principality sounds more like an admiral's yacht then a hardened pirate ship. But at the same time, Greyhawk could have stolen a new ship for himself. As bad as it sounds, I think we really should split up." She glanced around, then rolled her eyes at Tibarn. "No kiss from me." She sighed.
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    Overworld RP

    -Eclaire, Xion, Rhea - Fighting the Queenslayer and the Regent- Eclaire was thrown back. Flipping and skidding back, she was prepared to surge forward, but Xion suddenly grabbed her, hugging her close. Arms around her stomach, Xion buried her face in her daughter's hair. "No...Clary....Sweet Clary, don't....don't fall into that sorrow...that rage." She begged. "I feel your heart....I feel your hurt, and your sorrow. I felt the same for the longest time, my dearest daughter. But you can't let that control you. Whatever you gave up, it couldn't be the sweet, kind heart that beats below this armor...the heart that found love...that found a home." She sobbed. "I gave up my pendant, Eclaire. The only thing left of Zion, because she'd never forgive me if I let anything happen to you. So dearest Eclaire...." She loosened her arms. "Don't strike with hatred. It's not you. It's not you." Rhea leaped into the fray. As Yevgeni handed the Source of all Life to Nergal, Rhea charged the Queenslayer with an opening salvo of Light magic and Geirskogul, which flew towards his heart...and close behind, was Rhea, her twin blades of Ars Nova and Ars Antiqua gleaming in the eternal sunset. "QUEENSLAYER. I WILL KILL YOU." She roared. "THAT SUN OF A BITCH WILL HAVE THE JUSTICE HE LEFT FOR ME!" Eclaire was frozen...her ears flat, tail limp, the Retainer of the Queen was wasn't broken...she had but stumbled yet again in her long, long journey... And so, she stood, breaking free from her mother. That gilded black armor faded away, leaving her in the same clothes that she met Shiva in once more. The silver sword clenched tightly, she looked up. Her tear-streaked face glinted in the sunset, as she raised that silver sword to point at Yevgeni. "Jynn might have run. He might have left. But he came back. He returned because he knew his duty. Because the greatest triumph is not in forever succeeding, but always standing up!" She roared. "I don't care for the source! I just care that Shiva's want for peace in realized! Your vision is beholden to Alexander! How could the dream of a callous man ever bring lasting happiness? I felt the warmth below Shiva's ice! I saw the kindness! If even her own father did not believe in her, then I refuse to let such a man's wishes come true!" Her beautiful white wings glowed, transfiguring into aether, their light blueish-white existence coming to life by fractals. "And I took this sword from her hands, Yevgeni! I took it as a promise! As an *oath*." She exploded from the ground, past Jynn. "Go fight the Queenslayer, Jynn! Your rage is better served slaying her killer!" Eclaire came at Yevgeni, spinning in midair to slash at his chest. Her wings flashed away to reduce air drag, as in her free hand burst forth Overture, and she attempted to double slash him with her momentum before her wings returned. Glowing, they unleashed numerous bolts of light at the Elf, Eclaire gaining distance as Overture was thrown aside, letting it shatter to light as she gathered a dark mass in her hand, before firing it at Yevgeni. And at it's heals was her yet again, a relentless fighter out for blood. "I will avenge the woman I loved, Yevgeni, and put to the sword the traitor who ordered her death! This is my vow - this is my oath!" She yelled, stabbing at his chest once more. Behind her materialized In Paradisum, which split into it's seven, ready to be thrown or act as a deterrent should he attempt to get behind her.
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