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  1. I too look forward to the start of the roleplay on Friday! Until then I will familiarise myself with the cast. There is quite the selection, which I adore.
  2. Using one's blood flow as a weapon through ferromagnetics or morphing metal, eh? A scary concept, but a neat one all the same. I look forward to seeing the implementations of a character who has both a wind-based and earth-based magical repertoire. Also, ah, bloodbending! The ultimate Waterbending technique, and with Theo Leviathan high tide can come any time at will, I think, which can only complicate matters if she did have this ability. Thank goodness she does not . . . yet.
  3. Hello, everyone. As a heads-up, I made some updates to the first post of the sign-ups, including adding the silly map I drew, links for the new characters, a "Story Thus Far" which will need remedying later, and some other stuff. I also added a tad more information for the world that the dragon resides in within the last post I made for the roleplay itself, so hopefully that will provide some incentives for creativity. Additionally, thank you very much for your input. I look forward to seeing everyone progress in this next bit!
  4. ((All right, I will switch gears now and have things switch to the dragon quest. Those who want closure to the conversations they have started with others can accomplish this during or after the quest, and the arena fight between @Scrapmaster, @Nero Kunivas, and myself will be done via PM. You two can expect a PM starting for this soon. @rikunobodyxiii, @Elrandir, feel free to join the main party as you deem fit, and I look forward to seeing your characters in action!)) -- -- -- Elemental Effectiveness on this Planet: Jumping from the Frying Pan into the Fire, the Dragon Quest The gate opened with a roar of grinding technology and singing electrical snaps as its portal burned bright and revealed a tall mountain in the background, smoke billowing and forming into a deathly miasma about its top. Trees still blanketed the area with just enough foliage to cover the landscape and allow enough sun to strike their bases, but clear dirt paths, all of which was encrusted by fire, led in three different directions. One led to no distinctly visible area down a hardly travelled road, another essed down a more travelled road and had recent footprints in its crunchy wake, and yet another finely baked road leading directly toward the mountain. Pang was among the first to have stepped through the gate, supercharging himself and sniffing the air. He found it foul, sulphurous, as if the mountain had vomited volcanic gases from its peak and down into the forests below, but there was no other evidence that the mountain was active. He assumed it was the dragon. Hogarth stepped through too later, followed by Uzumeashy, who covered her mouth and coughed as lightly as she was able to hide her consumption. Hogie's eyes glittered with interest, possibly because he always seemed to be spat out into a timberland. With a wave of his hand, two of his eyes popped free from his sockets and soared to great heights, surveying the area with digital analysis. "From the whereabouts and my downloaded map, we are three miles to the nearest village of Tumula in that direction," he voiced, pointing towards the second path away from the mountain. "It is home to some Rakshasa and Rakshasi, who would probably tell us more about this dragon, or we can charge in and take care of this as quickly as possible. I would recommend gathering more intel, but I'll leave it to Uzumeashy here to decide." Uzumeashy looked helplessly about and shyly shooed the idea away, explaining, "I would rather put it to a vote. It would be dangerous either way, as the Rakshasa are a ferocious race, but additional information might spell the difference between life and death. What do you all think?" - Winona and the Spectacled Man, with Ceres - Winona smiled as she continued to aid in shifting the gravity upward, but a glance toward her right made clear that one of the yellow-eyed shadows was lurching for her with both claws outstretched. Both of her clones jumped toward her to rescue her from its killing blow. One took the blow for her after a failed shield parry, and the other used gravity magic in an attempt to pull the creature back and away from her. It worked well -- very well. Once it was tugged back so that its eyes were touching the shadow itself, it was torn apart by the strong gravitational pull of the magic, shrieking inhumanly while it did. Her eyes lit up. Even though it cost a portion of her to find it, she obtained her solution to defeating them. While her remaining clone made short work of the other shadow, the Spectacled Man struggled to overcome the weight of the soil as it pressed against his front. With Shield energy at his back, there was little dirt to propel him forward, so he performed a better method. Grasping the dirt near his hand, he clenched it so that the soil turned to stone and forged a pillar leading to the remainder of the ground beneath him. This missed Ceres by a fair bit, but with a bridge connecting him to the ground surface, he was able to launch a pillar out from under Winona's feet and launch her sky-high. Her concentration undone, gravity would begin to revert back to normal. Winona called out, "Look out!" shortly before falling hard onto the ground, her off-hand's lower arm breaking both her radius and ulna in the process. She winced, fighting through the pain as she strove to get back on her feet. This would not stop her, she thought to herself. The geomancer grinned, feeling freer now that he was not under crushing weight. He counted on Ceres being done for or in the same position as he was, and with the gravity mage at the loss of one arm it meant she was only half a threat. He lost his guardians, but he could always make more, whereas the thought of killing two Haven individuals was altogether greatly satisfying.
  5. @Sikota Urinakano I feel like I've seen your name before somehow, long ago, but welcome to the roleplay, fellow RP'er! I hope we all can and will have a great experience together, and I am interested in seeing your Somnum character.
  6. Ardyn joined the fray! Having played Final Fantasy XV, I know I'm going to enjoy Gerik's character. I could envision him being similar to the Man in Black from The Dark Tower series, that sly, manipulative trickster. Anyhow, below lies my second character to fill the ranks! Here's looking at you, Scrap, for the idea of drunk Jari the fox boy. -- -- -- Name: Jari Coriander Age: 24 Gender: Male Appearance: A lanky young man, about 165 centimetres tall (5 feet, 5 inches), with dark hair, green eyes, a rounded face, and an amiable smile that can kill, Jari is a bright young man with a strange air about him. He has taken a liking to a loose shirt and trousers, all-terrain boots, and keeps his hair nice and kempt. He has his quirks, however. The most prominent thing about him is his different taste in style. He wears a custom-made headpiece that looks like fox's ears and covers his own set of ears while retaining most of his hearing capacity, and he wears a fake fox's tail from time to time which he affixed to his rear, to make up for his losing his other one, he claims. Court affiliation (if any): Somnum Weapons: A well-honed hunter's knife. He also has in his possession several thief's tools, metal ingots of various kinds, and a interchangeable game board of his own design he calls his Crest, with pieces enough to play chess, checkers, backgammon, and seventeen other games. Magic: Lightning magic, whittling magic (a magical process which can cut away at what he touches into a shape he desires), lesser earth magic, infrared magic Personality: From a young age, Jari was what his friends would call special. His artistic mind was devoted to the creative elements of drawing, painting, sculpting, whittling, and his love for all things natural and created can be read easily by others. He tries to be kind, compassionate and polite, but he rarely advances to being a friend to people due to his weird claims of being an actual fox boy. He is harmless when sober and harmless when drunk (the latter of which happens quite often). Background: Born to two successful parents within the mages society, Felicity Thermos from Ignis (where they now reside) and Montgomery Coriander from Vivifica, Jari lived in the lap of luxury and was taught much about alchemy, chemistry, metallurgy, and the gifts of which he came with, but his dreamer ideals did not match either Ignis nor Vivifica, so he was shipped out to Somnum where he was taught even more of his gift, and most especially his knack for lightning and enchantment magic, enhancing something mundane into a wondrous item, especially art. He is a childhood friend of Shiroo from the Ignis court, and ran into Ephraim and Vincent once or twice.
  7. Here's my first character. Hopefully it seems all right for the roleplay, though feel free to call out possibilities for improvement. Sources of inspiration abound, but Silas Marner of the same-named book, Gerald Tarrant of the Coldfire trilogy, and Dorian Gray of The Picture of Dorian Gray are some of the key ones. -- -- -- Name: Pali Noirtier Age: 80 (looks like 19). Gender: Male Appearance: Court affiliation (if any): Umbra Weapons: Epee, a heavy rapier without a cutting edge but intended for thrusting Magic: Real Illusion / Wishful Thinking, various lesser magics meant for making life for him better, teleportation for small objects, necromancy Personality: As egocentric as a sphere is round, and as desirous to be filled as a bottomless hole, Pali Noirtier is a man who puts on the facade of a socialite while being inwardly broken. He is highly introspective, though he is known by some to talk to himself or to his creations. He is like a different person around his daughter, however. Background: Pali Noirtier started out in a flawed branch of the Umbra court's train of thought, and sought immortality through any way that he could. He found one such method: to live a life fuller of debauchery than any other and gain the power of wishful thinking through a wizened old man who achieved this, killing him in the process and hiding his body through his own technique. He trained long and hard, and at the age of 19 he stopped aging, requiring to bathe, and more. Currently, Pali lives mostly by himself with his makeshift creations, though he does venture out of his home every now and again to perform the duties that made his living style possible. An air of nobility follows him, potentially because he is an older man trapped in a younger man's body and he dresses like an aristocrat. However, beneath his exterior lies the heart of an abomination, a blemished thing that never should have graced the world. His lone pride and joy, excepting himself, is his twenty-year-old daughter from a swiftly forged marriage he thought would make life interesting again. The marriage ended horribly, and his daughter Lev (Hebrew for "inner heart") grew up in his household until she moved out. She strayed deeply from her father's path and chose a life like anyone else, filled with freedom, excitement, and health. She visits him every now and again, which gives him a joy he long thought he lost.
  8. After getting swamped with work and not being able to do much else, I have finally posted, though I hope it is up to par. @Scrapmaster @Nero Kunivas, what say you to working on this fight via PM? I would like for things to move on sometime soon (like maybe in a day or two), but it seems that interactions are being presented, so I am torn on continuing to surge forward or to concentrate on character development. Thoughts, anyone?
  9. - Uzumeashy - The girl smiled and continued her breakfast, gladdened by the fact that she was going to learn a bit more about Iseult's homeworld, but did not expect to be so starry-eyed that she would drop her fork to listen. Flying whales, colour-lit cities, floating lands -- the world was so unique and the imagery so beautiful to her young mind that she could not help but be enamoured by it. This secret capital, hidden in darkness and yet allowed to enter the light, seemed like a dream come true, and she felt very embarrassed in comparison to be born on a world as docile and sequestered as hers was. Before she could utter anything more than an embarrassed string of um's and ah's, a spirited sylphid burst into the kitchen, apparently catching a glimpse of Iseult and badgering her with a question. While this was a nice distraction that allowed Uzumeashy some time to ponder over a way to respond, she could not help but feel a lick of jealousy towards the little fairy. "She's an elemental, from what I've witnessed," she commented, hoping to respond before the fairy. "Her elementalist is outside, as well as three other elementals. They're all nice, though I like Gnome especially. She's cute, shy, and doesn't say much." - Winona and the Spectacled Man - The real Winona let out a gasp of shock as she took a glance inside the shielded tetrahedron, not catching a glimpse of Ceres at all and only the Spectacled Man behind a mound of rubble, smiling quiescently back at her through the barrier. Something within her snapped, and she angrily thrust out both hands toward him. He frowned, potentially because the shield was not down, or perhaps because he knew that within an enclosed area he was in her specialty conditions for fighting: close quarter combat. Gravity magic was a baffling magic, and had a variety of practical uses. Lightening loads, burgeoning loads, and drawing things into gravity wells made everyday life a simpler task, but when weaponised it was a way to ruin armies. However, she did not have an army to focus on. She had one man who threatened a dear friend, and that was fine. Changing her mind at the last second, Winona withdrew her hands pointed in his direction and instead slammed them into the ground near the barrier's base. Gravity lost its effectiveness for a second or two, then completely reversed and launched everything within the Shield barrier, including the man and the clods of dirt he disheveled, towards the top of the barrier. The man was quick to catch on and shifted his body within the changing conditions of his prison before he was pelted with earthen clods falling upward with the acceleration of normal gravity. Over time he was almost completely hidden in the dirt, and it kept gathering until she found the paladin. "Ceres!" she called out, hoping she was all right. Gravity started to lessen again, this time just barely enough upward force maintained to keep all of the recently disturbed ground from slipping down and onto her. "Ceres, tell me you are all right!" - Hogarth - Hogarth made a puzzled expression, glancing about in search for them and not finding either in the cafeteria. Could it be that they were out and roaming still in the expanse of the Haven, or were they settling down for different tasks? After all, he and some of the other individuals in the cafeteria were thinking about going to the arena to hone their skills, so it could be possible that Winona and Ceres were the next ones in line. "I'm sure they will turn up eventually," he responded with a shrug of his shoulders. "There's still some time before we leave, though we should make it a quick match while we could. If you all would follow me, I'll set it up." With that, he swallowed up the rest of his tea and surged for the door, quite giddy with anticipation for the match-up of him against Henry and/or Lucia. They hadn't come up with who fights who yet, however, so he proposed the question, "Brawl or two versus one? I must say that I feel up to taking both of you on, though the choice is yours."
  10. - Winona and the Spectacled Man (?), in the forest with Ceres - The Spectacled Man released his perfect smile and beamed a grin with his filed teeth. "Come and try," he uttered. With a wave of his opulently robed arm, he let out a trio of earthen ripples in front of him that grew with each release. The first one, one foot high, was meant to weaken Ceres' grip on the ground and dishevel her shield. The next grew to three feet after a second and was intent on bowling her over onto her back. The third and final wave was the real issue. Also released a second of time later, the ripples rose between six and nine feet high, and crumbled the earth beneath it. If Ceres was not careful, she could get completely covered in earth and barely have the strength to escape it. "To me, my minions. Kill the other Haven wench," he replied, summoning a rocky stalagmite from behind him, which was aimed toward the heart of the shield's release. If it was able to penetrate the Shield energy mixed with light, the field would be disabled and allow him maximum movement (or at least that was his intent). Winona found herself assailed by the shadows that she had espied earlier, yellow eyes leading in front of whatever bodies that came towards her. The original and a clone of hers swung dodging ripostes as the shadows lunged as one, and both of their swords slid through the bodies of the creatures as if they were nothing but air. Winona's other clone performed another aggressive strike from a defensive position. When one of the shades attempted to claw at her with knifelike fingers, she brought up her shield and swung her gladius once she felt the strike, but the sword whiffed the fleeing ghoul even when it should have connected. She wondered what in the world was going on. How can something have mass in one moment, yet be intangible the next? There was a trick somewhere, a secret that had to be unveiled before she could land a strike. Until then, she had to keep aware and maintain a level of patience. Eventually, as long as these creatures did not smarten up and attack at once, she would be able to discover their secret. Ceres knew how to handle herself, she inwardly thought to herself. She would not fail to capture this strange man for questioning. - Uzumeashy, with Iseult in the cafeteria / kitchen - Uzumeashy broke out in a fit of giggles at Iseult's disgruntlement towards a particular strand of legumes, soft at first and slightly louder at last. She did not say anything, however, and watched as the white-haired elfin girl fixed her own breakfast, which is more than what she thought half of those in the Haven could do. She sat down with her own newly crafted dish that she made earlier, before she even spoke with the others, and ate quiescently as Iseult talked about her past. This intrigued her. She did not pry too much into the dark elf's past, but what was said did trigger her curious instinct. "If it isn't too much trouble," she inquired between bites, nudging herself to the edge of her bar stool and closer to Iseult, "what was your home like, and your world? Were the people nice and caring? I did not know many people and sheltered myself in the kitchen when I was younger, but from what little I have seen there has to be much better worlds than mine."
  11. Heyo, everyone. Here is a crude mapping of what I am thinking that The Haven is like, with bright blue being the main attractions, dull blue being regularly used but more mundane locations, and orange being present/future additions to keep Scrap from changing my map with his grubby hands (I kid; his hands are marvelously clean). I may have forgotten a few rooms in my haste, but I am just about ready to collapse and fall asleep, so have this before I pass out. I hope you enjoy! Edit: Thank you very much for the recommendation, Elrandir! The next time I get the chance I will try out that excellent Dungeon Painter Online application and see what kind of amazing stuff I can achieve.
  12. Vaude

    The Haven Layout

    Here is a generic mapping of the craziness for my thoughts on the layout of The Haven in the roleplay of the same name, excluding lavatories, housekeeping supplies, storage closets, and so on. Enjoy!
  13. @rikunobodyxiii, I hope you have not felt like you were swept under the rug at all during my busy period. My memory has been shoddy and my time hampered as of late. Is there a place where you would like to insert your lovely characters who greatly remind me of Berkut and Rinea for whatever reason (kudos are yours if you are familiar with the names), or would you like some assistance in getting them incorporated? You are welcome to have them be preexisting members of the Haven, or have them be newly acquired. Pickle Man might have had a bad accident and landed in an already overloaded shellfish tank (which is unfortunate because he is allergic to shellfish), resulting in these two being brought here. The choice is yours, and please let me know if I can help. A map is still in the works. I need to figure out a program which allows me to draw a grid or just manufacture an Excel sheet which can allow me to draw a rough layout and convert it into a picture. I am still planning to move on with the dragon quest by Friday or Saturday of next week. If you would desire an earlier or later venture, feel free to leave commentary.
  14. - Uzumeashy, within the Cafeteria/Kitchen - Uzumeashy snapped back to reality and closed her recipe book, grinning sheepishly as she did. "Sorry about that. Ever have that moment where you think "THAT'S IT!" in marvelous fashion? I get that a lot. But yes, the others are a lot of help. I just hope that they are up to the task, and me too." Pocketing her newfound refection in her back pocket of her Bedazzled trousers, she got up, feeling lighter than a fairy and better than before. The taste of blood still filled her mouth, but she was contented with being around somebody who she felt understood her. "Let's go get that gallbladder once the time is up, but first you had best eat and drink something. Who knows where the Gate will spit us out, but given that we are facing a dragon I don't think it will send us close. We might have to walk a ways." - Winona, confronting the Spectacled Man (?) with Ceres in a Forest - Winona felt her strength be revived as Ceres empowered her with her presence with her certainty. Before she could act, the tetrahedral shield was summoned and blocked her off from Ceres and the man, her on the outside and them on the inside. Gravity magic affected a wide area and could ruin the shielding field or hurt Ceres if she was not careful. As a result, she could only look on, or at least make preparations. A pale glow erupted from her before she split into three, self-cloning herself with 80% of her strength still within herself and 10% for each clone, and every one of the Winonas took a side of the triangular base. The man kept a lurid green gaze on the two, most especially Ceres as she remained steady, enveloped in light and her shield projection. Impressive, but not enough to keep him in place. The last afterthought made him smile without restraint. "You are a peculiar specimen, holy knight, or so you seem to carry yourself. Would a holy knight strike down someone who refuses to be questioned for a matter of stringent, better importance than names that mean nothing to me? Let a simple man go. I will warn you just this once before I call upon my protectors." Beyond the grove, Winona began to see the glow of yellow eyes dart from among the trees in a wide circle, followed by wisps of bodies that trailed behind them. She counted one at first, then a second one. She quickly began to realise that this was not the typical shadow she had dealings with in graveyards, but something worse.
  15. Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can't do that. That is too much fun for regulations! Oh, to heck with it, build away! *hastily attempts to draw a map in the meantime to nullify the additions*.
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