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  1. A quick update: the only rules I have regarding your characters is no god-modding, invincibility, etc., to make them op. Also would prefer humanoid characters so elves, furrys, and other humanoid races are allowed, with the only exception being ghosts/undead. Also the reason I'm keeping the story details fairly vague is that I would prefer to make it up as we go along. I find it much more fun to see what others have out and decide where to go from there. This way the story could possibly go hundreds of ways and make things more interesting.
  2. Name: Kross Deluxia Age: 16 Gender: Male Race: Human Home: Radiant Garden Description: Kross is a burly guy, standing 6'2 and weighing about 220 lbs, clearly almost all muscle. Kross doesn't really speak much due to a difficult childhood he had after both his parents passed away when he was only 8. Afterwards, Kross and his little sister, Janine, had to look out for themselves. During this time, Kross decided to bulk up and learn basic fighting moves to help defend his sister when and if the time ever came. He's very protective of her and will do almost anything for her. With the struggle games coming up, Kross sees this as a way to possibly make some money for him and Janine, and, if nothing else, get the trophy and see if he can make a buck on it.
  3. Hi guys! This is my first real RP story that I would like to start. I hope to get at least 4 people to join, however, no more than 10 as that's just a lot to deal with. The story is based on the kingdom hearts universe and revolves around other heroes, whether they be keyblade wielders or not, joining together to defeat the darkness returning after the events of KH3. To apply your character, please follow the following format: Character name: Age: Gender/Race: Weapons/equipment: Powers/abilities/magic: Backstory: (more than just a sentence or two) Alignment: Home: Below is a general summary of the story: A month after the events of Kingsom Hearts 3 and Sora's trip through different worlds, Sora has not yet returned, but the darkness has. The remaining guardians of light scatter in an attempt to find others to help them defeat the new darkness and whoever may be behind all of this. I hope to see some of you guys here and I sincerely thank you for reading this far. Happy roleplaying and thanks!
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