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  1. Ceres, having no shield or sword, still dashed towards the enemy, side stepping the spear and grabbing hold of its shaft as she ran towards the Thin Man moving to tackle him to the ground. “If magic wont solve this, then maybe strength will!” She began to force the barrier to close in on the two of them. Galla moved forwards “we are with the Haven.... just looking for some information.” She crosses her arms as she watches the giant
  2. Ceres landed hard on the ground as gravity was reversed back to normal. Noting her situation she moved as fast as she could to dodge the falling pieces of earth that had once buried her, not really willing to be buried again. She scrambled to her feet and dove out of the way. She then stood back up once more her eyes moving to relocate her target. Her focus on the cage seemed unwavering. She was set on keeping it up. Galla looked around the sulfuric area. “Information is crucial but acquiring it could be dangerous if the locals arent keen on sharing. Course....we could always make them talk if they don’t want to... But I presume we aren’t here to burn bridges.” Her skull floated close behind her.
  3. Gun should need to require maintenance. At least thats how i like to view guns in RPGs, lets not forget misfire chances from D&D. Plus misfire situations can create tension. But backfire situations can create an intense atmosphere. Cause then you cant use your gun and must rely on your others skills.
  4. Ill keep her range on the metal short. Id prefer to have the wind remain as is due to her prime concept revolving around that ability and only being augmented by the iron. Also the concept of iron control is touched upon in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The arc was very interesting.
  5. This character wasn’t built to get close enough to take. Only to use whats around her to loose focused barrages of metal. I can specify a range if that helps. How does 3 meters sound? I believe that would be somewhere around 16 feet. I suppose i should further specify metals cause if somebody was within three meters and i chose iron, i could just turn the iron in your bloodstream into something more dangerous... metal manipulation may be too broad of a subject now that i think about it.
  6. I view it as pulling a specific kind of metal out of a short radius around you and forming a new shape. It’ll primarily be used to make projectiles. However i hadn’t thought of the implications it’ll have on the world.
  7. Name: Saffron (Saff for short)Age: 24Gender: FemaleCourt affiliation (if any): Unaffiliated/ Bounty HunterWeapons: Modified Rifle, Combat KnifeMagic: Wind and Metal ManipulationPersonality: Rather Serious while at work but calmer outside of it. She has a primarily all work no play kind of attitude but will move with her groups choice if she is working with oneBackground: With a lineage of Vivican ties in her family. Saffron was born notably different, she never once preached unity or peace. She viewed all those ideals as misguided and pointless, impossible even.in her mind the one thing you could truly believe in is metal and intuition. You need to trust yourself. So once she turned of age. She simply left with with the rifle she had built by hand and the magics she had learned from her family. She now travels as a bounty hunter. Taking jobs when she can. (Aaannndd there is my second I hope that is ok)
  8. I suppose if i wanted yo i should add stuff about their equipment as well... i shall further edit Luka’s character sheet.
  9. @Mystics Apprentice a magic that softens the composition of earth and stone into a fine grain. It can then be warped into sand traps or rushes of sand that will trap, slow, and knock over enemies. If the sand is moving fast enough it can start cutting skin.
  10. Name: Luka RabbiAge: 22Gender: FemaleCourt affiliation (if any): SomnumWeapons: JavalinMagic: Lightining, Water, and Sand magicPersonality: Lazy, Happy, but determined when she wants to be. She moves at her own paceBackground: Luka is a bit of a wild card in courts. She is either highly dedicated to her craft or overwhelmingly lazy. She doesn’t tend towards a happy medium. She is a experimenter, working in her magic craft to mix and toy with different kinds of magics to see and document how they interact with each other and the body and the world. She has had a few interesting breakthroughs with her magic. Mostly in using magic to covert the body into certain components. Equipment Notes • The cape she wears is dusted with pure quartz (a Natural insulator) • Her bag is usually holding pouches of minerals including Lodestones and conductive minerals. As well as iron and copper powder. •Her weapon is unusually long for its kind.
  11. Ceres’ slowly adjusted to the gravity shift, standing up...or down.... she seemed a bit dizzied by the gravitational shift. She looked around “how am i... oh... thank you Winona” she looked...down.. at her comrad. She then looks towards the assumed geomancer. “Give up!” She growls.
  12. We could all try to wrap up soon. If we work together we could easily finish our interactions. I for one enjoy cutting things short, cause then after or during missions those unanswered questions could be asked.
  13. “You said earlier... that our magic stemmed from the same root. I also felt it on the battlefield. Its not so tainted as you think, but it is close.” She looked at him. Her dark expression lightening around one who shared similar abilities as her. This then turned into a laugh at his question. “Honestly.... i wouldn’t have much of a choice. It was this or death by disease. Luckily my master chose me to pass on his powers and knowledge. If I could choose.... id chose temporal magic or transmutation magic.” She smiled at the question, finding it mildly silly.
  14. Ceres’ eyes widened as she lost her footing feeling the shift in the earth. The second knocked her off her feet. The paladin slowly tried to get back up only to find the third wall start crashing down upon her. A faint light covered her body as the earth fell upon her burying her form. ————— Galla sighs. “At the time... yes....” she looked at him. She chose to change the subject of their conversation. Trying to pull away from her own memories. They were starting to bring back thoughts she didn’t want. “Why didn’t you use the blood magic during our fight? Its the only reason i chose not to follow through... what held you back?”
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