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  1. Galla seemed to be in a trance as if the recolecction was rather heavy upon her she didnt turn to Kolm. “I owe them nothing... I despise the haven.... sorry... im carrying on. She slowly stands up, seeming having regained her strength. “I have something to attend to so i will not be needing another.” She slowly turned her head to Kolm. “May we work together another time... also... Sorry for my rudeness when i met you at your door.” She says before walking off away from the party. She looked back at Henry and his spirits then to Kolm before leaving and returning to the Haven. “That was enough interaction for today Master” she says to the skull before staring at the battlefield and, with what little magic she had began sapping the death from the very earth. Hoping to rid the land of any poison it held from the undead’s precence. She then used the recovered magic to return to haven in a better state then before. ——— Ceres smiled seemingly calmer. “Say, The three of us should head out later, calm our nerves with a smaller quest. A walk through a forest could be good for our souls”
  2. Ceres nodded “Tea sounds good.” She then turned as Lucia showed at, a small smile across her face. “Sorry, Paladin instict and all. We were about to head to the cafeteria for tea, by all means feel free to join us” she smiles before starting towards the cafeteria, her armor clinking as she hadnt changed out of it yet. ——- Galla continued to stare at the drink in her glass. “I remember everything... I almost died before I came to Haven.... I only lived because of it...” she replied
  3. Me, being the genius that I am, just blankly stared at Kuni’s character Sheet for Lucia. I then thought “this is Ceres,” having read nothing on the post to confirm that, and then just flat out tapped the middle of my phone screen for a solid 5 minutes before snapping back to reality and realizing that im about to pass out from exaughstion. I need help
  4. Ceres sighs. “Where I come from, before the Haven, there was this big war. In this war many died, many went turncoat, and many of my own order suffered and went corrupt. Black magics were in play. I myself had to put down six of my order before i was brought here. Our country was not one for traitors or the corrupt.” She looked down at the field. “I just reminded myself one thing. Its them or me. I held nothing against them. I was just doing my job. I did remorse, there were tears but I still did it. I want you to cry, not for the actions you took against her, but the ones you took to save her, and her people. she wasnt herself, i doubt she wanted to hurt them or herself. You did the right thing.” She stood up. ”Aphremia somehow turned to dark arts and even I dont think she wanted such a fate, at least thats what I beleive.” Ceres smiled at him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “A man with long fingers and glasses was it? I think I could take him and Ill give him a piece of my mind and yours if I ever see him. Hows that sound?” She smiles bringing her hand down in the motion she used to smite her foes. “Now lets get your mind off this topic for a while. What do you wanna do?”
  5. I just had a thought. Much like our characters do, would their ultamites evolve with them? Changing eith their new powers?
  6. “Ill be able to move in an hour or two... its fine if i have to sit here. No point in putting in the extra effort. Just sit be beside me for that hour“ Galla says letting there be a moment of silence before she took a large sip of the drink “Say....what was the last thing you experienced before coming to Haven? Did you fall asleep and just wake up there? Were you just walking and suddenly...poof?” She stared at her own reflection in the liquid. Specifically gazing at her own eyes, as if she was watching something play back in her mind.
  7. Ceres slowly approached Pang sitting down beside him. “Care to offer your thoughts on how it happened?” She asked without looking at him. She was reffering how someone who was pulled from Haven became a lich without originally being connected to necromancy. If Pang looked at her he would notice a serious expression he only saw in combat. As if she felt like she was still in the fight. ——— Galla gripped the glass tightly and fearfully as it was presented to her.
  8. Ill double check. Sorry ive been a bit distracted lately.
  9. Ceres returned to Haven and immediatly made her way to the arena. She hadnt even unpacked or anything. Just went straight there armor and all. As she walked she looked at her hand seeing a small glow, she immediately snuffed the light. Upon entering the stands of the arena she looked down at the fight going on before looking for someone in specific. Galla heard the word Party and immeditly panicked further, unsure of what she should do. She couldnt move she couldnt cast and she was going to be around waaaayyy too many people. It was a nightmare for her. Then Kolm stepped forward. “I-Im fine for now... just need to regenerate the magic that i burned......Sorry if i come off as....rude im just... not a fan of people, not after what ive been through...”
  10. Hmmmm Galla would probably head off asap if a party started.
  11. Being powerless certainly is in Henry’s Favor
  12. Galla, being unable to control her skull, could do nothing to ward Henry away from her as she froze up from being picked up. Her expressionwas one of terror as she was carried, however there were no words or swift movements coming from her the entire time. Ceres glanced at Henry, pleased to see him take charge in the aid of his allies and started to follow before stopping and glancing back at the disintegrated body. She then looked over the battlefield, and then was reminded of the pain that Pang went through just moments ago.a realization dawned on her as Ceres remembered meeting Aphremia, only once, While in haven. “One of our own kind.... a resident of the Haven. Just dissapearing one day.... then returning as a lich. With a heart of darkness. One who attacked her own people.” She looked ahead at the others as she had fell behind out of earshot. She couldnt think clearly as she was flooded with emotion. “Say.... Im heading back to haven now... ill see all of you later.” Ceres spoke up before leaving without a word
  13. Its your call on all if those, just remember Galla really doesnt like to be touched or be in proximity of people
  14. Galla groan and looks away. “N-no serious wound... my magic is depleted. Im exaughsted physically from retaining the Cursed beast..... I...” she closes her eyes so she wouldnt have to look at the people around her. “I just cant move.”
  15. Ill either leave out ceres for a while having her leave unnoticed or just make a swift post for her regarding the extra coin
  16. Ceres will gain the blessing of light magic from her goddess and Galla will figure out the Defence Down debuff magic
  17. The barrier around her simply faded as it blocked the flames then with one swift movement Ceres did the same to Yilwatch that she did to the dragon born, without a word and using the flames themselves as cover, she slash into him with a barrier full of positive energy. Poisoning his undead form. She simply watched to make sure he fell for good. “Y-yeah... thats my name... as for my power.... yes....im a bit exerted....” she looked around too awkward to admit to the others that she couldnt really move.
  18. Galla could only watch as the others acted, she was completely out of magic. So she simply laid there as she saw Aphremia’s Philactory break. Pleased to see the broken laws fixed. Meanwhile Ceres found her wrist and Ankle both lashed in flames, she found it pointless to guard against it and began to slowly approach. Her armor had a faint sheen to it as she walked forward. “Such pointless tactics will fail to aid in your survival fire tamer. You have little time left before my hand reaches you. Before your own body tears itself a sunder. Be quick. The Goddess’ judgment will come swiftly.” She replies as her personal barrier expands. Breaking the fire whips that clung to her. Her sword held the same sheen as her armor did.
  19. Ceres looked blankly at Yilwatch. She looked around at her allies. All tired and some fairly wounded. “My work will be difficult. As a protector I have only watched over Pang this fight. I was a poor choice. Howevwr i have a sense of fair play.” She patiently stands before the fire charmer. “Stand, and fight for your survival, lest ye be a coward who stands before me..” she watches him, clearly looking down on him, like an undead, like all of the other shambling beasts. Galla watched as her attack hit, she seemed pleased as the Hex beast turned to pure magic. Evaporating into the air. Much like the wanderer turned to dust after being destroyed by the cyclone thaat struck it. Her wounds looked bad. “I dont know if i can walk.” She laughs to herself. “Does that make me an embarrassment among Necromancers? Master?” She asks the flaming skull
  20. To be fair i wrote this last night in the midst of waiting leauge match. I was bound to get some names wrong eventually. Anywho the error is fixed
  21. “Im sorry Winona.... i cannot hold them in place....” Galla muttered as her soldiers fled and then cracked into nothingness. She released them from her hold. “I need what i have left... “ her archer turned to dust and she looked up at the Hex Beast. “Its what ive got left. HENRY DO IT AGAIN! BUT ABOVE!” She pointed to the Hex Beast. Its wing recently struck by lightining but swiftly reforming by using Galla’s energy. A large three talon slash mark appeared across Galla’s back. Kolm being the only one who could see these. The Wanderer, having Galla’s knowledge, lunged to slash off the other arm of the Necromancer Aphremia. Attempting to stifle the magic that came from her. With a wing reforged The Hexbeast began its descent. Its body wrapped in an aura of devouring. If the attack landed it would simply consume Aphremia’s Magic entirely. If not, the Hex Beast itself would be destroyed by its own energy without taking a foe with it. Ceres approached Pang. “Would you like me to take care of this one?” She brandished her blade. “You have a date with destiny you dont want to be late to afterall.” She adds.
  22. Galla’s eyes darted to Kolm as if thinking he was an enemy for a moment. But she swiftly composed herself. She took in a small breath as the ice mage started to heal as well. “T-Thank..... this will buy me more time...” she seemed somewhat ashamed but mostly awkard about being healed. Social interaction was definitly not her forte. She decided it would bebest to leave it at that before turning back and seeing her assassins struck down. Her eyes darted then to her hex beast and then to her warriors with Winona. She shifted her fingers slightly and whispered a few words and the warriors threw their sheilds in unison at one patrician. Then both grasped their spears in both hands to increase their damage. They started preforming gang up tacticts. Striking one foe together. The opposite of divide and conquer. ”need to compensate for losses” She says before snapping twice and summoning twoo new skeletal beings to take aim at Aphremia. One an Archer with a longbow that swiftly let two arrows fly swiftly towards Aphremia. The other a wanderer with a washing pole that swiftly moved towards the enemy necromancer to assist Henry. The Flaming Skull above Galla loosed a black fog to hide its controller and Kolm alike. Masking their presence in shadow. The Hex beast continued to rage, its snapped twice more at thr necromancer before taking to the sky, preparing to dive bomb her with the energy it had consumed and stored up. (So many minions aghhhh) ———————— In a swift and flawless stroke across the battlefield a glowing blade flew to peirce the shoulder of the half dragon. The blade led back to Ceres. And specifically her sword. The barrier that she formed around the blade had shot out and extended, it looked thin like glass and just a fragile. However this was fine as it was imply a conduit. She simply looked at the half dragon before channling her anti necromancy magic into the blade and by association, her barrier that she just stabbed the half dragon with. Pouring the element of undeath into the target.
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