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  1. - Aurora Aeternum - Kilkis Seres Palace - Aura kept her head on Helios's shoulder from a few minutes, looking at the ceremony, but not paying any attention to it. She had a lot on her mind, after all. She would leave to the Northern lands, and Helios would stay, this made her a little sad, but she understood that both had things they wanted to do. She was going to live her life to the fullest, for Helios, for Henry, and for Aurion. Helios holding her hand brought her back to reality, he asked her to dance with him. Back when she was younger she had been interested in a boy a couple of years older than her, she wished for him to ask her to dance on the Spring Festival, but he was of a higher status and so he saw Aura as a simple peasant. He had broken her heart that night, doing something Aura would rather forget. But now? Helios had given her many reasons to trust him, to believe in him always, and so she took his hand and followed him to the dance hall. She was not a great dancer, but she was not bad either, she carefully followed Helios's lead, always watching his eyes. What he said to her made her give him the most sincere smile she had given to anyone. "Don't worry, one day I will reach the sky with you by my side. Our destiny forever intertwined." ----------------------------------- The battle to gain the right to claim, and use, the Source of All Life had been won, and the world below the Sea of Clouds was finally restored. Families were once again reunited with those who they had lost and went back to their homes, finding them just has they had been before The End. Not many would have the knowledge of how this came to be, only those involved, and, perhaps, those close to them. It was a time for celebration throughout all the Floating Lands and the World Below. A time to remember those who gave their lives to reach the legendary Overworld, those who gave their lives in the battle between the late queen of Kilkis Seres and the Lord of Mystras, all the unsung heroes that had been lost amid the chaos that was unleashed when humanity made their presence knew. This celebration was not for every citizen, though. Not for those families who had lost loved ones in the past couple of months. The coronation of the new king of Kilkis Seres filled many with joy, others with sadness, a few with anger. Some friends didn't managed to attend the celebration, others were there, enjoying the presence of familiar faces. Aurora Aeternum for example, she enjoyed her last day on the Land of Arcana by staying at her partner's side, talking and dancing throughout the night. The Northern Judges kept attempting to reach their home with an astral projection spell, but each time the spell was dispelled. This made both worry for the situation on the Northern Lands and so the next day after the coronation they, along with Aurora, were provided winged mounts to make the journey, leaving the Land of Arcana, their friends and loved ones, behind. Two days of travel with a few stops to rest was needed to reach the Northern Lands, to reach Heimdall the Divine City of Water. The sight that greeted the trio was not one they wished to see. The Cerulean Palace engulfed in flames and the royal soldiers forming barricades to prevent unauthorised people to get close. It was apparent that the castle, and parts of the city, had been under attack, as most people close to the palace had been evacuated further away as there were people still fighting inside. The Judge Magister and her two associates entered the fray, finding battle after battle in their attempt reach the throne room. Countless bodies laid scattered all around, some of foreign enemies, others of the personnel of the castle. It took great effort to reach the throne room, only to find the once fair ruler of the city sitting on her throne with her own spear sticking out her chest, and two figures standing in the stairs leading to said throne. The two figures were the Arcadian dragon judges, Faloan and Silnakin Apateon. The Judge Magister could clearly see that their objective, or at least that of Silnakin, was to retrieve the soul of the Tide Mother, only to be stopped by the sudden appearence of the trio. Asking about the whereabouts of the rest of the judges and the King of Kings, the Judge Magister learned from Faloan that they had been taken care off by the invaders, leaving only the four of them out of the thirteen from the Order. Before the elf could react, the dragoness launched her attack, only to be stopped by the Archangel's quick reaction, then Silnakin joined his sister. The fight went on for a while, ending in a stalemate as both sides had suffered severe wounds, and the trio was forced to retreat via a secret passage that led outside, only to be stopped by the Dragoness herself near the exit of the passage. The Judge Magister knew there was no way all of them could leave, and as a last resort, ordered the Archangel to escape with the human woman as both of them had a promise that they had to keep. The Dragoness allowed this to happen as her objective was the elf herself. Another fight broke up, a fight where the Faloan showed her true might as a dragon. The battle was long and difficult, but it was one that the Judge Magister knew she was going to be unable to win, her only wish was for her friends to get as far away as she could before her eventual fall. A powerful lightning spell was being directed towards the dragoness who was currently back in her humanoid form and pushing against it, slowly getting close to the tired elf until she was mere inches away "Behold the noble Dra'tul who wished peace and unity between those who were not meant to meet again. Here is your peace, by steel's swift descent." The elf felt pain when the dragoness used her sword to swat the hand that was being used to cast the spell, and quickly turned around holding said hand, but the intense pain that came next was even greater as the sword from the Dragoness pierced through her stomach, making her hold the blade with both hands while spitting blood. She was unable to move when the dragoness removed the sword in one swift move, her counciousness was beginning to fade into darkness, she could hear the dragoness behind her, but she couldn't make sense about what she was talking about. She did noticed that gravity was making her go forwards. The last thing she ever tasted was the taste of her own blood. The last thing she ever smelled was the scent of death and ashes all around. The last thing she ever felt was the hand of the dragoness on her back and being pushed forwards. The last thing she heard was the loud roar coming from the dragoness behind her. The last thing she saw was the floor getting closer and closer, but by the time the Judge Magister's body made contact with the floor her eyes had become dull. The battle around the city of Heimdall and inside the Cerulean Palace lasted until the next day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Divine City of Water, Heimdall - On the year 3220 of the Third Age, on the first days of summer, news about the attack to the City of Heimdall, and the assassination of the benevolent Tide Mother, had spread all over the North. "Today it is a sad day, it is a day of great loss, not only for those involved in the battle that transpired last night, but for those whose loved ones will be unable to see them once more. Last night, the city was attacked by a mysterious enemy, it was struck while its guard was down, unable to fully prevent the intense battle that happened. As everyone must have realized by now, the Tide Mother has passed away, her life cut short by one who she trusted with her life." With loud gasps, cries of terror, sorrow and surprise among the crowd, Faloan stepped down from the small podium and walked towards two guards who were holding a kneeling person whose head was covered with a black bag over their head. Faloan grabbed the piece of cloth while turning to look at the citizens of Heimdall, a look of anger on her face. "With great effort, and great losses, we managed to capture one of the people responsible for these events. Behold, the face of the one who took away the Tide Mother and your loved ones!" In one swift movement Faloan lifted the piece of cloth, revealing the face of who had attacked the city last night. More gasps of surprise could be heard among the populace, but some were followed by cries of anger and hate as the face of the culprit was revealed to be none other than the face of Eliltari Ar-feiniel. Her face had some clear signs of cuts and bruises, but it wasn't like those would make it unable to distinguish the face of a well known person in Heimdall. "Your eyes do not deceive you! This is no illusion, nor a mistake. Judge Magister Eliltari Ar-Feiniel is one of three people who were found in the throne room, hands still on the murder weapon. Alongside the Judge Magister there was another fellow judge, judge Sifrei "Ophaniel" Mond, son of Lucafriel Mond," Faloan said as she looked at the kneeling and silent form of Eliltari, "The third one, while unable to identify, was not a fellow fey, but a human. As you all know, creatures known as "humans" arrived after the land below the Sea of Clouds was destroyed, by the grace of the Tide Mother, the King of Kings and the rest of the esteemed rulers of the Northern Lands, we fey were tasked to help bring those humans to the Floating Lands, only for that help to be used to betray the goodwill of the Tide Mother." Faloan was walking from one side to the other, arms crossed close to her chest, before she stopped to address the crowd once more. "The one who had managed to convince the Tide Mother and the King of Kings to offer that help to the humans was none other that Ar-Feiniel herself! Probably with the plan to betray her already in her mind. Sifrei Mond and this human woman managed to escape from me and my brother, with only this one being captured. So," Faloan said as her eyes focused on everyone in front of her, "as of this moment, by the will of the few remaining Knights of the Round, I will take the role of Judge Magister, and I will sentence the traitor who took the Tide Mother away from all of her people." The Dragoness then took out a medium-sized crystal from under the silk cloth around her arms and showed it to the crowd. "For the attack at the city, countless soldiers' deaths, attack against fellow judges, and the successful attempt against the life of the Tide Mother, I, Faloan Apateon of Arcadia, Soul of the Desert Jewel, sentence you, Eliltari Ar-feiniel of House Eär, former Judge Magister, to have your soul taken from your mortal body, leaving you as an empty husk for the rest of your days and be unable to reach the other side of the Celestial Gate for eternity." Just as Faloan walked closer to the former Judge Magister, she finally began to try and move away from the Dragoness, her mouth making movements but no sound coming out, her eyes looked terrified, her face filled with terror just as Faloan stopped and crouched in front of her and the crystal touched her chest. "May your soul be forever out of the Pale Mistress' reach, and may you never be forgiven by the actions you committed against this city and its fair citizens. May your name be forever remembered as the name of a traitor to the North and the Tide Mother's trust," The former Judge Magister's eyes were wide and the look of terror only intensified as she tried to scream, her whole body struggling to move away from the strange crystal. A split second later the crystal began to glow, faintly at first, but glowing brighter and brighter with each passing second, and the body of the white haired elf stopped completely before it began to shake uncontrollably. This display was met with a few cheers, but mostly silence and horror, by the crowd. A minute or two later the body of Eliltari Ar-feiniel fell to the ground, unmoving, her eyes dull and lifeless, she was still breathing, but she was just an empty husk at this point. Faloan stood up, watching the crystal in her hand before turning around and showing it to the citizens of Heimdall. "As of this moment Heimdall will be under the rule of the Knights of the Round until a suitable, worthy successor is found, the same will happen for the city of Exire, or until the King of Kings is found, as they had no heirs," Faloan said to the crowd, "we will need time to restore the peace that was wrongfully taken away from you. You will have our full support, just as we, the Judges of the North, hope to have yours." Faloan waved at the two guards and they quickly picked the now souless body of Eliltari and took it away, There were many cheers among the crowd, tears and cries of pain too, but most of the people accepted the Arcadian Dragon as the new Judge Magister. The newly appointed Judge Magister turned around and looked towards the entrance of the palace were five silhouettes were standing, partially obsured by the shadows the walls casted over them, she recognized this group as the remaining Knights of the Round, her brother among them. "You can't change the world without a little pain," Faloan said to herself as a sixth silhouette in dark armor joined at her brother's side, "Come to us, Oh King, whom the myths sing of. The world will be ready for your inevitable arrival." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Divine City of Water, Heimdall - Cerulean Palace - Throne Room - It had been a few days since the attack to the city, the announcement and judgement of former Judge Magister Eliltari Ar-feiniel. It wasn't surprising that the populace had been very supportive of her taking the mantle as the new Magister, not after the events of that day. Judge Magister Faloan Apateon was staring at the empty throne inside the Cerulean Palace from below the stairs that lead to it, her dear cousin was now gone, just like her husband. She had done what half of the Order would be against of, and only the other half had been on her side. The path between worlds was now open, humans, a few of them, at least, now wandered the roads of the Floating Lands of Istrora. Some came to start a new life, a new beginning. Was this a mistake? She was not sure. Was she going to do something about? Only time could tell. For now, she would wait and see. She had all the time in the world. "What a strange sight, isn't it? To realize that the dear Tide Mother is no longer among us and the King of Kings is nowhere to be found. May the Pale Mistress bless their souls and lead them to the Afterlife," the voice of a hooded person behind Faloan said. "what are you to do but take care of the citizens of Heimdall and Exire for the time being," "It is quite alright, Aucran, the citizens will be safe. And my dear cousin got what she deserved." Faloan answered. "Did she now? Word in the shadows tell of another reason. Something relating to-" "To what do I owe a visit from the Unspeakables this late into the night, Aucran?" Faloan said to the individual, interrupting them, "You DO realize that if someone were to see you here it would mean you would be arrested on the spot, interrogated and-" "Your concern is appreciated, Judge Magister, but worry not, no one will know we are here. As to the reason for our visit, well, a little bird told us about an interesting individual who recently arrived to our fair land from Arcana," Aucran said, a small smile could be seen in their face with what little moonlight illuminated the throne room, "An individual who, by all means, should have been exiled to the Underlands by orders of the recently crowned King of Kilkis Seres. You should know this person, or at least his name." "And, pray tell, who is this person from Arcana who should be interesting to us?" Faloan asked. "An elven man by the name of Yevgeni Malachite, illegitimate child of the late King Alexander and a peasant woman by the name of Isadora Malachite from the town of Semnar, half brother of the late queen Shiva de la Alexandria and uncle of the current king, Jynn Venas," Aucran said matter-of-factly, "I like to think that he was feeling nostalgic, or maybe he was trying to find a place to hide for the time being. His grandmother was happy to oblige, at least. In any case, you can do what you please with this information, Milady. I wish you a good night of rest." The moment Faloan turned around to see this mysterious individual, they were completely gone. It was as if she had been alone the whole time. Yevgeni Malachite, the man who had been capable of detroying the world below by some unknown mean, before it being restored by the Dra'tul and her group. It would be an advantage to have such an individual close, and Faloan was not going to miss that chance. It wasn't strange for the judges to leave at random hours of the day/night so no one really questioned when the Judge Magister left on "important business". - Semnar: Gate of the Frozen Wastelands - It had been a few days of constant travel, but why walk rather than fly? no one would really know how to answer that question. The new Judge Magister had arrived at the early hours of the morning to the last town before the Frozen Wastelands, the town of Semnar, a few people were already up and getting ready to begin their daily routines, crops had to be tended, after all, one would think that such a feat would be impossible on such a place, but magic was a handy thing, even to those who could only use lower level spells to help tend to their crops. Some recognized the Judge Magister, some others didn't, which was fine to Faloan, it was better that way. Asking for pointers and directions to the residents of the town, she managed to find her destination, a cottage close to the middle of town. Her steps were calm and without hesitation, slowly she walked towards the front door and knocked, it was time to wait for the one she was looking for. A couple of minutes later, the voice of a man told her to wait for a moment, and when the door opened, a gentle smile formed on her pale lips. "Good morning, Yevgeni Malachite, my name is Faloan Apateon, Soul of the Desert Jewel, Judge Magister, head of the Knights of the Round and I've got a proposition for you."
  2. - Iseult Mylis - Tumula Village - Iselt was looking around her own team mates and the rakshasas, the one captured by the skeleton summon was thrown a sizable distance but, somehow, he was still trying to stand up to continue fighting. Until someone ordered him to stop. Iseult turned to look at the source of this voice and, to her surprise, it was the same rakshasa who the spellcaster had transformed into. This must have been the real elder of the village. "That is correct. Any information regarding the dragon's lair and about the dragon itself will be must helpful," Iseult said while looking at Chuloch, "but I agree that we should move to a more comfortable location, one in which our allies can have enough time to be healed." The dark elf could still feel some tension coming from Chuloch, it was quite obvious that he was not happy with the current outcome and Iseult was going to keep an eye on him from the time being. The heat was slightly annoying, she being a being who thrived on the darkness, and so Iseult's misty cloak materialized around her body once more to cover her from the sun while they waited for the elder's answer.
  3. - Iseult Mylis - Tumula Village - Iseult's attack had been a succesful one, if the rakshasa on the ground was any indication. It would be a mistake to assume it was dead, unconscious, perhaps, but she was not going to get close to make sure, that could prove to be a mistake if the rakshasa was just trying to trick her into a false sense of security. Instead she turned around and noticed that the "elder" rakshasa was gone, replaced by what looked to be the same creature who was guarding the gate and now was fighting some kind of necromantic summon. This was a strange scenario. One one hand, Iseult have been taught to destroy any necromancer, the Pale Mistress, the Goddess of Death, had no love for those who messed with the balance between life and death no matter the form. This would have to be a thought for a later time, though, as the fight was still not over. The two clones that the Dark Elf had created became mist and quickly floated back into the original, who was the one who casted the lightning spell into the creature's sword. "Heed my call, Spirit Lord of Ice, unleash thy freezing breath upon mine enemy!" Iseult reached both hands forwards, keeping the tips of all her fingers touching each other to form a small tunnel between her hands from which she could see the rakshasa trying to get rid of the skeleton summon. The creature was glowing with some strange aura, but since he was busy struggling with the skeleton then he wouldn't be able to notice that ice would begin to feeze him from his feet and go up, this was Iseult's attempt to make him move even slower that he was moving at the moment. She knew, of course, that ice would be a little more ineffective in the current weather, but she was going to try her best to slow down the rakshasa. Her attack was cut short when the voice of one of the creatures said that their companions should surrender. "While I do agree that we are not sure that these creatures will to as they say, we must also take into consideration that we currently have the advantage here," Iseult said to Rhiannon as she kept her eyes on the enemy, "I say that we give them a second chance, one of our group is in no condition to fight, yet the rest of us can still take care of the rakshasas if they decide to betray our trust once more."
  4. - Iseult Mylis - Tumula Village - The magic combination had worked on two of the three rakshasa and Iseult was proud of that, now the rest of the group would have a better chance to react to the situation. The giant creature with the bo staff snarled but a flaming skull was enough to distract him from giving the shields another hit. She saw as another one (No. 1) recuperated faster and used some form of shadow manipulation to create a a clone of himself, then attacking another of the skeletal serpends. The last rakshasa finally recovered and he was ready to attack once more with his greatsword. "This won't do. The shield will not hold against another attack," Iseult thought to herself, "perhaps another electric attack will be enough for now." The Dark Elf and her two clones vanished along with the remains of the ice shields, only to reappear around the rakshasa with the greatsword. Two of them at each of his sides and one behind it, making a triangular formation, all three of them reached their hands out, fingers spread while both index and thumbs were touching. "Lord of Storms, asnwer my call. Unleash thy fury unto mine enemy!" The three of them pointed towards the sky just as three different thunderbolts struck their hands, only for them to quickly point towards the rakshasa with the greatsword and unleash the devastating power of lightning into the creature. Two of them pointed directly towards the rakshasa, the remaining one would point towards the greatsword, the weapon was made of metal and it would serve as the perfect lightning rod, hopefully stunning the creature once more, make it drop the weapon, or simply killing it on the spot. Any result was fine for the Dark Elf.
  5. - Iseult Mylis - Tumula Village - This whole situation felt strange, like there was danger lurking somewhere, hidden from their gaze. Iseult's hands, currently hidden from view inside her mistly cloak, had been holding a spell just in case of an ambush. These man-eating creatures could not be trusted, not yet. It was as if Iseult's sixth sense was telling her that the elder was lying, that the whole group of creatures were just taking them further into their own territory. And then it happened. At the moment Hogarth shouted "Ambush", three different Iseults turned around and released their spells. "Prepare yourselves for a fight!" Iseult shouted as her cloak disappeared, "Keep calm and don't panic, unless you want to perish here." From the hands of the three Iseults three different ice barriers formed in front of them, she knew that with the heat the ice shields wouldn't be as resistant, but she was sure that they could, at least, hold for a few blows. While she was waiting for the impact on her shields she also began to chant another spell, a lightning one, into the shields to make them hold an electric current. She hoped that when the rakshasas made contact with her electrified shields, then they would be both stopped and get electrocuted and, possibly, they would be stunned for a few more extra seconds to give the others a chance to retaliate.
  6. - Iseult Mylis - Near Tumula Village - Iseult watched as the rakshasa turned around and walked back into the village to talk to his chief, or so he said. Iseult had her daggers ready, just in case something wrong happened. One of the group, Pang, said that the rakshasa liked to eat humans, elves and beast folk, which was not that surprising, not the she hadn't seen other creatures like that, and still, it was better to be cautious. "They are skilled, and they also are taller than any of us here," she said while watching the rakshasa walk away, "that and this is their territory, that gives them an advantage against us. Best be careful while we are dealing with them." The Dark Elf remained silent for the remaining of the time it took a new group of rakshasa to return to them. There was an elderly looking one, and three others that looked like guardians for the elderly rakshasa, obviously the chief. Apparently they were allowed to go inside to talk about the dragon, it was also interesting that the creature spoke in broken common, that and his eyes, both of them a different colour. Iseult wondered if this means something else, but was unable to come up with an answer. She would wait until the rest of the group began to walk into the village before following them, always paying attention to her surroundings just in case the rakshasas attempted a surprise attack.
  7. - Iseult Mylis - Near Tumula Village - "This is interesting. Chromatic and Metallic dragons are common on my world. We also had what was once called a Great Drake, ancient dragons the size of a mountain, but they disappeared after The Cataclysm," Iseult said while looking at Uzumeashy, "I suppose the climate on this region is perfect for this drought dragon. In any case, we should move carefully. We do not have knowledge of the terrain, there could be traps." Iseult took her time walking carefully and looking around for any signs of traps on their way to the village. Thankfully there were none. Once the village was a little closer she noticed that the huts and walls were larger, meaning bigger creatures than all of them. Iseult's ears twitched slightly after one of the creatures blew its dual horns, and no more than a few seconds later one of the giants at the gate came out, and it had a club taller than any of them. It, he, if the voice was to be believed, wanted to know what they were doing so close to their village. Iseult was used to a world of deceit and lies, part of what she used to do to help her rulers, but this time she felt honesty would be the better choice. "Greetings! We mean you no harm. We have been requested to find and fight a creature known as a Drought Dragon to obtain its gallbladder to help make a cure for the person who made this request," Iseult said with no hesitation on her voice, "We learned about you and your village, and we thought that the best course of action was to find out any information in regards to this dragon. It is not wise to go to fight the dragon without first knowing anything about it, and we were wondering if you or anyone from your village would have any information that could help us fight this creature."
  8. I think those sound like good rules. And I think Friday is a good day, I don't have any issue with that.
  9. I did thought a little about it. Just like I did while thinking about my character's ability to control water at will. Not going to pull some Avatar bloodbending. No sir.
  10. I think that people are worried about your character taking away their weapons/guns and destroy them. Which would seem a little overpowered. But if it is used to make projectiles, I do not see a problem.
  11. I hope I can make something as special as Mystics' Overworld. Or something close to it, at least.
  12. - Iseult Mylis - The Haven: Cafeteria/Kitchen - "An Elemental you say? I've learned about those. Spirits who are in command of the elements of nature," Iseult said while looking at Sylphid, " we call them the Elemental Lords. It is quite interesting to learn that they exists in other worlds as well." Iseult spend the rest of her time finishing her breakfast and talking with Uzumeashy, always paying attention at her behavior and reactions, just in case she felt sick or hurt. In her mind she knew that in time she would need to join the rest of the group who would take Uzumeashy's quest. - Iseult Mylis - The Haven Gate - Some time later it was finally time to leave the Haven, meaning that she would need to a) go outside in the middle of the day and b) join the rest of the group. This quest would make an interesting experience, at least. The moment Iseult was hit by the brightness of day, her mistly cloak materialized around her, covering most of her body from the rays of the sun. She could see three paths leading in three different directions. One looked like it was not used that much, the next one looked like it was used more offten, if the footprints were any indication, and the last one would take the group directly to the mountain. It took a moment of waiting but Uzumeashy finally came out from the gate. Iseult noticed that the young girl was trying to hide her affliction, the others seemed to not pay much attention to that and so she remained close to Uzumeashy. One of the group gave two options to proceed. Either go to Tumula village OR go directly to face the dragon. He then let Uzumeashy decide the next course of action. It looked like she was not comfortable with that, though, and instead the group would have to vote. "I find that paying a visit to this Tumula village is the better course of action. No one should be too eager to face a dragon, unless they wish for a swift death. Instead, we should focus our efforts in learning all we can from these Rakshasas. The more information we can obtain in regards to this dragon, the better the chances of success," Iseult said while looking up the mountain, trying to find any sign of the creature, "and it's just like Uzumeashy said, both options are dangerous, one more than the other, but dangerous nonetheless. Personally, I feel the dragon would pose the higher risk, while dealing with the villagers could be easier. That's, of course, it's just my personal point of view."
  13. We Overworlders stick together! I am fine with either name, but if it's easier to call the court Somnus instead of Somnum then we can change it.
  14. Name: Thea Nero Leviathan. Age: 35 Gender: Female Appearance: Court affiliation: Somnus Weapons: Through water manipulation she can create different weapons, changing them at any point in time. The preferred forms are in the form of spears and swords. Magic: A natural wielder of water/ice magic, capable of manipulating the state of water at will and use it's arcane nature for different puposes. She can also use lightning magic and other elements (to a lesser degree) but she is more naturally attuned to water/ice. Personality: She is a very serene and friendly person, fair in her interactions with others, and enigmatic. She holds honesty in high regard, but she also keeps a lot of secrets about herself. She tends to be very private with her life outside the courts. Background: Professor Nero, as she is called by student and teachers, is the current Maestra of the Court of Somnum. She showed an attunement towards water magic from a very early age, her parents, Theos and Astelle, often getting praised for having such a gifted child by those of the Somnum Court who took interest in the child and wished to have her among their students when the time came. Her childhood was spent among books and magic around her, she lived in the Somnus Court's dormitories for most of the time she studied magic. She somehow ended up in important roles without even meaning to be there, such as being the president of her class for all the years she spend as a student. She often exceeded the teachers' expectations and often was offered a place as their assistant when she decided that school was done. She left the school to see the world after graduation, leaving quite a lot of people in confusion, sadness, and some anger and relief from some too. After a couple of years of travel she returned home, only to find out, thanks to her cousin, that her parents had passed away. She spend weeks pondering as to why she hadn't been there when Theos and Astelle passed away, she was their only daughter, but her uncle, aunt and cousins always told her that her parents were proud of the great woman she had become. After having some time to mourn her parents, she returned to the Somnum Court, there she managed to obtain a job as a professor of the school of Abjuration, using what she had learned about the Arcane Arts to teach the newer generations. Students often sought her counsel on different academic topics, but also as a confidant for their problems, this made her very well liked by the students and the teachers at the Compendium Conservatory. With years of knowledge under her belt, she was chosen to be the next Maestra of the Somnum Court, a role she accepted in hopes of helping those who wished to delve into the Arcane Arts and development of new ways to help both magic users and those without it, and to have better relationships between courts. Her private life is considered a mystery by the students and the teachers because she is rarely seen outside, some think it is strange that such an amazing woman is still single, but she always answers that she is married to her job, and that those of the court are like her family. Current actions by the Court of Vivifica have left her puzzled about why they suddenly changed their ways, she does not want to judge them for breaking tradition, but is willing to listen to their reasoning for leaving and dealing with the forbidden Itika.
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