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  1. Elrandir

    Overworld RP

    - Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation - Yevgeni's wave of holy light magic made Rabiyu skid a few inches back, but the spell that she held on her raised arm was not affected by that. "Quiet! That won't be enough to stop what is coming," Rabiyu managed to say to her fellow elf in a strained tone, "You won't be able to interfere with His Holiness. I will take you out before that can happen." Rabiyu watched as Yevgeni ran in her direction, ready to pierce her in a flurry of blows, to which Rabiyu still kept trying to open her hand to unleash the power contained. Just as Yevgeni's rapier was about to make contact with her chest, this, however, was stopped by something in front of her prevented the rapier from reaching her. There was nothing there, nothing that she could see at the moment, but a familiar voice made her realize what had happened, Typhon had stopped Yevgeni's attack and now was holding her hand. At that moment she could feel how the power of her spell slowly diminishing with each passing moment. She felt a familiar sensation on her body, the sensation when someone was inflicted with dragonblight. "Whatever it is that you are planning, Cyph, it will not work. Dragonblight has but little effect on-" Rabiyu's words came to a stop at that moment after she felt something touch her waist and stomach, this made the elf blush immediately, and try her hardest to not laugh, "How dare you put your hands on me , Cyph! I will turn you into dust for your insolence!" The white haired elf's concentration was faltering, the spell was getting out of her control, it would either fade away or release and hurt her, and probably the cyph too, the tickles weren't helping either. She was fightin against Typhon's antics, the time bomb she had on her hand, and the blasted seal that was preventing her from taking any sort of action against His Holiness. With enough effort she had managed to almost fully open her hand, that was until she felt a wave of pain on her head, possibly caused by the cyph head-butting her at such a close distance. This caused two things, first, the seal fully took over her body, effectively making her unable to do anything, second, the spell disappeared and caused a magical backlash inside the elf's body. Rabiyu's whole body went limp, thanks to that backlash from the spell, she was now unconsious. Rabiyu's hand quickly moved and grasped the arm of Typhon, even when she couldn't see it, she had regained consciousness just a moment ago. Why she was being hold by the cyph, she didn't knew. Why was Yev trying to attack her, she didn't knew either. "It would be appreciated if you let go of my hand at this moment. Instead, we should be fighting against the man who thinks himself a god," Rabiyu said to Typhon, "so please, let me go and focus on the person who really matters instead of attacking your own allies." She had no idea what happened before the fused being attacked her and her mind fell into darkness, but now that she was back they had to focus on their target, the one who thought himself a god. - Aura and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation - Aura was startled by the sudden appearance of Eclaire, and the spear that summoned a barrier of ice in front of her, Sifrei and Athena, the Archangel was ready to fight Eclaire, but he sensed no ill will towards Aura, nor the human princess, so he allowed her to speak. To say that Aura was confused was an understatement. She had heard the words of Eclaire, she had been a source of morale for the group that was currently fighting with a wannabe god. The retainer of the Ice Queen was asking for something she didn't want to give up, if only because she didn't knew the woman too well, but she was right, they needed the wish, they needed Rufus' help, even if it meant not helping him get his freedom at the moment. "I was waiting for a chance to help Rufus regain his freedom, but with only one wish per person I suppose that is not possible at the moment," Aura said while looking at Eclaire, her hands still holding the lamp, "but this is what needs to be done if we want to survive, if we can get a chance to defeat our enemy with a wish then so be it, I am sure Rufus would understand." Aura glanced around, trying to find Rufus, but her sight was still not good, and so she sighed and looked at Eclaire, offering the magical lava lamp. "Take it. Wish for whatever you think is necessary to succeed," Aura said, "make your wish count."
  2. Elrandir

    Kingdom Hearts: Lost Radiance

    - Aurion - Radiant Garden - Raising Falls - Aurion was watching Erinys as she created one of the dark coats he had seen some people wear to protect themselves, which Aurion supposed would be used to protect herself from the light. That had been interesting to watch, but more interesting was the change on the young woman's face. It looked as if different emotions were happening at the same time. "Hey, are you-" Aurion asked. The Ex-delivery boy didn't managed to finish the question as the girl in front of him summoned an all too familiar weapon, a Keyblade. This day had been full of surprises, he had met two different people, and those two same people had been able to summon such weapon, just like him. He didn't had much time to follow that line of thought as whatever was coming was getting closer and closer with each passing second. "Right, let's move." Aurion took a quick look around, and once he made sure there was no one near that could spot them, he began to run towards the castle in the distance." - Aether - Twilight Town - The moment Kira gave the signal, Aether pressed her wristwatch to activate the EMP. On the outside it looked like nothing had happened, but any electronic device would cease to function, leaving the building complete unprotected from intruders. Aether watched as Kira began to move towards the roof and she followed suit, but instead of following her she took a different route, better to take two different paths and not risk to being found out, not the two at the same time, at least. Each time Aether thought someone would appear she use anything as a hidding spot, when she was sure that she was safe she kept going until she could reach the roof. "I wonder what we will find out on this place," Aether thought, "What was this guy doing to deserve such fate? I guess we will find out sonner or later."
  3. Elrandir

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    - Astrid Siv - Hyssop Town - Hyssop Pokemon Gym - "Oh, so you are from Jotho? I have been there a few times in the past and I have visited some of its cities," Astrid said, "I'm always interested in visiting new places, hence why I am here in the first place. I do miss my parents and my home, but the world is a big place, and there is so much to learn." Ammy tilted her head in slight confusion at Freo's question, wondering what he meant, but then she realized what she had been doing the whole time. "Oh, we apologize. I apologize. Ever since I was a young cub I've had the habit of speaking in what humans call the "Royal we". Back then I used to do it when I was nervous, it helped me to think better," Ammy answerd Freo, "Nowadays it is just normal for me to speak like that. I do suppose it can confuse others, such as yourself, but we suppose, I suppose, can tone it down." (Youngster Joey is such a nice kid, and his Rattata is cool. Such a shame Elly doesn't have him on her favorite numbers.)
  4. Elrandir

    Kingdom Hearts: Lost Radiance

    - Aurion - Radiant Garden - Raising Falls - "I guess you are right. He could use humans, heartless, and whatever else he can find." Aurion looked behind him after he placed the scanner and covered the device's hiding spot. "And I agree that the Dark Realm has a, what did you called it? hardier stock than those of the Light? Living in the Dark is tough." He noticed as the Noxling froze, as if she had seen or heard something in the distance. This made Aurion turn around to look. "Something like- you know what, never mind, we should get out of here quickly. If the map that I was given is correct, there is a castle further down the road. We could make out way there, maybe we can find a place to get out of sight along the way." - Aether - Twilight Town - Aether was looking at the building windows for any sign of security, and find a sign she did. She caught sight of a lantern light, and a few moments later she saw the guard. "Got it. We have two potential guards on the lower floors," Aether said, "We can only assume they will try to find the source of the disruption once the EMP does its job. I'd say that we will have a good amount of time until they find out what is going on." The Ex-raven gave Kira a thumbs up, and after that she took another quick peek outside. "Just give me a couple of minutes while I get this toy ready, alright?" Without waiting for a response, Aether quickly made her way around the building, using a pistol like device to shoot small devices at strategic points on the building walls, all while taking several looks around to avoid any onlooker, or those blasted ships. When she thought that someone was coming she quickly took cover in any possible hiding spot until the threat was gone, she then resumed her work. After a couple minutes Aether returned. "Alright, it is done. The moment you want to begin just say so and I will activate the EMP," Aether said to Kira, "All devices will be out of commision, giving us enough time to look for whatever it is that we are looking for. And about the guards? Don't worry, I won't hurt them, that much."
  5. Elrandir

    Overworld RP

    - Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation - It looked like everyone had made up their minds, they had chose destruction rather than salvation, which was not surprising, at all. Eclaire, Henry, Alastor, Helios, even Yevgeni would try to stop Ahriman's dream from coming true, and she was not going to let that happen, not without a fight. "And who are you to judge what is possible and what isn't, Yevgeni?" Rabiyu answered Yevgeni, "Your apprentice may have a soft heart, but I do not, nor I am as weak as you think. Perhaps it is time for you to learn one final lesson." At that moment, when it was obvious that not a single one of them were going to submit to Ahriman, Rabiyu did a few quick handsigns. The glowing hexagons ready to release their power towards their targets, until two fast shadows interrupted their function and destroyed them. She could see Henry and Elia in the corner of her eye, and while her mind was telling her to help the poor girl, she was not able to do so, her purpose was to stop them, not help. "What does it matter, the time to talk is over, Dragon Hunter. Neither you, Henry, Eclaire, Helios, or any present here will get in HIS way, " Rabiyu said to Alastor as she raised her hand to the sky, " I summon the power of the mighty spirit of the north, lend me thy anger and unleash thy wrath upon mine enemies!" The previous spell that she had casted was almost done with the storm that was created, possibly, by Alastor, so it faded away, leaving only remnants of the storm. The air around began to feel heavier and heavier with each passing second as Rabiyu's hand closed into a fist before it began to glow brighter and brighter. Anyone close enough to the elf would began to feel how power gathered on the elf's closed hand, raising and raising without any sign of stopping. "Descend upon us, Northern Star, and reduce to dust everything in your path! Senan Exo-" At the moment the white haired elf was about to open her hand and unleash the power of one of the ancient forbidden spells of destruction a mark on her chest began to glow and spread around her whole body. The power of the spell then was getting weaker as she was unable to complete the casting. The glowing marks that now adorned the elf were preventing her from moving and casting anything else. This had been a failsafe put on her many centuries ago, in case she was out of control. "What is this? I-I can't move," She said, "No, this not possible. I will not a-allow it!" Rabiyu tried her hardest to move, to cast anything to get free from the seal that was binding her, but in the end she was unable to do it, she was unable to keep helping Ahriman. That only meant that she failed and that she was deserving of the same fate as the rest of them. "I might not be able to destroy all of you like I had planned, but the power that I still have left will be enough to take destroy a few of you!" As Rabiyu yelled those words, the remaining power of the forbidden spell that she still had began to gather on her hand once more, this was going to be one last effort to stop them, even if it meant taking damage for her own attack, or even worse, dying from it.
  6. Elrandir

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    - Astrid Siv - Hyssop Town - Hyssop Pokemon Gym - "Oh, I'm from the Kanto region. I was born in the Cinnabar Island to be precise," Astrid answered, stopping her sketching for a moment, "Small place before, you know, disappearing thanks to the volcanic eruption. My parents used to work at a research lab back in the day." Astrid was still looking towards the arena, but she scratched her cheek absentmindedly while talking about her old home. "So yeah, that's where I'm from. What about you Elly? Are you from Kanto?" she asked the young girl. Ammy listened to both Freo and Xsira, a little intrigued by their interaction. "Your assumption is correct, Freo. We have been with the Lady ever since she was young, back when we were also young and had another form," Ammy answered Freo while glancing at Astrid, "We were the Lady's first companion, and we have been at at her side always. She took care of us since the very beginning, and we, in return, keep the Lady safe. If what we saw is correct, both of you also take care of your human companion."
  7. Elrandir

    Overworld RP

    - Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation - Rabiyu watched as Helios took to the sky once more, and, somehow, launch another attack at Nergodin. As the dust around the shattering shield of light settled, Rabiyu's attention was pulled back from watching Nergodin, or Ahriman, thanks to a familiar voice. "Just like I said to Monroe over there, my mind hasn't been this clear in centuries," Rabiyu answered as she turned to look at Yevgeni, "but what would you know about that, Yevgeni." The white haired elf's piercing red eyes looked directly into Yevgeni's. And while dull and blurry, they still held a hint of something else, something hidden deep inside. Was it sorrow? or shame? maybe it was confusion, confusion as to why she was doing what she was doing. She watched as Elia, one member of their group, was hit, one of her wings completely gone. "Why would you know? It's not like we have shared what is inside our minds. And unlike your precious apprentice over there, I will not hesitate to destroy whoever stands in the way of HIS wish," She said, voice completely calm and devoid of emotion, "Just look around you. Everyone has suffered the loss of something important, and gained nothing in return. You cannot stop what is about to happen." Rabiyu took a moment to let Yev look at their surroundings, and what was going on on the battlefield. Helios, Henry, Alastor, Eclaire, Rhea, Xion, Jynn, Elia, Dawson, Alderon, Mariel, and the rest, each and every one had sacrificed everything to be there, to be able to fight against Ahriman. It was at that moment that the city began to morph, twist and turn, as if reality itself twisted into itself. Rabiyu raised her hands while making hand signs and whispering arcane words just as six smaller glowing hexagons appeared, all of which began to gather energy to fire another beam of light. Two hexagons ready to fire at each side of Yevgeni, Typhon and Soren. "Listen to his words. There has been enough suffering already," Rabiyu said, "Stop fighting and swear your allegiance to him, or else you will be destroyed."
  8. Elrandir

    Overworld RP

    - Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation - "I have no desire to kill you, Cyph. Your kind sufferend enough of that, that is why they are gone," Rabiyu said to Typhon, "but if death if what you want, then death I will give you." Four more daggers came out from behind Rabiyu's belt, they quickly flew upwards, followed by the two daggers that the elf was using. The six daggers stopped above Typhon, each one of them in a different spot. "In the name of the Lady, I beg for her Judgment to fall upon this impure soul!," Rabiyu's echoey voice said. The daggers above glowed just as a beam of light moved from one dagger to the next, until it formed a glowing hexagon above Typhon. Rabiyu raised her hand towards the glowing hexagon, and just as quickly she moved her hand down. From the center of the hexagon a huge amount of magical energy began gether, taking the shape of a huge sword, but before it could form completely it shot a beam of pure light from the tip towards Typhon, anything that the beam of light touched would be instantly turned to ashes by the intense heat. Rabiyu took that time to notice that the clouds had gathered above the battlefield, just as she also noticed that Nergodin had suffered damage from Eclaire's attack, but he was regenerating, which was a good sign that he was alright. Just as he lanched an attack towards some of the people from the group lightning bolts put an end to the orbs he had launched, only for one of those lightning bolts to reveal the form of Alastor. Rabiyu could feel the draconic essence coming from him, which she was not surprised about, but that could spell problems for Nergodin if left on his own. "Alastor's element is lightning, meaning this storm is helping him obtain more power. Keep the element controlled and then dispel it," Rabiyou thought, "Undine of Water, Salamander of Fire, Sylph of Wind, Gnome of Earth, I beseech thee. As life in the Overworld lays silent, may so the elements sleep in silence. I command you dispel the storm that threathen us all!" An intricate looking magical circle appeared underneath Rabiyu, just as four spots, signaling the four cardinal points, began to glow blue, red, green and brown. From this spots, 4 glowing orbs of said colours began to rise before they flew away in different directions. When the orbs were in place they began to dispel the storm above the battlefield. Maybe not as fast as Rabiyu would have wished, as she didn't had the means to summon, or fully control, the full might of the elementals, but in a few minutes the storm would be hopefully gone. "To have the ability to control such power, it is impressive," Rabiyu thought, "but he must not be allowed to interfere with his goal." - Aura and Sifrei - Isopolis: The City of Isolation - On the other side of the battlefield, Aura was watching as the battle went on, or at least had a vague idea of what was going on, as she quickly made her way towards princess Athena and Sifrei. She did notice that the barrier that Rabiyu had casted to protect her and fading, which meant anyone who had been protected by that first cast would be unprotected in a few seconds. "I feel so useless," Aura thought to herself, "I cannot yet control what I can do with this...this curse. And whatever happened to my eyes cannot be fixed. I just hope Eli is alright." Aura clutched Sifrei's cloak, closing her eyes and praying to whatever gods were watching them to help them succeed in their mission. The Archangel was cimply watching the battle unfold, his fellow angel had been blinded by the Sanguis Vindicta, his fellow judge had turned to the fused being's side, the rest of them were attacking that fused being only for him to regenerate his missing limbs. Whatever was happening was just not important for the silent Archangel, only protecting Aura and the princess, as he was ordered to do, was important at that moment.
  9. Elrandir

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    - Astrid Siv - Hyssop Town - Hyssop Pokemon Gym - Astrid looked at Elly's pokemon with complete interest, both were cute in their own way. The one introduced as Freo was the one who had been watching her as she offered to help Elly before, and just like she thought, he was protective of Elly. Next to him was the Espeon known as Xsira, she was the one who was far more accepting. Astrid slowly reached her hand out and gently scratched both pokemon's ears. "It is a pleasure to met both of you," She said, "I hope you continue to take care of Elly." The young woman then continued to draw in her sketchbook. The challenger had the advantage of type, but even so, the Gym leader was a leader for a reason, he better focused on doing his best. "Oh, it's no problem. It's always a pleasure to help those who want to learn more about pokemon," Astrid said with a smile, "I was also not familiar with the pokemon outside of Kanto and Jotho. Pokemon are something worth knowing about, and that is why I decided to travel around, to learn more about the pokemon outside my home. Battles are a way to show how much a trainer and their pokemons understand each other. " At this point Ammy noticed that Freo was looking at her, there was something in his eyes that made her notice him. "How may we be of assistance?" She said in pokespeak as her tails swayed from side to side, "Is there something that we may help you with?
  10. Elrandir

    Kingdom Hearts: Lost Radiance

    - Aurion - Radiant Garden - Raising Falls - "I see. I suppose that does explain why you went through that." Aurion replied. The ex-delivery boy looked around for a moment. This place felt slightly like home, he could feel the darkness around, just as he could feel the dark essence from Erinys. While she talked he looked for a spot where he could place Simeon's scanner, after looking for a little while he found a hole behind a few large rocks, a perfect spot to place the scanner, no one would come to the Rising Falls, and if they did, they would never have the time to look behind each and every hole in the walls, and not holes that were hidding behind such larges rocks. "So he is still trying to invade the Realm of Light?" Aurion asked, "That is absurd. The forces of the Light are massive, spread among all the different worlds. How does he plan to fight against that? I doubt even many of the denizens of the Dark would have joined such a suicide mission, unless they were forced." - Aether - Twilight Town - "Yeah, I doubt munny is that important in this mission. Let me take a look at my bag of tricks then," Aether said to Kira. The former Raven spend a couple of minutes pressing her wristwatch buttons, never saying anything, but sometimes looking around to see if someone was coming. "I could "upgrade" this suit's visor to have be able to detect lasers, or serve as a thermal visor. I also have in hand a device that would emit a localized EMP to disable all electronic devices, and an anti-jammers just in case they try to disrupt the opening of portals," Aether said calmly, "If our objective is to reach the third floor and investigate then I could make all the devices from the first and second floor unusable. Giving us a clear way to the top, unless there are actual guards inside." Aether waited for Kira's response while she touched her side of the helmet with the wristwatch. Her vision suddenly changed as the visor of the helmet changed to one that could detect heat. She focused on the building, trying to see if there were people inside.
  11. Elrandir

    Overworld RP

    - Rabiyu - Isopolis: The City of Isolation - Rabiyu's eyes kept wandering around the battlefield, but most of the time they were following Nergodin's movements. He was the one who had to win, at least that's what her mind was telling her, somewhere deep down she knew that he was the enemy, but she was going to protect him and help him get his wish, no matter what or who stood in her way, that meant getting rid of Eclaire, who was currently focusing on an attack, and Henry, who was holding Nergodin. As the High Elf began to move towards Nergodin's side, clearly in an attempt to help him with both Henry and Eclaire, a voice caught her attention, the voice of Soren Moroe. "My mind is perfectly fine, Master Monroe. In fact, it hasn't been this clear in centuries," Rabiyu answered Soren as she eyed King Alderon, "It's like waking from a dream that you didn't knew you were having." The voice of Typhon made Rabiyu's turn her head slightly. She had almost forgot about the Cyph, but she at least could remember that he didn't had his current form. She had to get rid of them in order to help Nergodin. "I suppose you didn't, not that it is important. I'm afraid that I will have to cut our talk short, I have more important things to attend to," Rabiyu said as she extended her arms to her sides, "Stahdim Zii do Yol, fahraal dii faan. Dunaak gol ko oblaan yem ahrk al daar wo hind zey aax!" Rabiyu's voice took a faint echoing effect, an aura began to appear around her body, an aura that slowly got bigger and bigger until it created a dome made of fire around the elf. In a matter of a split second that dome expanded to a big size before it exploded, sending a wave of fire all around the white haired elf, no matter who stood in the range of the spell, which probably was Soren, Alderon, and Typhon. As the elf began to turn around, she saw how Eclaire had managed to successfully launch her attack towards both Nergodin and Henry. She wasn't going to be able to reach Eclaire in time, nor attack Henry to make him let go of Nergodin. The best way to deal with that powerful attack was to protect Nergodin. "Zodun zii do faal Ven, Sylph, zu'u faan amiv thy faan. Bolaav zey thy aaz ahrk vos zey wah jaaril daar wo los aax. Gaar thy dein amiv mok." As Rabiyu stopped and reached her hand out towards Nergodin, a barrier would form around him and Henry, it was obvious that the barrier was not going to do much against Eclaire's powerful attack, she didn't had the time to cast a more powerful barrier, nor she was sure she could do it when she was not in full control of her latent abilities, but, at least, it would offer Nergodin a small amount of protection, or so she hoped. She then turned around to face Soren and Typhon once more. "Well, it seems that I can stay and play, Master Monroe, Cyph," Rabiyu said as six more daggers came out from her belt and spinned around her, "I will not allow you to stop his wish from becoming a reality. The world will be born anew, even if you want it or not." The moment Rabiyu stopped talking the six daggers went flying towards Soren and Typhon, three for each one, whether they were hit by them or not, the daggers would follow them and attack them as if they were being wielded by someone, that was just Rabiyu using her psychokinetic ability to wield they daggers with her mind.
  12. Elrandir

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    - Astrid Siv - Hyssop Town - Hyssop Pokemon Gym - " A pleasure. And you are correct, this is Ammy," Astrid answered, "And I am sure she will like your compliment." Ammy eyed Elly's hand carefully as it came closer and closer. Her body immediately relaxed once Elly began to rub her ear, and she gently rubbed her head on Elly's hand in the process and her tails swayed from side to side. Astrid scratched her cheek at the display of her partner, it was both funny and cute at the same time. Ammy loved to have her ears rubbed, that was, in Astrid's opinion, Ammy's weakness. While that was happening she looked at Elly's Espeon and a Glaceon, one of them was accepting while the other, well, he looked a little more protective of the young girl, Astrid could understand that. "Well, you see, Ammy here is what people often call a "Shiny" pokemon. A pokemon whose fur colours are different than the rest of their kind. They can be somewhat rare to see most of the time," Astrid said while taking a seat next to Elly and her pokemon, "And that other pokemon you're interested in? That is called a Lucario, he is considered a Steel/Fighter type of pokemon. It is said that they are highly intelligent and highly loyal to their trainers, and are able to understand human speech. They can also sense auras emanating from others, that way they can read their thoughts, emotions and movements, They can also use that same aura as a form of attack." Astrid then focused on the arena as she listened to the match as it started. Apparently, the leader was finally taking on the challenger. With that she opened her sketchbook once again and began to draw part of the battle between Typhus, the gym leader, and the young trainer.
  13. Elrandir

    Pokémon: Land’s End RP

    - Astrid Siv - Hyssop Town - Hyssop Pokemon Gym - Astrid noticed that more and more people were entering the gym, two more boys with their respective pokemon. She had been attending to the gym for a couple of days, but this day was already looking interesting. "The lady looks more excited than usual," Ammy said in Pokespeak, "Are the battles the reason for such excitement?" "That is one of the reasons, sure, but these past few days only a few people came, it was mostly the members of the gym that were here," Astrid answered, " But now? Now we have four trainers that will challenge the leader, those are the battles I look forward to. A trainer fighting alongside their partners to obtain that which they desire, putting all their training to the test." Ammy looked between the boy who had remained near the arena, her own trainer, and the girl who went to the opposite side of the stands, close to were they were. Astrid on the other hand was putting the finishing touchest to her sketches. "The lady should pay more attention to her surroundings." Ammy said. "Why? What happened? The leader is not here yet and there is no battle to watch." Astrid replied. "The young girl that just arrived looked quite interested in that Lucario over there, but chose to not act on that curiosity," Ammy said while looking towards Elly and her companions, "Mayhap the Lady should offer some assistance?" Astrid looked over the the Lucario for a moment, trying to remember whatever info she could recall. She closed her sketchbook took a deep breath and made her way closer to Elly, closely followed by Ammy behind her. "Hi there. I couldn't help to notice, well, my friend over there did, that you were interested in that pokemon over there," Astrid said while pointing at the Lucario, " If you are interested I could tell you a little about it, but only if you're interested, of course." The silver Ninetales sighed before gently nudging Astrid's back in an attempt to make her remember something important. "What now? Oh! Right, sorry, that was rude, I forgot to introduce myself," Astrid said, a little embarrassed, "I'm Astrid, Astrid Siv. And the one behind me is my friend Amaterasu, but you can call her Ammy." Astrid offered Elly her hand for a handshake while Ammy sat and offered a small bow.
  14. Elrandir

    Pokémon: Land’s End (Sign Ups And Discussion STILL OPEN)

    And Astrid will enjoy to watch a good ol' fashioned pokemon battle.