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  1. KH3 will be one of the demos that will be available for PlayStation's PlayAnywhere Roadshow Manila Leg, as announced through their Facebook Page. The demos will be available from December 7 - December 9 at the SM North EDSA Annex (by experience, its going to be at the 4th floor lol) Anybody else in the area going there? I will *raises hand in excitement*
  2. someone on twitter has shared a somewhat quick rundown of what Square Enix will show at E3 in 3 weeks. Now, I am not calling this a true leak, and that's why I came here: to look for other evidences that supports this. Screenshot below. (i'm typing this on mobile btw so sorry for any formatting errors) edit: source is from a "leaked" ESA internal memo. Schedules for Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and Square Enix got leaked. Nintendo got their's leaked in a separate memo.
  3. Truthfully, if they don't announce the release date by the end this event, I think it will leave a lot of people disappointed. Q3? July-September? I don't recall having a big KH game releasing on those months before... feel free to correct me on that. But I'm still leaning to Q4. Damn, starting the game with a flashback, huh... I think this was forced because of the MI leak we had last December. But then again, Nomura said that he'd like to reveal all KH3 worlds before release... Hold up. If Q3 is to be believed, the game is unveiling the last world a month into its alleged release window. Pretty bold move, should get the fans really hyped (or really annoyed because its Frozen). Honestly, I'm not buying into this list of FF characters. Too many. I get the FFXV quartet because of how successful XV had been (even though it was an incomplete game at launch) but Lighting and the others? Too far-fetched.
  4. Made a simple program that tracks your progress when it comes to collecting your 101 Dalmatians medal. This only currently applies to JP, and I might make an WW one if a. people would want it, and/or b. the WW locations will be different from the JP location. Send me a Private Message here in the forums if you find any bugs in the program. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Zx7dU-OsKxTTV3V293bTZVdkE/view?usp=sharing
  5. It doesn't seem fair to put all the credit to Yoko Shimomura on composing duties, then we know that other people have contributed to the soundtracks as well (Tsuyoshi Sekito, Takeharu Ishimoto, Kaoru Wada, composers from the Disney tracks, etc) My question to you is: how do you tackle the Digital KH Music metadata? VGMdb makes it more confusing...
  6. Title says what I want to understand. My friend from Singapore can't access the add-ons from the Playstation store. But can on her US PSN account. Problem is, she bought the game on the Singapore server.
  7. Ever since the shift from Unchained to Union, Multiplayer became a thing... but not for me. When I click on the start mission buttons on the multiplayer mode, the game freezes for about 30 seconds to a minute, music still playing, and it responds again with this message: http://imgur.com/a/zC7Jz I have tried: restarting the game restarting phone restarting the wifi the funny thing is, everyone in the party but me can access Multiplayer. Even a party member (who lives in the same city as me) can access it. Has anyone come across this issue? If so, what's your hotfix?
  8. Nope. Even early in the game, the 4th command is already present, albeit represented with a "-".
  9. If you look very closely at the screenshots, particularly the KH1FM screenshot, you can draw out the conclusion that they're reusing old 1.5 and 2.5 screenshots... The HUD on 1FMHD still has 3 commands, Summons are not present in the command HUD.
  10. I'm not surprised at all... Japan has a thing when it comes to cover arts with just the logo on it.
  11. DigitalFoundry's latest video features the technical details of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, which can be shown here: and to be perfectly fair, they're spot on on this one. On KHDDDHD: 30fps on cutscenes and 60fps on gameplay is fine and all, but while absent in actual gameplay, frame pacing issues are definitely there on cutscenes. Some people may be fine with this, but for others, its not. And this should not be present, at all... On KHBBS0.2AFP: Unfortunately, the issue does not stop there. A Fragmentary Passage, while keeping its goal of 30fps on Base (and Launch) PS4 and an unlocked framerate on the Pro, suffers from horrible frame pacing all throughout the game, making the experience less than optimal. We're having another de ja vu moment of FFXV at launch where frame pacing issues have plagued the game. I, for one, am hoping that either this gets patched, OR this issue is resolved by the time 1.5+2.5 comes out. What are your thoughts, sound off below!
  12. I don't have a PS4. The last home console I have is a PS2 Slim, and the last portable console I had is a PSP Street. However, that does not mean I can't draw a solid conclusion just because I don't have the necessary console. Here's my review of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 -A Fragmentary Passage-. Since I have no prior experience of playing the next-gen Kingdom Hearts game, I used the following YouTube videos and Twitch Streams to draw my conclusion: KHBBS0.2AFP Proud Mode playthrough by Shirrako KHBBS0.2AFP PS4 vs PS4Pro comparison by Shirrako KHBBS0.2AFP Critical Mode Final Devil's Wave Boss fight by Everglow KHBBS0.2AFP Beginner Mode "speedrun"* by tealgamemaster KHBBS0.2AFP Beginner Mode "Secret Boss Rush" playthrough by tealgamemaster KHBBS0.2AFP Load Screen Crash by Bizkit047 chyadosensei, Bizkit047, Faye (SilverGU001) and IrregularJinny for Twitch Streams. Discovery of a "constant" softlock point at v1.0.1 by speedrunner mieDaxx * tealgamemaster has not submitted his run into the official KH speedrun leaderboards. Until then, I'm not considering it as a full-fledged speedrun. STORY Without spoiling any further, the game managed to fill us in on Aqua's story after what happened on the Secret Episode of Birth by Sleep, while at the same time, starting the actual plotline of Kingdom Hearts 3, even for just a small moment. GAMEPLAY OH BOY, GAMEPLAY! A lot of people are worried that 0.2 will adopt the abominable gameplay of Birth by Sleep. Fortunately, Square Enix has learned from it... a little. Some enemies still don't stagger, Aqua's combos still has that thing of "floatiness", albeit in a small scale. Cartwheel seems to be fixed (thank goodness, I thought we're gonna be invincible the entire game due to that), among others. However, I have complaints. Magic-based Situation commands (pfft, they killed Reaction Commands to Situational Commands, which does practically the same thing lol) tend to whiff A LOT, particularly Thundagun, since its a ground-based attack. Shotlocks seems to be nerfed way too much. Magic Wish/Spellweaver's finishing command does NOTHING except the actual final attack, unlike its BbS counterpart where Aqua's drill-like move still does damage. On 0.2, it does damage to some extent, but not in consecutive succession. ENEMY AI This is where some people say that it excels, but for me, I'd give it a C-. As I said earlier, some enemies don't stagger, the boss AI seems crappy (especially on the final Devil's Wave boss, that thing doesn't give a firetruck if you have a strat or not, its basically just yolo Imma go ham sux to be you), and don't get me started on Aqua Replica on the Mirror Boss Rush, that thing looked like hell right at the beginning. GRAPHICS I don't see a reason why there is a certain group of people who hates the graphics in this mini-game. The graphics is definitely B-E-A-UTIFUL. Sure, This is Square Enix's first take on Unreal Engine 4, and they still have a lot to learn, but the fact that they got that far for just a small period of time since switching from Luminous to Unreal Engine 4, its a sight to behold. And the constant upgrades that we saw from the E3 demo to the Paris Games Week Demo, to the final product, it really just makes it evident that Square is hard at work for this. If this is just the tip of what SE has to offer graphics-wise, I'm really excited how'll they'll fare out once KH3 is out and about. MUSIC While there was only a few new music that was added in this, Yoko Shimomura, fresh off her stint on Final Fantasy XV, worked her magic once again on 0.2's music. Words cannot describe how godly this music is... SERIOUSLY. Although... people have complained that some of the music are just reused from various KH games... bitchy complaint, IMHO. Try making music for a scene that you already made music with years ago. THE TECHNICALITY Sad to say, this aspect of this game, is flawed to a certain extent. version 1.0.0 randomly crashes on load screens, it barely keeps up to the (I really don't know this was a goddamn thing until recently, since there was no press material that covered this) unlocked 60fps target of the PS4 Pro, and it sure as hell can't keep up even with the Launch/Base and Slim PS4's 30fps cap. Fortunately, this was fixed in the 1.0.1 patch... along with Aqua's chin and Venitas' eyes, and "various bug fixes and improved system functionality". As I mentioned in the last forum post I made, we haven't caught any wind of any crashes post 1.0.0 BUT KH/Sonic speedrunner mieDaxx has found out that the game can softlock at a certain specific point in the game. Oh Square... how come you cannot release a proper game? THE FINAL VERDICT To sum it up... Plot - **** Gameplay - *** Graphics - **** Music - ***** Technicality - *** Overall - **** / *****. The development team still has a lot to learn, still has lots of work to do, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I'm hoping a better Osaka team to develop KH3,
  13. seeing as how DDDHD performed in this remaster, I have faith in the 1.5+2.5 remaster. Sure, there's still the quirks that the OG 3D had (looking at you, balloon...), it might as well be a developer decision to retain that quirk. Remember, Ocarina of Time 3D had most, if not all, of the same glitches and exploits present in the original Gamecube version, same as Activision when they remastered Modern Warfare. In the case of Kingdom Hearts, I'd give their implementation of "60 fps on gameplay and menus, 30 on cutscenes" a pass, since they got that fundamentally right. Minimal frame drops (and unnoticable, if there are any), no crashes, etc. Its only 0.2 that's having these issues. If any, This points to me worrying about the development of KH3, since if they can't release a short version of a full-scale game right, what chaos will be unleashed more once they go guns blazing with KH3?
  14. Apart from Venitas' eyes getting a change, aqua's chin also made a change... https://twitter.com/KH13com/status/820447716358688768 (wow, talk about a quick facial surgery, eh?) In other news, crashing that was present in v1.0.0 is at its minimum now (we're not positive that crashing is completely gone now, but there hasn't been any that we caught wind of after the 1.0.1 update) but in exchange, there is a constant point in the game where it softlocks. Speedrunner mieDax found it, and the conversation is as follows: Yep... definitely fixing the right stuff :^)
  15. The only thing I know about that patch is that fixes Venitas' eyes from blue to gold. But Soraalam1 tweeted out that 0.2 will run at an unlocked framerate of 60fps on a PS4 Pro, with the launch and slim models getting the obligatory 30fps lock. https://twitter.com/Soraalam1/status/820230254438576132 I wanna know where did his info come, and if its true or naw. Cuz as far as I've read. There's no official news of 60fps support on PS4 Pro.
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