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  1. Glad to see I wasn't the only one debating over 8 or 9 for awhile! I ultimately ended up clicking 8 as well, I do hope a critical mode and some post game content will be incorporated at some point. Even if you end up having to buy it separate.
  2. It can be a little tricky to get off the ship when you arrive at the islands. I know it took me a few attempts to figure it out and I'm not near my game right now. Once you get fairly close to the island/beach there should be an option to 'cancel' or something similar in the menu to make Sora step away from the wheel.
  3. In order to level up your ship you need to collect white crabs. I had good luck outside of Port Royal at the other islands around the map. I believe there's one loosely translated to The Isle of Luck that always had loads of crabs under the water (you have to smash the wooden crates on the ocean floor) and if you scaled the cliff face there was a platform with even more barrels to smash with crabs. Once you clear the area you can leave (go back to Port Royal or something) and come back and the crabs will have respawned.
  4. Oh yay! I'll keep my eyes peeled for it!
  5. Thanks for creating this! I've got a feeling I'll be referring to it A LOT during this next playthrough.
  6. Totally agree with both of you. The heartbreak and troubles the sea-salt trio go through are WAY more potent when you've actually gone through the hours of gameplay to back it up. I really wish I hadn't loaned my game copy and never got it back. The movie is okay, but I don't ever find myself going: "hmmm... maybe I should rewatch the 358/2 movie today..." I'd also love to see a Sly Cooper trilogy remaster and Chrono Trigger!
  7. I remember finishing KH2 and being convinced that was the end of the entire series. I even got into a heated argument with my bro over it. I was just so sure: "Sora made it back to the islands! It's all over now!" Little did I know
  8. Probably BH6 for me. Being able to run all over San Fransokyo, both at day and night was great. Plus there were so many tall buildings to scale and fling yourself off of!
  9. Bl4ck_iris

    Cid Highwind

    A staple of any Final Fantasy game, and therefore Kingdom Hearts, Cid is originally a resident of Radiant Garden; also known as Hollow Bastion. When his world fell to darkness, he escaped on his own airship with Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith to Traverse Town. He's clearly a skilled airman and often offers assistance and repairs to Sora and the gang for their gummi ship during their first adventure. While in Traverse Town, he owns the accessory shop and allows the Moogles to run a synthesis shop above him. After returning to his home world he becomes a founding member of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. He has now become the go-to person for any crisis of a technological capacity, and most recently worked with Sora's data to see if his whereabouts could be located.
  10. Bl4ck_iris


    Wakka is a citizen of the Destiny Island's world, and the oldest of the kids. He spends most of his time with his best friend's Selphie and Tidus, but is also a friend of Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Protective of his friends, he's always looking out for the others. He's also quite curious, and mentions to Sora how he wants to check out the secret place with Tidus. After the world fell to darkness, his whereabouts become unknown. He returns to the island once it is restored.
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