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  1. It only drops once, unfortunately but the normal drop rate is surprisingly high. With Favorite Deputy and the Lucky Ring, you'll get plenty materials
  2. Here's my playthrough! Warning for swearing and me generally losing my mind lmao
  3. Unfortunately, you have to have that Keyblade in hand for the abilities to work. There is a Lucky Ring in the game if you'd be okay just having one Lucky Strike equipped. My suggestion would be to use Favorite Deputy while you need it and make sure your team members are turned to Hands Off mode so that they don't skew your drop rate And if you're synthesis hunting, here's a guide for it https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/xboxone/719078-kingdom-hearts-iii/faqs/76888
  4. If you're on the PS4, while steering the ship, press the touchpad - it'll show you a map of the islands around. When you go to them, press L1 (I think) to cancel steering and you should be able to go to the islands. There's a lot around that have crabs but the best is the Confinement Island near the northeast corner. There's a bunch of barrels of crabs. If you open the chest, enemies will appear, but once they're beaten, no more enemies spawn there so you can keep fast traveling (select the island on your map to fast travel) and it'll keep resetting the island and the crabs!
  5. I kind of figured they were "Disney" stylized push pins or something? And they disappear when you take the picture cause the push pin is being used to "hold up" the picture?
  6. Thanks so much!! ^_^ I'm working on a Leveling Guide too which should be out soon 👀
  7. It was also available with the US pre-orders of the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts themed PS4 Pro! Not that helps for Australia It is a shame that they don't have more things available internationally for all the worldwide fans
  8. I'm trying to make a guide for the Keyblade Forge but didn't think to do so until I was at the end of the game so I only have level 9 and 10 for more of the Keyblades. I need to know what the Strength and Magic stats through the levels and also what the upgrade requirements are, if anyone doesn't mind helping. Especially for the Xbox and Amazon pre-orders!! If anyone got those, I definitely want to know those stats, even if it's already maxed out!!
  9. You can save it as a screenshot to your PS4 but it has to be done individually, I believe. Open the photo in the Photo Album, open it to Full Screen with X, and then Share with Square. It'll give you the option to save it there
  10. The percentages work based off what the other accessories percentages are. For example: I have the Royal Ribbon (40% in all), Ribbon (30% in all), and Cosmic Chain (20% in all but Dark). So my resistances are 66% for everything but Dark which is 58% The math is this: The Royal Ribbon gives me 40% off of the base damage, let's say 100. So instead of getting hit for 100 points of damage, I get hit for 60. Next, the Ribbon protects against that remaining 60. So 30% of 60 is 18, so my damage is down to 42. Last, the Cosmic Chain takes off 20% of the 52, bringing it down by 8 points to 34 Hopefully that makes sense?
  11. Also Aeroga unlocks REALLY late in, after a long fight in the final world but before the final boss battles
  12. Here's the locations for all of them once you beat the game! 0 - Keyblade Graveyard Labyrinth 1 - Olympus / Corridors 2 - Olympus / Apex 3 - Twilight Town / Old Mansion 4 - Toy Box / Kid Korral 5 - Toy Box / 1st Floor 6 - Kingdom of Corona / Cliffs 7 - Kingdom of Corona / Field behind Orange Flan 8 - Monstropolis / Power Plant Tank Yard 9 - Arendelle / Icy Labyrinth Middle Tier 10 - The Caribbean / Huddled Isles Exit 11 - San Fransokyo / West Tunnel Exit 12 - San Fransokyo / North District (Nearby Circle Roof) 13 - Keyblade Graveyard / The Badlands 14 - Keyblade Graveyard / Battlefield
  13. I played on Standard and went in to that world at level 70 and wiped the floor with all the fights (especially cause I had the Ultima Weapon) I would suggest probably be closer to 55+, cause the fights are rough and have a LOT that comes at you
  14. I've made a guide for the Moogle shop in Kingdom Hearts 3! It can be found [here]! It includes all of the Recipes and how to unlock them, the Materials list and what drops them, Collector's Goals and the rewards, Photo Missions with where to find them and the rewards, the Keyblade Forge with all Keyblades, their levels, and what's required to level them, and the Battle Gate locations, enemies, and experience gained. The Keyblade Forge is a work in progress due to me not keeping track of the levels at the start of the game - any help is appreciated!! Especially for the Xbox and Amazon pre-ordered Keyblades Happy Synthesizing! View full guide
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