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  1. its alright, i tried changing my armor/accessories but i got one shotted and died so i just messed with all that and i dont really use links only because i have to be quick to use it (unless i use a shortcut B but i dont xP) or i forget links are there. my problem is that i go all in spamming attack with the keyblade then get bombarded with their attacks and end up getting weak and wasting a kupo coin right away. ive seen many videos but most on standard mode, i found some with proud mode and barely with critical so using some guides/references from various videos hopefully will help. Ive been taking notes on its attack because i dont remember it being this hard but then again i played in standard and completing critical mode is just a personal achievement im trying to do. Thanks for the help i'll definitely try using other keyblades besides the Ultima Weapon
  2. I'm at the Keyblade Graveyard and i cannot get past this boss. I've searched videos many actually. I'm doing a critical mode series and i really want to get past this, and i thought dark baymax was bad this is worse! any specific item i should use? i'm using the ultima keyblade as well. i keep dying at the second form. only things are helping is dodging and cura at this point lol. (also i am not sure if i need the spoiler tag or not but just to be safe im using it)
  3. I’ve tried searching all over google and the internet. But i can’t find anything that says if its coming to xbox one or not. I’m trying to stay patient for answers. Does anyone know if it is coming to xbox one?? I would think it would but i know kh is a playstation exclusive.
  4. thanks, ill have to check on the ring, theres so many items ive lost count. but my mistake is farming for the ingredients instead of exiting and reloading the save. Frying pan i do not like, i fail instantly. i gave up to get a few other achievements while i waited for responses, but im looking for guides and tips and taking loads of notes. i dont think i used the salt grinders yet. but using both sticks at different directions at the same time is too hard. (FYI Axel is my favorite in KH3 xP) ill check on the ring, i never really tried the bistro so this will be a huge learning experience. and please state the obvious lol i insta fail with the frying pan one which is the second one i tried then i gave up until i got responses and got other achievements
  5. so im trying to get all 45 achievements so far 37/45 and i want to get the hardest one done first and i barely tried the bistro. Its not my strength at all. i only have 2 excellent dishes and keep failing the second dish. Please i am desperate for any tips/guides on this and i appreciate any and all help. basically one wrong move and you fail or press the button to hard or left or right stick to quick and insta fail.
  6. So i searched and searched and im having 0 luck finding these. i only need 1 of each and i can get the ultima weapon. i did battlegate 10 and 12 like a few people said (when i googled) got the wellspring crystal but not the other two. Can anyone tell me how i can get these two? i did synthesize a lucid crystal but it did however take one of my wellspring crystals away luckily i had one to spare
  7. thanks!! that worked really well for me did everything on one shot luckily just got finished the flantastic 7 and now trying to collect the last few materials and the ultima weapon is mine honestly i didnt think i could do it and i did
  8. okay woo on level 75 in my gummi ship as i wait for a reply ill continue to level up. i am now using the shooting star gummi ship (might go back to the Bismark later) or finally build the donut one like multiple have told me but i really like the pre built one anyways any good guides for the locations for this? from what i heard there are 5 or so bosses you need to beat till you get to the Omega Machine boss itself. i also heard a lot of dodging is involved so i better practice on that as well. i appreciate all help
  9. ah gotcha i unlocked all weapons now just trying to break the purple crystals now but cant, tried looking it up but no luck either. i want to unlock everything and try out all the ships before i do anything else but one last question, after i build the donut ship will i have to level it up to have the HP increase?
  10. How can i break those? i just found all the constellations and level 74 but how can i destroy the purple crystals? in the other galaxies i had no problem breaking them. i am using Ultrus Gazer, i also tried the Omega and Bismark ships as well but no luck. REPLY: just build your own tiny ship with any weapons
  11. ah okay thanks i did start to built that last night but i realized i needed more of the weapons unlocked. im at level 45 right now and what i have been doing was getting the crystals, destroying rocks, level 2-3 battles and constellations which i have been switching ships as i get new ones just to check em out. and im guessing as im doing all this ill also unlock the weapons as well right?
  12. im terrible at making ships and im hoping to avoid that as much as possible but i mean how can i level up my ship? or get a better one? rn im at 45 and i feel that my HP isnt increasing or anything.
  13. so i dont really mess with the gummi ship much except to get to point a to point b, but if i want the ultima weapon i need to level it up. any good guides to recommend me on the gummi missions? im really bad controlling it as well but i guess il get used to it soon enough
  14. thank you so is there a set record for each or do i just have to beat my own high score? im really a noob with this sorry
  15. thanks, also i forgot to add, what about the flantastic 7? how do all those work to get the ori.+? do you have a guide to recommend me to?
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