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  1. I stopped hoping for a World of Final Fantasy sequel a while ago, but I voted for it anyway.
  2. Maybe not strictly child actors. But I'm predicting Brandon Mychal Smith (Michelangelo in Rise of The TMNT) as Sora. Zeno Robinson (Remy from Big City Greens, and Hunter from The Owl House) as Riku, and Alyson Stoner as Kairi. Yes, I know Stoner is the current voice of Kairi.
  3. I think David Gallagher and Hayden Panettiere are no longer able to sound like a 15-year-old and a 14-year-old respectively.
  4. The title is self explanatory. The first seven as major characters. The rest as recurring/guest characters. Brandon Mychal Smith - Sora Zeno Robinson - RIku Alyson Stoner - Kairi Laura Jill Miller - Chirithy Laura Bailey - Aqua Eric Bauza - Large Body, and Shadow Dee Bradley Baker - Soldier and Rabid Dog Alex Brightman - Trickmaster Tania Gunadi - Red Magnum Loader Daniel Breaker - Prison Keeper Fred Tasticore - Pot Centipede Mae Whitman - White Mushroom Keith Ferguson - Fire Lord and Blizzard Lord That's all I can think of. Your thoughts?
  5. It'd have a more light hearted tone than the franchise itself. Slice of life stories, but loosely connected to each other. Like Rise of the TMNT, OK KO: Let's Be Heroes, The Cuphead Show, and Amphibia (not sure if this one counts). A separate continuity that doesn't completely follow the series. Well known enemies acting as monster of the week type of things. But a few appearing in more than one episode. Leading to two things below. Either Prison Keeper, or a Wight Knight being voiced by Alex Brightman (you should hear his performance in Beetlejuice, Helluva Boss, and Dead End: Paranormal Park). These two Heartless look like they should have the personality of a showman. A Shadow, a Soldier, and a Fat Body being recurring characters, who are the kind of villains who are treated as a joke. Oh, and they should have a Rabid Dog as a pet. An episode where Sora, Riku, and Kairi are being tested by a White Mushroom. Specifically knowing when and which spells to use. An episode where the Destiny Trio have to go into a digital world to get rid of an army of Strafers, which are acting as a computer virus. Leading to them using a video of Sora singing to drive them off, but apparently his singing is so terrible, that the Strafers killed themselves. "Well that's one way to get rid of a computer virus". The Land of Departure acting as one of the main settings. With Chirithy being some kind of house keeper. At least Kairi and Chirithy (who shares the same voice as Libby) maintaining their voice actors. What do you think?
  6. If they do a Star Wars "world", they should take inspiration from KH3's Gummi Ship System.
  7. Given the amount of time between KH3s announcement and its release, and that they're switching to Unreal Engine 5. I say beyond 2026.
  8. First Ray Chase, and now Paul St. Peter. What's next? Jason Dohring dubbing over the Lingering Will's lines in KH2 FInal Mix?
  9. I think Gargoyles was a scrapped world. What about Gravity Falls, SRMTHFG, or Phineas & Ferb/Milo Murphy's Law?
  10. I'd pick SRMTHFG. A team/limit attack that summons the rest of the Monkey Team. Kim Possible could be a problem. Remember that episode from Lilo & Stitch: The Series?
  11. "Didn't even remember his original past self"? We're talking about the guy who tasked said self to gather backup vessels for Master Xehanort. And Ansem SoD was probably where DDD Sora and DDD Riku fought the Phantom Ursula when KH1 Sora got the Kingdom Key.
  12. As the title suggests. Would the X-Blade have been forged a year sooner if Kairi's heart had never migrated to Sora in the first place? The thought alone might make a good time travel moment if some villain tries to hasten the X-Blade's forging by just making sure Kairi ends up in Hollow Bastion with both her heart and body.
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