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  1. I thought it was the same reason why Mickey only appeared once in the first game.
  2. As the title suggests. If Marvel gets included as a world in the KH series, would it be based on the MCU, or a completely original take? And if based on the MCU, how do you think Thanos' snap would fit into the Kingdom Hearts lore? I think I have an idea on how to solve Nomura and Square Enix's contract problem. Once again in case of a world based on the MCU. They should try stories set between the films. Like they did with Toy Story.
  3. 1) Don't forget the healing incantation during the recreation of Eugene's temporary death. 2) As long as Sora doesn't join in.
  4. Since Black Widow is dead, I say that her movie is set in the past.
  5. As the title suggests. The tutorial section at the beginning was actually set in the present. Everything from Sora's departure to Olympus, to the disastrous battle with Terra-Xehanort and the Demon Tide was a flashback. In fact, the seven hearts the voiceless narrator is referring to Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Lea, Aqua, and Ven. And the voiceless narrator could be Kairi's heart.
  6. I'm sure Nomura specifically stated the ReMind is a story expansion. He never said anything about it being a different timeline.
  7. Might I point out that Roxas didn't show up until midway through the boss fight against Saix?
  8. I noticed a few things that I like to point out. And the title is self explanatory. In the footage showing Aqua and Roxas being playable, Sora doesn't seem to be in the party. Just look at the bottom right. Isn't Lea supposed to be incapacitated? What are the odds that playing as Roxas would make the fight against Saix a bit harder? The part with Luxord makes it seem like that cutscene where Xigbar observes Maleficent and Pete will no longer cut to black mid sentence. Since Xigbar is actually Luxu, how is that he doesn't recognize Luxord?
  9. If the marketing is terrible, then why did it exceed sales expectations?
  10. Judging from the name, It's either about Xion, or Namine.
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