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  1. Is it time to summon Hitler?

  2. GotMilk5101520

    What is the scariest video game?

    Can someone tell me why and how Elmo's Letter and Number Adventure is a scary game?
  3. GotMilk5101520

    What Square Enix series do you want a sequel for?

    Chrono Trigger or Bravely Default
  4. GotMilk5101520

    Something I noticed in BH6 trailer

    If anything. I think that scene will be like a "Calm before the storm" scene. Everyone gathers at Destiny Island before the final battle
  5. GotMilk5101520

    Name something you hate that everyone else loves

    Voltron Legendary Defender
  6. So i got one of these survey ads, and one of the options was for Kingdom Hearts 3 Is this a sign?
  7. GotMilk5101520

    Where will Ralph go on the Internet in Wreck it Ralph 2?

    PornHub Where's YouTube?
  8. Maybe the reason for the box being empty is because Nomura knew someone would try this. So he decided to make it empty so we never find out what's in it till Kingdom Hearts 3
  9. GotMilk5101520

    What's your favorite Horror film of 2017 so far?

    Tokyo Ghoul live action movie
  10. GotMilk5101520

    How do you celebrate the 4th of July?

    That's what me and my mexican family do