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  1. is it time to summon Hitler?

  2. Fire Emblem Heroes mainly because it's the only Fire Emblem game i'm able to play and because i've been playing it for almost two years already (Time flies by fast) i've been able to get to know other FE characters outside of the ones in Smash (ironically Ike happens to be my main) i finished watching a playthrough of Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (I'm not pay $1000 for a used copy) and now i'm planning on checking Echoes and Gaiden (Echoes is a remake of Gaiden)
  3. Can someone tell me why and how Elmo's Letter and Number Adventure is a scary game?
  4. If anything. I think that scene will be like a "Calm before the storm" scene. Everyone gathers at Destiny Island before the final battle
  5. Why did Miraculous Ladybug and Kingdom Hearts 3 decided to destroy me today?

    1. Jingilator


      Ooh, boy…what happened in Miraculous?

    2. GotMilk5101520
  6. So i got one of these survey ads, and one of the options was for Kingdom Hearts 3 Is this a sign?
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