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  1. I'm excited for The Last of Us Part II! I hope they release more information and an exact release date.
  2. I'd love to hang out with Aqua and Sora, my most favorite characters in the series.
  3. Definitely Twilight Town! Sit on the tower, eat an ice cream and watch the sunset.
  4. Yeah, it is! I like the story, combat system and music. The music is sometimes very similar to Bloodborne which I enjoyed as well.
  5. Hey there, I was just wondering if there's someone here who is playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? I've been playing it for some time and I'm really enjoying it! I fought Genichiro today and he gave me a hard time but I managed to get him .
  6. Wow, you got me there for a sec I literally opened a new tab typed "y" in the search bar
  7. Tension Rising sounds really good!
  8. I started playing Apex with my friends. It is the only BR game that I enjoy.
  9. I'm disappointed how Twilight Town only has the Tram Common, Forest and the Mansion areas. I was expecting a lot more... Also I thought Radiant Garden world (playable) will be a thing. But I was wrong...
  10. I'm kinda excited for Sekiro. I liked Dark Souls and Bloodborne. From Software makes good Action RPG games.
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