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  1. I love the game as a whole but the only issues I have is with twilight town size and not enough end game stuff. Even the secret boss wasn’t that difficult.
  2. Honestly all of it. The characters, the hero’s and the villains. The overall story is deep and compelling and I love how the characters are relatable in many ways. The biggest I guess thing that I love about kingdom hearts as a whole is the conflict of light vs darkness good vs evil it’s a timeless tale.
  3. Yeah Nomura hasn’t been to clear about that at all. Is it really that important not really but it’s def weird lol.
  4. Ok so I’m new here but I have been an avid follower of this site and a player of the kingdom hearts series since the beginning. If this has been posted earlier I apologize but one thing that has been bugging the hell out of me is the difference in age between mx and master eraqus. In the recent trailers we can see them both playing chess together and they look about the same age. Nomura said that young x is about 20 and master x is about 80. This confuses me because clearly we can see that yx and young master eraqus look about the same age. My question is how if this is the case then how is mx about 80 and master eraqus not. He looks about 50 I’d say. Even givin it a long shot we can speculate that master eraqus is maybe 60. Even still it doesn’t match up. Eraqus is not 80 or close to it and if they basically grew up together and trained together then why isn’t master eraqus the same age. The only conclusion I can come up with is the mx travelin through the darkness and accepting it has greatly aged his body. Please let me know if this has been explained before and if so I apologize but I can’t find anything on this and it’s bugging my ocd bad lol
  5. Ok so first I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area but I noticed at the end of the extended trailer that there is a scene on Destiny Islands where Sora is sitting on the large tree with Kairi and Riku is no where to be seen. I’m wondering if Riku does infact die. He’s pretty much reached his story ark and done everything he’s set out to do. I truly hope he isn’t dead but it would definitely make the story or the ending as Nomura said hard to take.
  6. I totally agree. It’s great to have the hero’s but what’s a hero without his villain.
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