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  1. Gameplay (and story, kind of). Mount & Blade is one hell of a game, the gameplay is what I LOVE about that game. It gives you so many opportunities and choices that it's playable for thousands of hours. You basically create the story in that game, and every character you make will go through a completely different journey. Gameplay and story are the most important ones for me though. I could, however, play a game that has amazing gameplay, but a horrible story.
  2. To be honest, I would feel a bit weird seeing Kairi and Sora kiss, or seeing ANYBODY in the game kiss. I don't see their relationship as anything other than a friendship. Also, you can't really 'kill' someone in Kingdom Hearts. Not a single original character in KH has REALLY been killed, like properly killed (with the exception of Eraqus). They have either willfully died, been destroyed but with the ability to come back, or ceased to exist but also with the ability to come back. We haven't killed a single person in any of the games (heartless, nobodies, unversed, and Disney bosses do not count). But I don't think it's necessary to see any gore or be able to kill someone properly in the game. It's not that type of game. But I don't think it's a game ONLY fit for children. I played the first Kingdom Hearts game when I was around 7-8 years old, and I've played pretty much every title since then. I've never felt as though I wasn't the target market, or whatever it's called, even though I am now 22 years old. So I don't think it needs to be aimed for older audiences. Some people may want that, but KH is never, and will probably never be that game.
  3. The fan service doesn't really work, as the people above me have already pointed out. Whatever Nomura does, people are going to say the same things again, that there weren't enough things about this and/or that. It happened with the seventh season of Game of Thrones, and it'd happen to KH4. I think Nomura should focus on what he wants for the franchise, while also, maybe, taking a small number of fan-suggestions into account. But I'd be fine with whatever he does, as long as Kairi becomes useful in AT LEAST one game.
  4. I don't have a favorite, per se, but if I had to choose ONE that I really liked, I'd say Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  5. I'm going to rank all of the playable worlds because I can't say much about the unvisitable worlds, apart from that they were cool easter eggs.
  6. Probably the Pirates world. The visuals of the world are beautiful, and the underwater gameplay feels great. It almost felt like an AC: Black Flag Disney game, which was pretty cool.
  7. I finished the story yesterday and unlocked the secret movie today. And I guess I'll explain how I feel about it, without too many spoilers.
  8. I hope we get to walk on Destiny Islands one more time. I mean, KH3 concludes the Xehanort saga, and we started on Destiny Islands so it would come full circle if we get to go there again.
  9. I was at home watching the livestream on my computer and thought nothing would be shown, as usual. Little did I know, I would burst into tears of joy when I finally saw what was about to happen. Tetsuya Nomura happened... He popped up as the special guest and I literally screamed into my pillow. My mom came into the room and tried to comfort me because she thought I was crying, which I was but it wasn't a bad thing, I just couldn't get my words out so I pointed to the screen and she was like 'Oke.' and walked out of my room.
  10. The total hours of cutscenes in the game is probably over 3 hours. We've seen like 4 minutes, TOTAL, of cutscenes from all of the trailers. They show more of the gameplay than they show the actual cutscenes. In my opinion we are not getting too many trailers. It's optional to watch the trailers, so if you think that it reveals too much, you don't need to watch them.
  11. The release date will probably be set in November or December, but I hope it'll come out November 5th, on my birthday. It would be the best birthday present. I've been waiting for the game since it was announced. I've always thought, since KH2, that KH3 would come out. But I haven't been waiting for KH3 since then. How can I wait for a game I didn't know was coming out? I have HOPED that KH3 would come out since then, but I haven't actively waited for it.
  12. If it does indeed get delayed, then it will be because of things going slower than expected and NOT because they want to "teach us a lesson". It would be extremely petty of SE and Nomura if they delayed it because some things leaked. It happens. I wouldn't be surprised if they delayed it, but I wouldn't mind it. I can wait a few more years, if I need to. KH3 is not the only game I have on my radar.
  13. If Kairi and Sora ends up in a relationship I will cut my best pillow to pieces. There's no need for it. I'd prefer that they avoid it. Fanfics would probably make a love-triangle out of it. Riku falls in love with Kairi, but Kairi falls in love with Sora. Riku is jealous and he delves into the darkness that left a spot in his heart in the earlier games. Sora tries to befriend him once more, Riku slaps him and Kairi because he's disgusted by their relationship. Therefor Riku is the main villain in Kingdom Hearts 4. Just kidding, let's keep that in the fan-fiction area.
  14. I dislike it because of the repetitiveness. The following is what I've gone through time and time again: "Go there, it will take you 6-10 quests to get there. Are you done? Okay, that'll take you 3-5 quests to get you back. Oh you thought you were finished with that other world you already completed? Well you were WRONG, you gotta go back there three more times, do the same 6-10 quests to get you there and 3-5 quests to get you back but wait.. there's a boss at the end of this one, but in order for you to complete this you need to get better medals or you will die. Buy it, or come again when you've hoarded enough daily jewels to buy new medals. Oh you have enough jewels? Well.. you don't have any luck so here's worthless medals. Good luck with the boss and oh, here's a middle finger." That being said, the story intrigues me.
  15. I loved the text cutscenes. I didn't press continue because I wanted to see Donalds mouth keep moving, even though he'd talked for like half an hour.
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