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  1. It is already ruined to me. Partially, at least. Is the game beautiful? Yes, it is. Does it look fun to play? Absolutely. But there is one thing that screwed it for me already: the "LESS DISNEY WORLDS WITH MORE CONTENT STUFF BS". That alone has already made me lose 80% of the 100% interest I had on this game and I will probably only keep up with it because of the story. Oh, and please, don't come with the QUALITY OVER QUANTITY BS argument, because if that was true, Dream Drop Distance should be considered the best KH game by the majority of the fanbase, since it has only 5 Disney worlds. And now, I ask you all? Is it considered the best? Absolutely not.
  2. Watch it quickly before it gets deleted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UVyBLMw-as
  3. So? Who's to say that January also won't have games that might compete with KH3? Remember that E3 still hasn't started.

  5. Big Hero 6 is only based on a Marvel comic book, but it's fully owned by Disney.
  6. Hello there, everybody. In this topic/thread, I'm going to show you some arguments I've seen on social media regarding this controversy and tell you why I believe they are wrong. Here we go: 1) Just because Disney bought these properties, that doesn't mean "they are Disney": If that's the case, then how do you guys explain the Disney Infinity series? Shouldn't it be called "Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars Infinity" then? 2) These properties don't fit Kingdom Hearts: Um, yes, they do. Remember the ending of the Olympus Coliseum back in KH2? Sora, Donald and Goofy are pretty much official heroes now. Don't you think they could team up with other (super)heroes and help them take down (super)villains by now? Also, Star Wars is pretty much about Light vs Darkness, a perfect theme for the KH series. 3) BBS already has the "Light vs Darkness" theme: So what? Many Disney films also have similar themes and are still featured in the KH series. Want an example? The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tangled: both movies's main character is somebody (Quasimodo and Rapunzel) who have lived isolated from society for most part of their lives (both also have artistic skills) until somebody (Esmeralda and Flynn Rider) show them the outside world. 4) Marvel and Star Wars's universes are too huge for Kingdom Hearts: So is the Disney universe. From what I remember, the Disney universe began even before Mickey Mouse was created (1928), with Pete and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Pete was part of a "show" called "Alice Comedies". So think about it for a second: ever since 1928, how many characters, movies, cartoons, TV series and other Disney stuff were created? Hundreds, if not thousands. So, yes, the Disney universe is also huge. Not as huge as Marvel's or Star Wars's, but you know what I mean. 5) Just because Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron were added in KH2, that's not an excuse to add Marvel and Star Wars: Yes, it is. Yes, it is, because when I hear the word "Disney", the first thing that comes to my mind are the animated stuff, not the live-action ones. So, if PotC and Tron can be added to a series about cartoony/anime characters, Marvel and Star Wars can be added too. 6) These properties have so many storylines (almost like a TV series). It would be impossible/too difficult to fit KH: if it proves to be too difficult, here's an idea: both Marvel Universe and Star Wars Universe have infinite dimensions (Earth-616, for example), don't they? It's simple: create two dimensions that are specific/exclusive to the KH universe, but that are still connected to the Marvel and Star Wars multiverses/universes, you see (for example: Earth-713, seven lights, thirteen darknesses or Earth-SW for Star Wars)? 7) But I don't want to see another live-action world in the KH series again: Well, if that's the case, there are the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels cartoons. Use them as a base to make a world. Also, there are countless Marvel animated series and comic books out there which have superheroes together. Just choose one of them and go ahead. 8) Even if these properties get added in the future, I'm still not too fond of the idea of having a world for each: OK, then, how about having a Marvel comic book at Radiant Garden, just like Winnie The Pooh book? Sounds good to me. And, as many have said before, while we are travelling between worlds, we could spot the Death Star in the Lanes Between just like Monstro back in KH1, remember? 9) Wouldn't it be ridiculous to see superheroes like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and countless others have to rely on a kid like Sora to take down their enemies? Ahem, must I remind you all comic book fans that Spider-Man is a member of the Avengers? And, didn't the Avengers rely on him several times to do some missions before? And, isn't Spider-Man pretty much Sora's age (15 or 16)? And, didn't Sora defeat gods (Hades, Genie Jafar, Hercules), Titans (Rock Titan, Ice Titan), demons (Chernabog) and hundreds of powerful monsters (Dragon Maleficent, Kurt Zisa, basically any giant Heartless)/enemies (Organization XIII, Disney Villains) before? On a side note, didn't Phoebus rely on Riku to take down Frollo and Wargoyle back in DDD? And he even said: "Gotta tell you, it's embarassing have to rely on a kid". Also, Sora seems to have some superhuman feats like: barely being tired after killing 1000 Heartless all by himself, being able to reflect hundreds of lasers alongside Riku, etc. 10) But these properties are still not Disney: Kingdom Hearts was born with the idea of having Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters interacting with each other. Remember: FINAL FANTASY characters. And then, what happened? DDD introduced The World Ends With You characters. Is TWEWY the same as Final Fantasy? Nope, not in a 1000 years. So, if Square Enix can add another franchise of theirs in KH, Disney can also do the same thing. Also, if they made TWEYW work in DDD, they can also make Marvel and Star Wars work in KH someday. Well, then, here's my opinion, guys. Thank you for taking your time to read it and, if you can, post your thoughts/ideas here, please. Would love to read them all.
  7. Hello, everybody, how are you doing? Well then, inspired by our dear fellow user Wan_Pisu, I've decided to do this thread to ask your opinions about the following topic: since it's been pretty much confirmed that both Marvel and Star Wars WILL NOT BE IN KH3 (at least as worlds), do you think there might be, at least, a chance to bring its characters to the franchise as Summons and/or D-Links? For example: personally, I'd love if we could get Spider-Man or Hulk (from Marvel, of course) or any other superhero from this publisher as temporary allies. And Yoda or Luke Skywalker from Star Wars as well. Many people think it's better that they save these worlds for the next saga (if that ever happens; the worlds not the saga). So, this could be a great way to tease upcoming worlds for the next saga, right? Anyway, what do you guys think? Is there even a slim chance that characters from these two huge franchises appear as temporary allies (be it as Summons or D-Links) to Sora and his friends? Feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions...
  8. If those 10 worlds mentioned in the article are Disney worlds, I will post a thread apologizing for my overreaction of KH3. Deal?

  9. Guys, you are missing my point. What I'm trying to say is that Atlantica MIGHT return as a world in KH3 because Ariel appears as a D-Link in the Famitsu translated issue (they named it that). You're all talking about Ariel being a summon, while the article says that she is a D-Link. Last time I checked, D-Links are only available if we visit that specific character's world, you understand? What is really confusing is if Square decided to change the Summons slot name to D-Link or, if they will mix Summons + D-Links to create something new in KH3.
  10. For example: Deadpool could have Deathstroke as a rival (because of physical similarities), but, he could also have Lobo as a rival, because both of them are foul-mouthed antihero mercenaries, you see?
  11. Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, Phineas and Ferb, Kim Possible, Gargoyles...the list goes on and on...
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