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  1. This has been a topic around the community for at least a year now? I've seen many different content creators touch upon this subject and I decided to go and tackle this topic my own. I went around the community asking select people who have played Kingdom Hearts 3 as well as those who haven't about their opinions on this topic. So, I could have some more insight to add to my own opinion. This is my video about about Floaty Combat and Kingdom Hearts 3 and how it has or has not effected the Kingdom Hearts Series as much as some people may think. Leave your thoughts below and I hope you enjoy the video!
  2. How's it going everyone! I'm here to share a video I did with my good friend of mine @PrinceAliahsan via Twitter. In this video we talk about the Level Design of Kingdom Hearts 3! Pointing out it's positives while also comparing it to other titles in the series. I don't have much else to say but recommend you watch the video and give us your thoughts ^_^
  3. I feel like I haven't shared one of my videos here in a minute lol.. anyways hi! This is a video where I talk about how There seems to be More 13 characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 that Qualify or could Qualify to be a Seeker of Darkness. There might some extra angle with the 13 Vessels Nomura is trying to work in. It's very interesting and I would like to get a conversation going about this!! Thank you for the love and support and I'll try my best to read everything ^_^ Thanks for your time.
  4. Hey guys! I'm not going to type a big paragraph because I want you to watch the video O_O but here is my theory on Sora being the 13th Vessel in Kingdom Hearts 3. Let me know your thoughts and maybe consider Sharing the video and Subscribing to the channel if you want to see more Kingdom Hearts Content like this. Thank you for your time!
  5. Hey guys! A viewer in one of my streams requested that I do this video and I thought the topic had enough backstory behind to make a video about, so here I am! This is a video about a Kingdom Hearts 3 Movie possibly happening after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. Watch the video and tell me what you guys think? If you enjoyed I would love it if you could possibly Share the video and Subscribe as well since I'm only a little less than 40 Subs away from 1,000. Let me know your thoughts under this post and hope you have a great day! ^_^
  6. Hey guys! I made a video a little over a week ago discussing the Old Topic of Did 0.2 RUIN Kingdom Hearts 1's Ending? That video did GREAT for a person my size and I got loads of support and comments on that video. A lot of them were telling me as well though about how they agree that it did not effect KH1's Ending but it did Ruin what many believe is the best cutscene in all of Kingdom Hearts in Blank Points. Do you agree with this? Do you disagree? Watch my video in response to those comments and tell me what you think! I hope you Enjoy ^_^
  7. Hey guys! I'm here with another Topic that might cause debate I feel like Xion is the Most underrated character in the Kingdom Hearts Franchise, she's done a lot for the characters of Roxas and Axel in Days and I feel like she's a little under appreciated. After watching the video whether you agree or disagree let me know!! I would love to hear everyone's perspectives on this ^_^ Thanks for watching and I hope you have a wonderful day
  8. Kingdom Hearts 3 DOMINATED E3 2018. It's a fun time to be a Kingdom Hearts fan right now, we got 3 New Trailers, 2 World Reveals, and a some interviews from Nomura giving us more insight on what the game will be like. I compiled a list of 10 Things you may have missed from Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2018! Share this video to show your support and tell me some of your thoughts below this post! Let me know some things I can improve on to better my content. Thanks for watching! ^_^
  9. Hey guys! Check out this theory I made stemming from the E3 2018 vol. 3 Trailer from Kingdom Hearts 3! I'm sharing this here because I want to hear thoughts from the forums on this.. Thanks for watching if you do
  10. I understand what your saying and the reasoning behind it! I appreciate the different point of view on the topic but here's my reply: I disagree. I don't feel like having a secret ending would make Kingdom Hearts 3 feel any less complete. That's the point of the "secret ending" in my eyes.. It goes beyond Kingdom Hearts 3's story and gives us something to grasp and look forward too when the next saga rolls around. Although with me stating that I don't think not having a secret ending and having something like Kingdom Hearts II's Post Credit scene be the only thing we get is a bad idea either! Both would leave me very satisfied Thank you for allowing me to read your point of view!
  11. When will The Master of Masters appear again? Will it be in Kingdom Hearts 3 or will it be after?? In this video I talk about that very topic. I find the mystery behind The Master of Masters to be some of the best in the Kingdom Hearts series and I had lot's of fun talking about him and my theories on what's going to happen with him! I'd appreciate a Like, Share, or Comment on this video! And if you haven't already Subscribe! I'm super close to 1k on YouTube and I'd love to reach that soon. Tell me what you think about this below, and let me know What you think will happen to the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts 3!
  12. There's lots of Questions we want to be answered in Kingdom Hearts 3, honestly I could write a whole book about it... Here are 20 Questions I would love to be answered in the game when it eventually releases! This was a very fun video to make and I hope you have just as much fun watching it as I had making it! Show your support by leaving a comment telling me what you think! Otherwise hope you enjoy!!!
  13. This is my video about Why Xehanort and Eraqus should Open Kingdom Hearts 3! This is very likely to happen, in this video I talk about What can happen in a opening like this and how it would benefit Kingdom Hearts 3 to go this route. I hope you guys enjoy the video! Make sure to comment your thoughts
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VymcyO0SFP8 What's going on guys! This video i'm sharing with you guys today is something I've thought about ever since playing 0.2 and watching that last cutscene. I think that that Kairi and Lea should open Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm not going to go tooooooo.... much in detail because of course I want you to watch the video. What I do want though is for you guys to give me some feedback on the idea, and maybe explain to me some scenarios you have of your own! O_O Anyways, thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the video.
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