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  1. I agree. While the memories aren't there, it's still etched in his heart. I think that he actually said something along those lines in DDD...
  2. If they do port Kh 1.5 + 2.5 then it would mean that one can play the entire Series except for III on Nintendo Consoles, more than Sony even (as Days and Re:Coded were only films in the compilations).
  3. As do I. My guess is they're enough to push it above 1M in total sales for Japan for those days.
  4. I have a theory that the scene with Xehanort and Braig in 3D is tied to this.
  5. Yeah, felt the writing was lacking, but I still enjoyed it (though I would say that a sizable number will feel very disappointed). Though that ending, hmph. I honestly can't wait for what comes next.
  6. If they all do have amnesia then it'll be kinda funny since Laurium and Elenar were the top two of Castle Oblivion xD. While Ventus was put to sleep in it. Certainly gives 'Chain of Memories' more symbolism on top of what it already had going on ^_^
  7. Most likely will be related to the Secret Ending. While DDD's was lackluster, I'm sure KH3's won't be.
  8. I don't think Ven, Laurium, and Elenar being in Union X is time travel. I think that they are from that era and somehow they entered a comatose stage which caused them to end up in the present unaged. Perhaps it was to play a role in the future Keyblade War. Xehanort then probably found the sleeping Ventus and awakened him. But the awakened Ven was fragile from his long sleep. Yes. I'm suggesting that Ventus has only been awake a tiny percentage of his life...
  9. That would be 0_o. I mean, he's Sora's nobody who looks like Ventus. Unless if Roxas is Ventus and Ventus is Luxu...
  10. Yeah, it's kinda odd. Roxas must play a large role in the plot... makes me think that maybe Roxas really could be Ventus (even though we saw them as different people in DDD), seeing how Ventus played a large role in the summoning of KH back in BbS
  11. If Larxene is one of them then I can see her in Mt. Olympus seeing how she has lightning powers and her personality is like the anti-thesis of a hero's.
  12. It being a KKH would make some sense and feel like a call back to KH I seeing how a possessed Riku wielded the Keyblade of Heart. And the hilt of that Keyblade was a tad similar to the KKs'.
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