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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Hello fellow KH fans, I have recently started playing my long awaited KH3, and unfortunately am experiencing some technical issues. I am hoping some more technical folks might be able to help me / let me know if this is normal or if there is a fix. I was lucky enough to get a Limited Edition KH3 PS4 Pro, so I am playing on a brand new console. I am playing the game with 1080P on and Super Sampling off as described in this video: which is supposed to give the best performance. ... however, I am still noticing some stuttering / chopiness / jerkiness, whatever you want to call it. This seems to happen mostly when I'm running with Sora, especially when he initially begins his run, I feel that stutter, like a big jerk of the camera. Happens a bit during cut scenes as well, all of a sudden there will be a camera pan and it won't look smooth at all. Funny enough, never seem to notice it during battles. I'm wondering if there is a fix for this? Or is this just how the game is? I remember KH 0.2 had this same exact problem, but much worse. I am not tech savvy, but I believe from my research this seems like a frame pacing issue rather than a frame rate issue. Honestly, I would prefer smoother gameplay, and would be willing to sacrifice lower frame rate for a less jerky experience. Do you guys know if there is a fix to stop the stuttering? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Just to add to this, a new limited edition PS4 Slim console was revealed at Tokyo Game Show. As of now, it is exclusive to Japan. Different design than the PS4 Pro.
  3. Thanks for posting! Very informative and well organized. Will you be posting in this thread when more details become available regarding the Limited Edition PS4 Pro?
  4. Revisiting this thread now that we've seen KH3 gameplay. Although I can only go based on what I've seen on online videos, it seems these issues are still present. From what I can see, the Toy Story sections seems smoother. However, the Titan Battle seemed to have the stuttering again. This has me extremely worried. Have you guys seen the footage? What does everyone think?
  5. What about the biggest problem of them all? The frame rate drops / frame pacing issues we first noticed in 0.2 BBS.... those issues quite nearly ruined that game for me. So much awful stuttering. And I'm sorry to say it seems those issues are still present in Titan Battle. I hope to hear from those who actually played the game about it, but from what I could see from the videos that were posted, the issues are not fixed. And this has me extremely worried.
  6. Thanks so much FlipMode! Your explanation is perfect. After tons of research online, and not getting very far, this is now making sense to me. And you also explained why the intro cinematic seems to be the only cinematic cutscene without any noticeable lag or stuttering! I was wondering about that one Here's to hoping Sony/SE do the right thing and fix these issues for KH3, for both the original PS4, and the Pro!
  7. Thanks so much for the explanation, FlipMode, this actually helps a lot! My only questions is this part: I thought you said with Vanilla PS4, we are getting 30 FPS, meaning 5 frames per 1 sixth of a second. So If I am understanding you correctly, how come in the example above you show 10 frames in the sixth of a second? I guess I do have one other question, sorry but you've sparked my interest now Does the "bad" pacing issues, meaning the inconsistent frame duplication you explained, happen in both the cinematic scenes and in the actual gameplay? Because as I stated in the original post, I had problems with both in 0.2. Is it the same issue? Since there doesn't seem to be a "solution" which is why I posted in the first place, does anybody know if these problems exist on the PS4 Pro? As KH4Real posted above, if they come out with a special edition pro bundle for KH3, I might end up getting that. Thanks!
  8. Hey all, I have just completed my run of all KH games on the PS4 (1.5+2.5, and 2.8). I had a big issue with 0.2 and Back Cover, which involves Frame Rate / Lag / Stuttering, whatever you want to call it. Sorry, I'm not a technical person so I do apologize if my use of terms is incorrect. What I experienced during 0.2 was jumpy camera movements, and slow down of frame rates during certain moments, for example when switching to Spellweaver Style Change. Another example would be if I would leave Aqua standing in one place, and rotate the camera around her with the Right Analog Stick, I would see jumpiness in the camera, it would never be fluid. Unable to complete a full rotation without some sort of jumpiness. Even just running, the camera would jump after a period of following behind Aqua during running. In terms of cut scenes, I would notice some serious dips in fluidity -- whatever you want to call it, frame rate drops or stuttering, it just looked awful. And as other people mentioned, incredibly jumpy even during the end credits scroll. While not as bad during watching Back Cover, it was certainly noticeable there as well. ... I do want to mention that I had absolutely no problems whatsoever during DDDHD. I also had no problems whatsoever on 1.5+2.5. I also want to mention that I've played other games such as Star Wars Battlefront 2 , Destiny, COD, Etc. that use modern graphics, and have never experienced anything like this. This leads me to believe this is an issue with just 0.2 and Back Cover, and not necessarily an issue with my PS4. As far as tech specs: I am using a regular 500 GB PS4 (not a Pro or a Slim) and I bought it new a little over 2 years ago. I keep it in good condition and in a well ventilated area. My copy of the game is a disc copy. If there were any patches or anything I assume those have all been installed, because my PS4 always installs those automatically for games when they come out. I am posting here because this forum has helped me out in the past when I posted here. Even though I've finished the game, it left me bothered and if I could ever fix the issue I may even replay it. More importantly, I'm concerned about KH3. I would not be able to enjoy KH3 if the gameplay and cutscenes are this bad.... I have done extensive research online, and while I see posts about this same issue, I have yet to find any real solutions. The one solution I have heard is to move the game to an external hard drive. I have yet to try this because I don't have an external hard drive that is compatible with the PS4. I am wondering if there are any other solutions? Is this just how the game is? Do these issues exist on the PS4 Pro, and if they don't, do I need a PS4 Pro to enjoy KH3 when it comes out? Thank you so much for reading and replying! Hoping to figure this out one way or another!
  9. Hi guys, I'm playing KH1 on my PS4 and absolutely loving it. I think I'm having even more fun now than when I played it the first time when the game first came out... trying to 100% this time by collecting all the dalmations and what not. Eventually my plan is to play all the games in the series (I only played 1 and 2 back in the day). Anyway, my question is this. When it comes to saving in KH1, I've been simply overwriting my same single save slot over and over. Today I noticed that there are tons and tons of save slots, like 99 or something, which I didn't notice before. Just wondering, should I be saving a new file each time I save rather than overwriting the same file over and over again? Is there any benefit to either method? Or is it more of a personal preference thing? Just making sure I'm not missing something that could potentially hurt my gameplay experience. Figured I'd ask the pros. Thanks for the help. P.S. I'm still pretty early on in the game (just beat Cerebus) so shouldn't be too late to change my save style if needed. Thanks again!
  10. Hey guys, thanks so much for all the great responses! I can't tell you how helpful this is. I have decided to play in release order, basically going left to right from 1.5 to 2.5. I am still deciding between whether to play KH2 or watch Days first, as that seems to be the biggest debate right now, but I can decide later. I can't believe I have to wait until March to get started on this though! I am getting the entire collection on PS4, as I said before I don't have access to the other versions and I prefer to play in HD on my PS4 anyway. One follow up question though to all this. I am currently playing Unchained X on my iPhone. I don't really think it's ruining anything for me. I did play KH and KH2 when they first came out, and even though I don't remember much at all, I have at least a basic understanding of the premise. So I know Unchained X is an overall prologue taking place many years even before the events of Birth By Sleep, and before the Keyblade War. I am very much enjoying the game, and currently on story quest 223. I am just seeing the story as an overall introduction to the Kingdom Hearts Universe as a whole, and an explanation of how the universe got to the state it was in by the time Sora started his adventures. I understand certain things may have more meaning if I had played all the other games, but I don't think anything is being ruined. Anyway, my question is this. Because I need to wait until March to start my KH Marathon on PS4... how bad would it be for me to watch Back Cover when it comes out in January?! After all, I don't see how it can ruin much as it focuses on the main prologue. If anything, I could re-watch it after I play everything. But I always thought it was just an extension of what I'm experiencing in Unchained X. Thanks again everyone!
  11. Hello Kingdom Hearts experts, I am very much looking forward to this bundle of 1.5+2.5 for PS4 as I absolutely loved KH1 and KH2, but never played the other games because I didn't have the handheld consoles. And since it's been such a long time, I pretty much forgot a lot of the story (I only played each game once when they first came out). I'm excited to finally be able to play through the entire saga and better understand the story, as I own a PS4 and can get this bundle. I have a question for you pros though. I have tried asking this question and have gotten a few different responses. As someone experiencing a lot of the story for the first time, is it best to play these games in story/chronological order? Or would it be better to play these games in the order in which they were released? Or is there some completely different order that is ideal for playing these games to their full extent? I feel playing in chronological order will give me a better grasp of the story/plot, but wanted to hear some opinions. I am a very linear thinking type person, which is why I probably lean towards the chronological order. However, I had also heard that it might be better to play in release order, as certain games hint towards certain things you aren't supposed to necessarily find out until later about the overall story. When I get 2.8 in January, will there be any part of it I can experience?! Or will I need to wait until the other games come out in March in order to play in the correct order? I hope I can at the very least watch Back Cover in January, as I'm currently playing through Unchained X anyway. Thanks in advance for the help! Appreciate it!
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