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  1. Yea fr, I too really hope that everything being in the data world isn't true. I'm really curious how all of this connects together with the stories of dark road, the fictional world, what is currently happening in the games, and the conclusion of UX.
  2. Hey all. I haven’t seen any posts really discussing the first part of this finale so here we are. Hello. Lots to unpack here and many questions. We saw Ven, Brain, Laurium, and Elrena take the pods to leave the data world and go back to the real world, leaving player, Ephemer, and Skuld. What was interesting is that Brain gave the master defender keyblade to Ephemer. This is confusing because we do not know how the keyblade got into the real world. Also, it is strongly implied that Skuld is subject X in Terra-Xehanorts timeline. I think part 2 can see us having Skuld take the master defender and the last pod out of the data world. I also saw a theory out there that the main kh universe is just all a data world while the Quadratum related verse is actually the real world. What does everyone think? Let the discussion begin.
  3. I mean his role was to watch everything play out until after the second keyblade war. He went along with xehanort because he was the one interested in darkness and was needed to incite the keyblade war. Luxus role has always involved him to sort of being in the background while keeping an eye on events. There could be more to the story regarding things he did along the way that served his own purpose and manipulated certain events but we’ll have to see.
  4. Honestly, kinda happy about this. As much as I loved to follow kh lore since 2002, it became a bit frustrating having to follow a story from 3 different time periods.
  5. This game was my jam. I'm so pumped to go to sand mountain again
  6. My issue with these games is that they seem to be getting easier and easier each time, making them feel a lot shorter. I've been enjoying that they've been putting in a special episode for the end of the game, but those do not take much time to complete. I hope that they reintroduce multiple regions like they did in G/S/HG/SS.
  7. Yeah I was confused by this too. Like why can't he just visit the world in the gummiship. Regardless, I can't really see any of those characters/worlds making it to KH unless they're summons. Also Big Hero 6 is already a KH World and that's technically Marvel.
  8. I'm calling it now, there will be some sort of spin-off movie or show that will be focused on forky lol
  9. The only thing that you may have missed is the added cutscene where Roxas fights Xion in Days. It doesn't really add anything besides a better transition to the scene afterwards. Good luck watching those cutscenes though! It's a hell of a watch.
  10. Just get rid of both systems and create the X Station that is campatable with all ps and xbox games of the past
  11. This is an answer that very much makes sense. I never thought about it that way.
  12. Not from a video game, but I think the best mother by far is the mom from Jimmy Neutron.
  13. That's something right out of a dream come true haha. Also add Kingdom of Corona for a picnic outdoors
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