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  1. That urban town is literally Shibuya from the Secret Ending. The clock tower is the NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi building next to the train station in Shibuya
  2. They would be the same thing if the theory is true, Sora uses the power of waking to reset back to the beginning of the KBG to stop Xehanort from killing Kairi, that's why the fights are different and don't have Sora The music Coda symbol in ReMind logo means to play a different segment of a song instead of the normal ending, so the theory is that after beating Xehanort, Sora goes back to the Keyblade Graveyards start with power of waking to stop Kairi being abducted & slain This abuse of the power of waking makes Sora vanish in the ending. Nomura said that the fighting with Riku Aqua & Roxas was part of the additional scenario which would only make sense if we played through the events of the KBG for some reason
  3. The theory is that ReMind is a different timeline due to Sora resetting using the power of waking again to save Kairi, that's why the ReMind logo has a Coda in it and thats why the events are different
  4. wow RTS games are so forgotten they didnt even make it on the poll....
  5. Hmm, I wonder if a lot of the limit cut bosses will be hardcore Org members again like in KH2. I guess a lot of people want that but Id like them to be something new. Still good either way Playable Roxas... sick, im not even going to speculate what the secret episode is I just wanna be surprised
  6. Scratch why, what about how!? Isn't the MoM supposed to be trapped in the afterlife, since he faded during the age of fairytales!? How the goddamn is he talking to Young Xehanort? What about "he will return" in the secret reports? How is MoM there in the first place? He shouldn't be there in the first place!!!
  7. I have completely no idea, I only hope the disney red tape is less so that the worlds can matter more to the story like in KH1. Actually the final board for the "new game" had 7 black pieces (the Foretellers + Luxu and MoM/"surprise") and and maybe 13 white pieces. Would this mean the foretellers are the villains? Whatever for? Im getting some real FF15 Bahamut vibes from the Master of Masters, just from common sense anyone who has a blue demon eye of darkness is not a guy you can trust
  8. I hope something new, or something old made new I have no interest in multiplayer games
  9. That Not-Stella was making a beam toward the sky, and the Gigas were trying to stop her. The beam was coming from her star pendant and eventually sucked all the buildings into it, but stopped and everything went back to normal once the Gigas grabbed her. I wonder what she was doing?
  10. If he didnt even use it? He just zoops into evil Repliku and yoinks the replica body. And apparently Repliku was already with Riku so why'd he leave WtD in the realm of darkness for his "other me"? I feel like this is one of many things that for some reason didnt make it into the finale of KH3
  11. Magia and Aegis are also referencing Donald and Goofy. I love how Aegis is literally Ignis + Gladios body, Goofy CONFIRMED smartest party member lol I have a theory that the unnamed girl will be called "Seiya", it means "starry sky" in Japanese and sounds close to "Stella". Stella also means "Star" in Latin and I know Nomura likes these sneaky names so "Seiya" is my headcanon lol
  12. Since FF7 Remake is the only game to release that Nomura has directed which isnt a Kingdom Hearts game, do you think we might see some kingdom hearts easter eggs in the game?
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