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  1. I wonder how much of this has to do with Osaka teams decisions and how much has to do with the Unreal Engine, a universal Engine that is flexible but becomes spaghetti when you try and code & adapt it to a tight ARPG like Kingdom Hearts. Makes me worry about FF7R a bit
  2. I don't think it will be MoM or the foretellers, I think it will probably come out of left field. Secret boss was usually tied to the sequel and was someone we didn't know about.
  3. What is your most tinfoil hat theory on the plot of Kingdom Hearts? Mine is
  4. Idk why but Nomura just does this a lot he did the same back in Advent Children where Tifa lost to a literal fodder jenova clone
  5. While I did like KH3s soundtrack I didn't like it nearly as much as the OSTs of the previous games- for every good ost there was one that sounded off or jilted and this is ESPECIALLY true for the boss music. Most boss songs minus Demon Tide theme sounded off or weird to me and the final boss music felt like a bad Soundcloud medley. At first I thought Yoko just didn't do a stellar job on this OST but I realised that the songs sound put together too different to her usual style, so was another composer responsible? The tracks I know were by Yoko was the Corona music, most of the field music and the Scala Ad Caelum theme that plays for a short time (all of which are 10/10), did a different composer do most of the boss fight tracks? Ps disliking some of the ost is just my personal opinion
  6. I just got a tinfoil hat theory What if "Superbia" is not actually the MoM at all but a 7th foreteller we've never even seen who is locked inside the Black Box? Remember that in Back Cover we see that the box's lid has the word "X-Super", with X "Chi" being the Recusant Sigil from DDD? Well also in Back Cover it is said that there is a "traitor" amongst the foretellers, and that this traitor "Bears the Sigil" and is not following the role that the Master gave them. When we look at the foretellers though, none of them actually did either of these things. None had a Recusants Sigil aside from Luxu (and he only in name), and none of them went against their roles (even Aced was still following his role when he tried to usurp Ira). So the traitor must be MoM right? But it was said that there was a traitor amongst the "Foretellers", and MoM is not a Foreteller. And wouldn't it be a bit strange for him to share the same deadly sin naming convention as the other Foretellers? Unlike Luxu "If only I had a keyblade" Lust, Ira "His eyes were scaring me" Wrath, etc, the MoM has shown no association with the Sin of Pride. Besides a reaching interpretation of the shape of his coat zipper, he doesn't bear a Recusant Sigil. But you know what DOES bear a clear cut clear as day Recusants Sigil? X-Super, the Black Box. And you know who WOULD have not followed the Masters role? Someone who is locked inside a magic bloody box and CANT do their role So not only are traitors necessarily bad, but the Foretellers' world was still doomed if they had not "betrayed" them. My theory is that "Superbia" was a threat (or at least a wild card) in the MoM's master plan, so he chose to completely remove them from the playing field until the time was right, sealing him away inside the black box. OR maybe Super, true to his word, DID betray the MoM (nothing would be more prideful than rejecting your role completely) and was beaten and sealed away because of it. Maybe this has to do with the MoM disappearing Why would the others not think of them? Pride is often seen as the deadliest sin, so Super might have been the MoM's first Apprentice, distant from the other Foretellers and even Luxu. Luxus shock and confusion after being told what was in the Box implied he knew what it was.
  7. I feel like it made more sense back in BBS/DDD where Xigbar and Saix were implied to have been forcibly norted explaining their weird personality shift and shared facial features eg Xigbar getting yellow eyes in BBS in every scene after he pleads Xehanort for a second chance Or Saix coming back changed ever since he and Axel broke into the castle Honestly felt like a cop out when being "half-Xehanort" didn't mean much or affect muchand could be cured with some penicillin, and Saix's only remaining reason for being an ass was bc he was Tsundere
  8. It is the symbol on the book of prophecies, so it's probably MoMs symbol The seven black pieces are MoM and the foretellers, though why Yen Sid has a sketch of it on the blackboard idk
  9. Nope sorry, KH2 is simply the better game. Better mechanics weightier combat new characters better combat cinematics better progression better bosses BETTER FINALE HOLY SHIT Better soundtrack and more touching scenes, I only played the FM version last year (which is godly) and can safely say that vanilla KH2 >>>>>>>>>> vanilla KH3. We got to revisit worlds, Kairi at least did some things useful, the heartbreaking Roxas intro, closer combat, more explorable original worlds, etc The tromp through The World that Never was, all the way up to the final showdown with Xemnas and his ship, skyscrapers flying everywhere, the giant dragon and the ultimate Sora Riku bro team against Zebra xemnas remains THE single best boss fight in a video game to me, an unforgettable, epic finale you just want to play over and over again. Shooting down a dragon through an endless cityscape, slicing skyscrapers in goddamn HALF, the incredible pick up in the music as the dragon fuzes into the city, Xemnas whispering doubts in your ear as you and Riku baseball bat skyscrapers in his face, "We shall go together" endless reversals, "FIRE" "ARISE", "GUARD" "Why don't you vanish", Riku hand to hand BODYING xemnas off Sora, deflecting 1000s of lightsabers, and the final dual wielded finishing combo Anyone who thinks the lame no variety Org XIII Royale and Xehanort boss duel comes even close to that, i just cant get Honestly I think people are abusing the word nostalgia to dismiss valid reasons why people put KH2 over KH3
  10. Someone probably already noticed this but the numbers on the XIII clock tower on KH3's cover have a pattern. Every number proceeding it's previous number is always 5-6 spaces clockwise away from said previous number (or 8-7 spaces anti clockwise) actually they are all 5 spaces from each other exactly if you skip the number 13, with 13 being 5 spaces from the final number 12
  11. I have read the sleeping realm theory and whilst it was interesting and had some good observations (Secret ending being split dream worlds) ultimately didn't like it either as a theory or a direction the series could go in. it's also based on clutching at very short straws, overreading and reading ones personal interpretations into scenes that had (still obscure) simpler explanations , like the SFX when Xigbar, the logo, Kairis absence during Soras Final World visit, etc The "May your heart be your guiding key" was stated by Nomura in an interview as something he made up over a lunch break when working on 2.8 so I don't think Goofy suddenly remembering the line is anything more than a sneaky retcon Also the author of the theory had an obvious bias towards Sora Riku yaoi shit which lets be honest is never happening canonically ever.
  12. I noticed something else about the secret movies between the main titles KH1 & KH2, the two secret endings - the base game's and Final Mix's - both are roughly the same length The base secret movie is ~1:30 minutes long, and The Final Mix movie is ~3:00 minutes long Now whats interesting about KH3's secret ending, is that it is not 1:30 minutes long like the other two, but it has something significant happen at exactly the 1:30 minute mark. Also from this pattern, the "big DLC" may possibly contain a secret ending at least 3:00 mins long as well.
  13. Here is a list of all Vs XIII references to be found in Kingdom Hearts 3. Some are just speculation and I marked these with a '?' but the others are clearly references Commercial Break & Toy Box Game trailer is "Verum Rex" which means "true king" or maybe also "king of truth" just as Noctis is the True King Main character has dark silver hair and red and blue eyes, whereas Noctis had dark silver hair in the earliest Vs XIII trailer, alongside red eyes that were later changed to blue Main characters name is Yozora which translates from Japanese to "Night Sky". Noctis Caelum has the exact same meaning but in Latin Main characters mage friend looks like a red haired Versus XIII Prompto Main characters guarding friend is a black haired Ignis with Gladio's body The magical damsel looks like a Brown haired Stella, and she's wearing a star necklace The limited edition box art shows a flurry of falling swords, like the swords Noctis summons and uses Rex the Dinosaur says he is stuck on the Bahamut boss, which was a scrapped boss fight in FFXV The back cover of the Verum Rex cd case says "That's the story of the King of Truth - Reclaim your Heart", similar to the phrase "Reclaim your Throne" on FFXVs back cover Ultima Weapon: Soras ultimate weapon's final form summons blades all around him that fly about, just like Noctis' blades from the first Versus XIII trailer When Sora guards with Ultima weapon whilst in Final Form, ethereal blades encircle him, just like Noctis in the first Versus XIII trailer when he is getting shot at by military forces Compare this to
  14. I think the eyes are another Noctis reference but maybe it could double as a Switch reference, but they would have to downgrade the graphics from Unreal again so I dunno
  15. Wow this sounds great, Nomura really needs a breather though, still going with DLC while he's working on 7 Remake must be pretty gruelling From a google translate of the article I got this: So it sounds like "Critical Mode" is going to be more than just a numbers adjustment this time
  16. Im sure most of us have seen the secret ending and might be wondering ''what comes next'', to which I must point out that long before a new game, we will be getting a large KH3 DLC, paid and akin to an expansion (NOT a Final Mix). This is my attempt to unravel this DLC based on the ending and previous trends with 0.2. Keep in mind that most of this is probably total BS. That said, let us continue. And that's my theory for the DLC. What do you think It will be?
  17. Did anyone here see the possible leak about a FF Versus XV that came out some years ago? It claimed that there was going to be a new game with the original plot and gameplay from Versus XIII soon, directed by Nomura, and that it would be teased in the "Versus XIII world " in KH3. The mention of a "Teaser in the Versus XIII world in KH3" in the leaks (which are from 2016) is very very curious, as Nomura stated in an interview that he would not make KH3 if he could not have Toy Story, and Lo and behold, Toy Story is where we learn of Verum Rex, an obvious mirror to Versus XIII! Going on the uncanny similarities to the leaks, which I believe are real, and what we got, my assumption is THIS: 1. KH3 will have one big DLC that will be set in Shibuya with TWEWY and also Versus 13 influence, and set the groundwork for the MoM in the next KH game 2. Verum Rex will be revealed to be a KH-independent standalone game, in accordance with the FFVersusXV leak
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