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  1. woah woah woah, something just ocurred to me:
  2. dude, this isn't a matter of opinion you can not "read" 2+2 in any other way than "=4" Roxas: "I Thought I had recalled everything but it wasn't the case" AKA I thought I had all my memories at that point but I didn't what part of it is it so hard to understand? If Roxas had remembered any semblance of Xion then Nomura would've added some esoteric detail about it at the time, like he added Ventus in Days or the mountain of hints about Xigbar in pretty much every game he is in, he had already alluded to Xigbar's importance even before BBS came out, you really think he didn't have at least the concept of Xion planned during KH2? and yet no mention of her during Roxas' section?
  3. I isn't "the way he read it" Roxas says "I was standing in front of Sora, and I thought I recalled everything. But it wasn’t the case. Now I remember everything. I remember you, Xion." As in he NOW knows that he didn't regain his full memories when he found Sora in twilight town There are 2 debatle points when Roxas regains all his memories The moment when Xion attacks Sora and he is holding her off, and Roxas' hearts reacts to her (it is Roxas' voice that comes out when Sora says her name after all) the 2nd option could possibly be during the end of DDD when Roxas shares his memories (AKA the "hurt" alluded in Re:coded) into Sora since in that part Sora also meets Xion, and Roxas & Xion (along with Ven) play a part in Riku's mission to rescuing Sora The memories of Xion depend on Sora unlocking them, even if indirectly, since they are a part of his heart now, Roxas alone could not have remembered her
  4. Marluxia said he remembers the name of a small flower, Strelitzia is literally the name of a small flower, so yeah pretty much
  5. The idea for this is so we can piece the most comprehensive summary of the events of Re:mind, feel free to correct or comment your own ideas, first we should start by establishing what we know (my personal thoughts will be written in italics)
  6. What's the problem with that? yes Sora is 14 then the whole of kh1, which was a big adventure, even in canon so it should take a couple days if not weeks, then the established year that starts when roxas is born(the earliest point of this is in hollow bastion the moment Sora turns himself into a heartless during KH1's endgame) to the end of the prologue of kh2, so now Sora is 15 and a bit, then kh2 which again a couple days or weeks to complete and after the finale of KH2 some other weeks until Mickeys letter arrives and Sora and Riku take the Mark of Mastery Test So while it hasn't officially 12 years, for simplicity's sake it is easier to say 12 years than 11 years and 7 months for the twilight town's kids when do they say they are on vacation still? they just reference the 7 wonders essay they made in kh2 which was due for the end of vacation, and now they said they dont' need to work on that any more so... they already made their report and are not on vacation, maybe we just dropped on twilight town on a weekend or after school was done for the day
  7. what's wrong with that? even the twlight town kids say it hasn't been that long since they saw Sora, Coded is just a computer simulation so it's almost like watching a movie, wouldn't take that long, and DDD takes places pretty much directly after KH2 and since it's all within dreams you can take that it plays like inception and the whole story of the game happened in a couple of hours my guess is that the timeline is something like this 1.- Xemnas Defeated, everyone returns to their own worlds -> 2.- Mickey studies the Journal, KH Coded takes place -> 3.- Mickey visits Yen Sid and is intructed to summon Sora and Riku so he writes the letter -> 4.- Kairi delivers the letter to Sora at the end of KH2 -> 5.-KH DDD happens -> 6.-KH3 2.- Should take at most a week, from where Jimminy discovers the blank journal up to Mickey writes the letter to Sora 4.- Sora and the gang seem to be chilling at destiny islands, it seems like they are still adjusting to peace returning to their world, so again, it seems not a lot of time has passed 5.- lets say it took another week between Mickey sending the letter and Sora & Riku arriving at the mysterious tower (but I think since it was an order from Yen Sid to Mickey, the letter should arrive almost instantaneously), then the Sora & Riku's test happens, in the realm of sleeep, again inception rules so it doesn't take long, by the end Sora decided to go say goodbye to the dream eaters while Mickey and Riku are sent in their first mission to find Aqua, AGAIN let's be generous and say it took a week for them to be prepared for the RoD and Sora to leave for Olympus That gives us a very generous 3 weeks between kh2 and kh3, even if for the characters (like Sora who spent all that time in the realm of sleep) and the audience for.....obivous reasons, it feels like so much longer
  8. all of dragonball super yes GT is deeply flawed but even it respects the pre established canon and characters more than super
  9. lol this was one of the best questions I've seen, took me a while too! In the end it has to be Axel/Lea I don't think Sora would be happy just telling a story, he would be goofing around Xion, Roxas & Ven would probably not have much to say before staying silent Terra would tell you about when he punched something Kairi only knows her grandma's story Aqua and Riku would have some cool stories but I think they would get depressing pretty quick Only Lea has that mix of history, action and personality to keep the mood light and fun plus, you know at the end you would need to get all of them memorized!
  10. Thanks! And yes, pretty much 95% of evidence points to
  11. Real quick, this has been bugging me since my first playthrough of KH3, it might be nothing but it might also be worth discussing
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