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  1. The other day there were multiple new screenshots showing Pete and Maleficent. So, I was thinking, do you think the next trailer will show more of their role in the story? Like, we have had no trailer with a scene about them since the one where they ask Hades about the black box, and suddenly they release four new screenshots of them. Plus, if the trailer does come today, on Mickey's birthday, as some people suggested, it would make sense for it to feature Pete, as he's a character from "Mickey, Donald, and Goofy's canon", for lack of a better term. What do you think?
  2. Maybe the final world will be revealed on the launch week. Do we have the quote in Japanese? There could be unnoticed implications lost in translation.
  3. I think you're thinking of this Reddit thread, in which case it means it's fake, as part of the thread has been debunked by the E3 trailers. For example, there's no mention of Aqua or Larxene among the 13 Darknesses and it claims Arendelle stuff happens after the movie plot, with Anna and Elsa being party members. That said, I think the fake leaker might have coincidentally got stuff right. Sora falling into darkness is something surprising, and thus something Nomura could do, and would explain why there's a part of the game where it "doesn't make sense to play as Sora", so Roxas becoming the playable character for a large part of the game makes sense. The Keyblade Graveyard not being the final world is something that I feel is obvious, as that's just the place where the battle to forge the χ-blade will take place. If anything, the final world is most likely Knigdom Hearts itself, and characters like Isa might only be saveable there, as Xehanort will no longer need his multiple vessels due to already having the χ-blade.
  4. False, Goofy clearly says the King banished him. - 2:14"だから王様が異空間 [...]" - "So the King [ga] outer space [...]" I won't bother transcribing the entire sentence because I don't feel like going through that effort now, but you can see Goofy clearly says "King". There's no pronoun here because pronouns are optional in Japanese. (Yes, you can use a person's name like a pronoun. You can literally ask a guy named David to borrow his phone by saying "David, can you lend me David's phone?", I even heard this exact sentence format in a Digimon Adventure 02 episode when Kōshirō asked Miyako to borrow her D-3)
  5. G-SANtos

    Has Big Hero 6 Been Scrapped?

    Because it has more characters than the other worlds. Unlike Toy Story and Monsters, Inc., which have two characters consistently protrayed as the protagonists, Big Hero 6 is about a team. Nomura said in an interview that the maximum amount of guest party members still hasn't been shown, so it's not two, and which revealed Disney world so far makes more sense to have a larger team?
  6. G-SANtos

    Has Big Hero 6 Been Scrapped?

    I'm pretty sure San Fransokyo is one of the last worlds due to the fact that it would require 5 or 6 guest party members, and as such the world would require a high level of difficulty to balance the party's size. If I remember correctly, he said Dumbo would be a world in KH3D and then that didn't happen. But I think that was the only time.
  7. G-SANtos

    How I imagine a future KH3 trailer

    But we still have to see Kairi's new costume, and after Riku's reveal on D23, it should be only natural that the next trailer shows Kairi.
  8. G-SANtos

    How I imagine a future KH3 trailer

    You forgot about Lea and Kairi visiting their home world after completing their training.
  9. G-SANtos

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix

    But even with DLC things like "Game of the Year Edition" still get released. Also, maybe I'm misremembering, but didn't other games from DLC-capable platforms get upgraded rereleases? I can't remember a specific one, but I remember reading news about rereleases before.
  10. G-SANtos

    Vanitas’ redemption

    I'm pretty sure he'll be redeemed. I might make a thread that goes deeper on the subject later, but I think the key to Vanitas's redemption is friendship. He needs to become friends with someone to understand what is to care, and my bet is that his friend will be Riku Replica. Perhaps at some point late in the game, something puts Riku Replica in danger, and Vanitas wants to save him, he then asks for help from the heroes, who initially distrust him until Riku and Axel say they want to help. Honestly, with the Theme Song trailer showing Riku leaving the Way to Dawn behind, and implying Riku Replica might pick it, that chess piece might as well represent Riku Replica.
  11. G-SANtos

    NINE Disney Worlds in KH3?!

    It has been stated that KHIII has the largest team of modellers in the franchise, so I wouldn't worry about rate of completion. Also, it was stated that KH0.2 was going to be as large as a KHIII world, but due to added content it actually ended up becoming BIGGER than an average KHIII world, so we don't know if KH0.2 is much of a measuring tool here.
  12. G-SANtos

    A comment nomura made about the final world

    The final world is probably Kingdom Hearts itself. Being able to do anything might be almost literal, like, perhaps the inside of Kingdom Hearts is very surreal with crazy gravity or something akin to the Mirror Dimension in Doctor Strange.
  13. G-SANtos

    The Real Organization XIII-MAJOR SPOILERS.

    I think that you got the numbering wrong. If you pay attention to the chairs in KHDDD, you'll see that Xigbar is actually number IV, Saix is VII, and Young Xehanort is XII. Personally, I believe Vanitas will be number V, because, well, letter "V". The problem with Larxene, Luxord, and Demyx also being members of the new Organization, is that it would contradict what Xemnas said in KHDDD, that almost none of the original members were worthy vessels. If those three join, then HALF of the original Organization members were fitting vessels, and "almost none of it" being "half of it" makes no sense. Furthermore, while they fit Nomura saying the new OrgXIII would have "familiar faces", it doesn't fit his claim that the remaining members would be "shocking" and "surprising" (I can't remember which of the words he actually used). If all the previous members are part of the new one, then it's not shocking or surprising, it's just lazy, and while it's true that Nomura foreshadows too much, to the point a lot of twists in the KH series weren't surprising for many, I can't remember him ever being lazy. On the other hand, perhaps Marluxia ISN'T part of the new Organization. He doesn't have golden eyes, and he only says he "serve it". Perhaps he is something like Xion was in KHDays, a person who works for the Organization but is not deemed worthy of a rank.
  14. G-SANtos

    Vexen will be a Seeker of Darkness

    Why would Even and Vexen be existing at the same time? The Sora and Roxas case is something the series has actually shown to be extraordinary, and its extraordinariness was actually the main focus of an entire game. We have been given no reason to believe Vexen is somehow also extraordinary, as such all indicates Even and Vexen are the same person, unlike Sora and Roxas. Simply being loyal to Xemnas is not enough to be fit as a vessel. We saw the scene where the original members of OrgXIII were in Radiant Garden and Xigbar asking YX who is a vessel, and we have seen that ONLY Isa is one. Vexen wasn't chosen by Young Xehanort, meaning he's not a vessel. He also doesn't have yellow eyes or pointy ears, even further debunking the possibility of him being a vessel. Also, Xigbar in DDD and Braig in Re:coded aren't separate beings, they are the same. Xigbar has been restored to human as of DDD, and just keeps using the name Xigbar as a symbol of loyalty to Xehanort, and he wasn't time traveling. He only looks diferent in Re:coded because the 2.5 staff probably didn't have time to create a new model of him wearing his HB uniform, so they went the "lazy" route of using the BBS model. If you are somehow bugged about using a model of him younger, remember that in BBS nobody ages even with all those flashbacks showing stuff from 4 years before.
  15. To be honest, while a few years ago I wanted Atlantis to be in KHIII, I'm now expecting it to only appear in KHIV or later. Because we now know KHUX will go beyond KHIII, that means some things about the Keyblade War will only be important for the next saga, and because KHIII is a finale, I'm not sure if it makes sense to bring up a whole lot of new stuff about the Keyblade War in the game. For example, Ven being from the Age of Fairy Tales seems like something that will be more important for KHIV than KHIII. What that has to do with Atlantis? Well, because the people of Atlantis have such a long life span, I expect that there are people there who may remember the Keyblade War, or know more about it than in most worlds.