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  1. It says protagonists. It says off-screen. You really think there will be a war without scenes like these? Stabbing people is nothing new in KH, but did it ever occur multiple times in a short period of time?
  2. Probably like KH1, we will visit Disney worlds just once and they will feel more alive. But I think in terms of story it will be similar to CoM (good pacing and twists).
  3. There is a higher chance that Disney ditches Nomura and Square Enix and that they give the KH IP to another developer.
  4. It could have happened after the scene where Aqua got unconscious. She says afterwards "Now I can be one with darkness" which can be seen as a strong hint that this is the time where she got norted.
  5. Probably got norted in that scene in 0.2 where she encounters Terra.
  6. But Roxas is better. Just kidding. Yeah, Sora inspires me a lot. I'm 23 now and I know that I will keep my childish attitude. Positivity makes everything better about life. It makes you believe that you will achieve things that seem impossible. These are not just empty words, there is a logical explanation of why people with a positive mindset are often successful people. The complex plot of KH is something that makes Sora as a person even better, because there are things in the world that are beyond our understanding. Sora, a child that goes on an adventure, seeks to explore the world and learns new stuff. This gives his personality and his actions a lot of meaning. It isn't only about fun, it's about learning and understanding. Basically what every child is like. Going through life with the eyes of a child is the best thing you can do and Sora shows why.
  7. Luffy - pirate fanboy Sora would enjoy his time with the king of pirates Yugi - secret boss in Chain of Memories Sailor Moon - just for the lulz Sasuke - No Name keyblade with Sharingan eye brrr
  8. Ahh there it is, thank you. I'm glad that it seems to be fake.
  9. I don't know, that was my first thought too but it makes too much sense now. Can't wait to see peoples reactions if this happens in the end.
  10. I can't find it anywhere. I believe it was from 4chan or Reddit. It is still unclear if the leaker is credible. The leak has shown some heavy story details and I can't remember everything about it (thank god, because if it turns out to be true it would ruin my experience with KH3). However, there is one thing that sadly stuck into my head. Reading at your own risk: Sora will bring Roxas back, but Sora will fall to darkness and join the organization as the 13th member. When this happens, Roxas will be the playable character until the end. Now, why am I bringing this up? The recent trailers are suggesting that this might happen. The organization wants Roxas back just like Sora, but in order to bring him back Sora will eventually sacrifice himself. This will be the moment where he falls to darkness and the organization will succeed into making him a vessel (which was the plan all along since DDD). The recent statement by Nomura about Roxas role in KH3 could hint about him being the 2nd playable character. I strongly believe this is something Nomura would do. It makes also sense that the organization didn't give up to make Sora a vessel. What do you think?
  11. I get flashbacks to the KHX Back Cover Credits with Roxas theme. Don't tell me Roxas is Luxu.
  12. Sora looking at Elsa in the distance is my favorite cutscene so far. Such a good moment.
  13. It's definitely a good thing and I'm not dissapointed that it's delayed, but 29th January is such a strange date. I expected it around March.
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