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  1. It's confirmed... Kingdom hearts 3 is confirmed to be delayed from the 2018 release window to January 29th, 2019 instead with a hard concrete date. And I want to talk about the good of this news!
  2. Jayden2602

    5 new features in KH3

    My friend and I made a little video talking about some of the new features that are present in KH3. It's a little fun video we put together and I hope you guys enjoy it! https://youtu.be/dBaf7c48mjQ
  3. Kingdom Hearts 3 beleive it or not is right around the corner and TheFrozenCavern and I have a few things that we want to to see and what we think NEEDS to happen in the game. https://youtu.be/_stIW6e85OU
  4. Jayden2602

    KH3 trailer rankings?

    Today I'm ranking all of the BIG kingdom hearts 3 trailers from Worst to best. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion. And I'm interested what are some of your guys favorites out of the all the kingdom Hearts trailers released?
  5. I made this video to try to help people get into Kingdom Hearts before Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm 100% that all of you like kingdom Hearts to some degree considering the fact that this website is kingdom hearts focused. But my goal is to get this video to spread so people can find out how great his series is. I put a lot work into this and I hope this reaches people. And I would like to know what are some of your reasons you got into kingdom hearts?!
  6. Jayden2602

    [SPOILERS] Possible world-list leaked.

    I doubt that's all the worlds because apparently not all the files were ripped when they were put online. And a leak did happen we just have to be weary of whats fake and whats true. And this is the only one that I could find that has some type of evidence because this leak came from the same server as the Monster inc leak
  7. Jayden2602

    [SPOILERS] Possible world-list leaked.

    I uploaded a video where I talk about it more in depth. let me know what you guys think about the leak if you haven't seen it yet?
  8. Im not too sure about this but I feel iffy on this leak, I made a video on this topic let me know what you guys think about this?
  9. Jayden2602

    Port possibilities

    I was looking through YouTube and I seen this video and he makes some good points of what could possibly happen in terms of ports of KH3 and the remixes. I think this is a good video some you guys should check out
  10. Thank god its a more balanced version of flow motion. Flow motion was cool but it was very easily spammable. It give you a lot of invincibility frames.
  11. Jayden2602

    The Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer analysis

    It's strange I don't find it hard to hear my voice? Maybe you thought I was speaking during the trailer playing. Just to clarify I wasn't speaking during the trailer playing with the trailer sound. I was just showing that specific clip and speaking afterwards. But glad you enjoyed it
  12. I worked EXTREMELY hard on this video I would HIGHLY appreciate if you checked it out and let me know if you think I missed anything important in this video?
  13. GUYS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Today is crazy. They also hinted at a possible second playable character. this is wild!