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  1. Lucky, I'm actually in Japan in February...! Now here's hoping I'll win the lottery...
  2. Why would replica-Riku, of all characters, become a guardian of light over Sora. I just don't see that happening. Same goes for Kairi, even if Sora lost a lot of powers during the almost norting process, he still has the experience using the keyblade and fighting with it.
  3. Unpopular opinion: I hated Hayden as Kairi in KH2 and as Xion in DDD. Not sure if it's voice direction or just her acting, but she sounds very forced and unnatural, using a weird whispery kind of voice. And it's also very clear she's acting into a microphone, as opposed to others who seemingly can put themselves into the moment. As for Alyson, I didn't mind her at all in 0.2 and I absolutely loved her as Xion in 358/2. One of the best performances in that game is the first interaction between Xion and Riku and she absolutely nails it, so I have zero worries that she'll do a bad job with either Xion or Kairi.
  4. I doubt the trailer being in japanese has anything to do with it. TGS is a Japanese event for a primarily Japanese audience, so they focus on them. E3 is an American/worldwide event, so English is the way to go, as they did. The dubbing not being done, like for the Tangled world, is a possible side effect from rescheduling since they delayed. They could very well have different reasons for delaying, like tweaking gameplay or graphics which would've made it easier to just reschedule the dubbing process. As for if I'd want to play the Japanese versions... I dunno. The KH original characters are fine, but Japanese Goofy is just not my cup of tea.
  5. To be fair, Terra technically already takes up two SoD slots, being both Ansem SoD and Xemnas.
  6. I doubt they'd replace him this deep in. The only other main character that got replaced was Kairi, and she was replaced by a voice double that they'd been using for quite some time. Unless there's a real good reason that they don't want Jesse back, he is either lying or just hasn't recorded yet.
  7. General Kenobi Hey there and welcome! Have fun on this wonderful site of extremely interesting individuals.
  8. Near the end of 358/2 days Xemnas 'took' her and made some kind of modifications to her, if I'm not mistaken. So who knows what he did to her, or rather it at that point. Still hoping best girl won't be norted, but yeah... It would also give Roxas some well needed motivation to help Sora and the others defeat Xehanort once and for all.
  9. Hello and welcome to the non-lurking ways of this site, enjoy yourself!
  10. When Sora does an airslide, he does this weird flippy thing where he twirls around, but more importantly, he pretty much stops in midair. At this time you can't go into a combo or do pretty much anything before you're falling, which means it has pretty much 0 combat potential, but it also makes it extremely easy to get hit because you're just hanging there for a second or two in midair. That's bad, especially when you use airslide as an evasive move. Other than that it completely halts your momentum, meaning that if you built up any speed it just stops, and you will need to built it up again. While that is a minor thing, it can be really annoying. Like in Ocarina of time, where when Link rolls he has this awkward pause between rolls, as if he needs to get his bearings. Nintendo obviously saw this flaw and fixed it in Windwaker, where you can roll without an awkward stop inbetween.
  11. I think we're in a really fortunate position right now where Square is actually actively listening for feedback. Hopefully this will mean they actually address problems that have been worries for a lot of people for quite a while now. My hope is that they just don't go overboard and have to actually delay the game, although I doubt that.
  12. I dunno, I don't really get why anyone would want him to go to E3, because the news will be directly live streamed to the world. The only thing people are paying for right now is so he can scream at trailers together with two other people who scream at the trailers and to generally hang out with friends. Not evil, just kinda shitty to ask others to pay for that. If you can't afford shit, tough luck.
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