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  1. Kingdom Hearts has so many installments, it's normal not to like all of them, doesn't mean you're not a real fan.
  2. Stunning! The colours are so beautiful, as well as everything else. I love seeing all the main characters together, at long last!
  3. Really? But how did you print the tickets? Where did you geht the digital version?
  4. Thanks, I'll try contacting the venue. Can I ask you which concerts did you attend? And how many months before did you purchase the Tickets? I've been to the one in New York last year and I had bought the ticket one year before, and I received it two months and a half later, I bought the one for this year's concert three months ago, thinking I would receiver it just in time but I clearly I was wrong
  5. Hello guys, I have a question for people who've already attended the Orchestra concerts. Has it ever happened to you that your Tickets didn't come in the mail in time for the concert? I'm attending the one in Munich this Saturday and I don't have my ticket yet, I've contacted the Wild Faery and they send me the invoice and told me I can access the venue with that and my ID. I'm a little bit nervous, also because I'm not fluent in german and I'm afraid I won't be able to explain the situation once I'm there. So, has this happened to and of you? I'd linke to hear you guys' experiences, thanks in advance to who will answer
  6. Hi everyone, my name's Lenore. I've been a huge KH fan ever since I was thirteen. What else can I say? Lol
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