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  1. Most likely not, unless they wanna patch them in for free or have them cost 50 cents like the DLC weapons in FFXV. Nomura only wanted to do 1 batch DLC & be done with it, which makes sense given how the Final Mixes did the extra content.
  2. I've been watching Bizkit047's streams of the DLC on Twitch & I can SWEAR Yoko Shimomura copied a small bit of the BTTF2 OST for the song that plays over Master Xehanort's data battle. The song in this instance is "Hell Valley," played at parts of the scenes set in Alternate 1985 in that movie. At the 0:52, there's a crescendo that I love from Alan Silvestri's iconic BTTF scores. As BTTF2 is my favorite BTTF movie (don't judge me), I've heard the piece hundreds of times before as I've watched the movie over the years. This is interesting, as I'm sure the music composed for these games is done WAY before the English dubs are, so there's no way she could've known Christopher Lloyd was gonna be the newest Xehanort in the English dub. On the one hand, it's almost like circumstances lead to this amazing find, but on the other hand, it could also be an amazing coincidence (like that forced reference?). Anyways, here are the songs. The part of the KH3 song starts at 0:30.
  3. 1gb=1000mb, what? You can't blame that decision on the photo mode. If that's the reason, why not set a communal photo bank for all the save files of like 500 or so?
  4. It's more than likely that. I'm very sure that they don't show the file size for the Xbox One X enhancement patches added to them on the game pages (if you look at FFXIII, it just shows the Xbox 360 file size & on Xbox One X, that size is doubled to near the PS3 port's file size due to the X enhancements uncompressing the visuals). If you add up the file sizes of 1.5+2.5 & the DLCs on PS4, then factor in that Xbox One file sizes are, most of the time, a bit less than their PS4 counterparts' due to the better ways of compression on it, it adds up to that being the only explanation, since it's, literally, only several hundred megabytes less than the PS4 port, which is consistent with other games. I'm pretty sure Osaka Team, or whoever they have porting these to Xbox, inserted those DLCs into the source codes of them for future ports, which would involve the Xbox One ports, pretty much like I'm sure any future ports of 3 will include the latest patches & Re:Mind on the discs. Only question, though. Will Theater Mode be available from the start in KH1FM, or will it unlock as you play through the game like KH2FM, BBSFM, DDD, 0.2, & III? It'd certainly make sense, but it'd be a bit unfair to Xbox players next to PS4 players who have the cutscenes unlocked with the DLC incorporated into it. Alternate theory, though, for that. Maybe they'll have Theater Mode be DLC, but the files are already in the game's code & we can download a file to unlock it at the start, but who knows? I've never known a company to do that, so I don't know. Also, for Re:COM, 358/2 Days, & Re:Coded's cutscenes, the Xbox One X is going to take care of those, since the console, by default, implements forced Temporal Anti-Aliasing. So, it'll be a better experience for those games alone.
  5. Hate to break it to ya, but digital releases of games are ALWAYS full-price unless on a sale or part of a lower-priced rerelease that permanently decreases their price. The All-In-One physical release isn't surprising in the least, considering 2 of the discs are almost 3-year-old HD collections & one's a 1-year-old new game that's sold extremely well. Physical is always less than digital in these cases. The thing that's gonna be a bitch is the Xbox One ports of 1.5+2.5 & 2.8 because you can bet your ASS Square are gonna charge full price for older HD versions of older games brought on to a new platform, if the Final Fantasy HD remasters (that were on PS3/4 &/or PC in a few cases for several years beforehand) from last year are any indication. It's sad, but reality, unfortunately.
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