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  1. All right. I just wanted to make a record of any supplemental information that Nomura has elaborated on from the games that aren't told in the game proper, since we all know he never includes every bit of info he should for some things in the games to completely make sense. Note: This doesn't include stuff that's elaborated on in later games, like 358/2 Days giving Roxas' backstory, or Birth By Sleep explaining why Roxas doesn't look like or sound like Sora, even though he's his nobody, or stuff. This includes facts like such: Why Namine exists & how she was a witch being that she was created at the same time Roxas when Kairi's heart was released from Sora & that the Organization gave her her mind altering powers. How Kairi's heart got inside of Sora's in the first game being that it took refuge inside Sora for protection when she gets pushed to him, then vanishes. How the Keyblade changes shape being through the keychains put onto it (seriously, I never knew this until someone pointed it out in a YouTube video because the games don't explain this themselves). How time doesn't flow normally in the Realm of Darkness or doesn't flow normally between worlds (which was always hinted at, but never fully stated in the games themselves). Why Xion's appearance changes depending on who's looking at her being that it depends on that person's relationship to her, Sora, & Ventus. That Nobodies eventually grow new hearts over time if they're not reunited with their original ones, explaining why they have emotions, despite saying they don't. That Sora and Riku are sent back in time, for some reason, to enter the dream realm to begin their Mark of Mastery exams. That Lea was trained to wield a Keyblade by Merlin & the 3 fairies in DDD in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber/Room of Spirit & Time kind of place, which is why he can now do it. If there are any other pieces of information like these, please let me know. There seems to be no official guide to this supplementary info anywhere, so I'm looking to make one. And I'm looking for info stated by Nomura himself to be what's in the games, not the manga versions of the stories, as those are most likely an alternate continuity of the games.
  2. They have. They just haven't announced them yet for whatever reason. They wouldn't just not bring them back after having them come back for 1.5 & 2.5, plus 2.8 for David Gallagher.
  3. That's an overreaction. I'm seriously doubting someone's seriously gonna break into the game through the encryption process on the games.
  4. As I said already, I was calm. Just because a response is long doesn't mean that I'm not calm.
  5. I was perfectly calm. YOU were the one who wasn't. Don't turn that back on me, dude. Read your original post back to yourself. I know that you're entitled to your opinion. However, swearing, even censored, at the fact that something's happening that you don't like isn't really indicative of someone whose opinions are really made to be reasonable. If you react like that with, & I quote, "That's bullsh*t" (which, nice editing your original statement to come off with a different tone after I told you to calm down, but a little too late), then proceed to say Panettiere is the real Kairi & this news is, "the worst casting news", I think my response is justified. And? Disney doesn't really have any obligation to call her back in. Neither does Square. They just needed a suitable actress to play her, which Stoner is. Square DOES have a tendency to get as many original actors & actresses back as possible & even cast based on factors like certain ones having dub actors in anime in the West (like how they wanted Chris Sabat to play Garland in some of the FF spin-offs because he played the same character the Japanese actor did in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood; Major Alex Louis Armstrong), but they don't always do that. Alyson's a good actress anyways. You said it's not a deal-breaker, so what's the problem? Should the have gotten Panettiere back? Maybe? Should anyone lose sleep over her not being called in? No. And, they didn't just replace her out of the blue. They replaced her a LONG time ago. First with Re:Chain of Memories, then 358/2 Days, then 0.2, now this game. Adding up all of the places where both actresses have voiced Kairi or Xion, Stoner's got her beat on the Kairi front, since, like I said, Panettiere las voiced Kairi in 2009/10 for BBS & even then, Ariel Winter had more lines than her as young Kairi in that game. This decision isn't one they made cold-heartedly, nor one out of spite. They probably just thought Stoner was the more logical choice for the game, since she has a more close working relationship with them & Disney. By the way, she's not a bad actress either. If you consider her bad in these games, blame the voice direction, which is often hit-or-miss. As you said, though, you're done with this. I'm just clarifying my points.
  6. Stoner originally voiced her in 358/2 Days, then Panettiere voiced her in DDD.
  7. So, how's everyone doing with the announcement for Stoner as Kairi?
  8. Ok, calm right the hell down, dude. This isn't the end of the world. This isn't gonna stop you from buying the game, is it? No? Then calm it down. It's not a major selling point, so calm it down. Realistically, her appearance in DDD was a cameo at best, considering Xion didn't appear much in that game. Literally her last appearance as Kairi was KHBBS, which was also a cameo, since Ariel Winter voiced her more in that game than she did. YOU need to calm down too & stop worrying about things that make no sense to worry about. First of all, blindsiding & disrespecting her? She hasn't voiced Kairi in 8 years. Frankly, I'm surprised people are surprised that Stoner's their now-defacto VA for Kairi in KH. It's not being disrespectful or blindsiding when they haven't had her do anything for them in even 6 years when she voiced Xion in a cameo for no reason in DDD. I'm surprised they even got her back for that. Second, they got David Gallagher back as Riku & Jesse McCartney back as Roxas & Ventus. Just because they aren't confirmed doesn't mean they're not in it. Hell, I have an entire thread dedicated to predicting the VAs in this game & I've been 95% accurate thus far & the 5% was only from me underestimating who they were gonna get from Big Hero 6, Toy Story, & Pirates of the Caribbean. If they didn't record when some of the trailers came out months ago, they're definitely recording now. Not bringing them back, since their voices are pretty distinct (hell, Jesse uses his regular voice for the role, which would be pretty hard to imitate) would be just bad. These guys were even more recently brought back for 1.5, 2.5 & 2.8 (for Gallagher), so if you seriously think they wouldn't bring them back, you're stupid. And before anyone says so, I know Stoner & Panettiere's Kairi voices are somewhat distinct, but it's not enough to where it makes the difference like a male voice or another female voice in the series would be.
  9. I mean, Kingdom Hearts' voice direction for the English dub has ALWAYS been wonky, especially when it comes to matching the timings of the Japanese cast, especially when it comes to the actors that either aren't voice actors by trade, or are new tot he job.
  10. By the way, confirmation that Stoner's Kairi from the staff here at KH13. I've updated this list to reflect this discovery.
  11. I mean, Mark Hamill is a very talented VA, but I don't think that they got him to play Xehanort. I'd expect Corey Burton first over Hamill if they were going with a VA they previously had for other characters.
  12. No. Other than some people analyzing the pitch of the voice, there's no actual source right now.
  13. It also wouldn't make much sense, since Hamill plays Eraqus & the only people to play multiple characters are the ones for characters who have doppelgängers, Tress MacNeille, Russi Taylor, Jim Cummings, & Corey Burton, due to them voicing multiple Disney characters before this series even started.
  14. I mean, he's voiced Jones in Disney Infinity. Considering that Disney & Square seem to be seeing that the cast members from the various tie-in games & spin-off material are the ones most likely to return for this game. Considering that they were able to swing Christopher Lee in KHII, despite him being a highly-regarded Shakespearean actor who'd just come off of a big movie trilogy (Lord of the Rings) at the time, but due to him being a British actor, who generally don't mind different kinds of work as long as they like it, I'd say they could get Nighy if they wanted to, especially when there's precedence for it. The man also did Norm of the North, so I don't think he's above workin on this game.