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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Well, not necessarily. The Osaka team games before 0.2 do that, but the games before they started developing the series had the harder difficulties balanced so that, even though you lose some things, you're gaining something else as compensation. KHIIFM has the BEST critical mode in video games, hands down. On top of the combat being some of the most well-balanced in gaming (being easy to play, but hard to master), it gives you enough that the mode doesn't feel really bad. In fact, it's the best way to play the game. DDD's Critical mode, as I've described already, isn't. It feels like you wanna die just so it can end. KHIIFM's Critical mode makes you feel alive so you wanna keep playing. I think that's the easiest way to describe it. 0.2's still has faults, though. Mainly that it takes away Combo Master, which from Bizkit047's description of it, was a really bad decision because the game was made to be played with it on, & makes Once More & Second Chance too situational to be that useful. I really hope III's Critical will be one for the history books in terms of the rebalancing of the gameplay & giving you what you need to make it fair for what's taken away from you
  2. In Europe, Sony put that moniker on them. I know because some dude who was named Scissors on YouTube literally tried to convince me & several other people that there was no chance of ports because of that. Talked with a few of my friends & we came to the conclusion that it's most likely Sony's form of advertising. On top of that, the Final Fantasy X/X2 HD remaster ALSO had that branding that said that & NOW the games are coming to PC, Switch, & Xbox next month, so that doesn't mean DICK, since Square can change their minds at any time with if they're still exclusives or not.
  3. Yes, but that doesn't mean that the series will stay on PlayStation only, since it added in other consoles the very next game being on the GBA.
  4. It really is just bullshit Sony fanboy hearsay to bolster their opinion that PlayStation is the home of KH & that Xbox doesn't deserve the series. I mean, there have been recent rumors from industry people that the Story So Far (or at least 1.5+2.5) are gonna be ported tot he Switch & if they're gonna do that for a console that's most likely not gonna get KHIII short of an enhanced variation of it coming out that can support higher-end games, then they're most likely gonna get the games out on Xbox as well, since that wouldn't make sense to port & release the games on a new console family to the franchise that actually GOT KHIII. Plus, a LOT of people on Xbox would love to play the rest of KH. Hell, if it got ports of 1.5+2.5 & 2.8 when the PS4 did, I would've gotten them just for that system rather than PS4. But, I'll wait for them to play catch-up.
  5. Just checked &, yeah, they do. Still $40, I'd go for it.
  6. They're exactly the same discs as the individual versions, just repackaged, so yes. However, that set has gone out of print, I believe, so you'd probably be better off getting new copies of the individual collections.
  7. Really hope they also port them to the Xbox. It's seems REALLY screwed up that the Switch, a system that's not getting III most likely, might get the older games (which, yes, I understand their history with the handheld games all too well), but Xbox, the system used to introduce KH to a new audience wouldn't. It also would make sense because they're porting those Final Fantasy games to both systems as well.
  8. Either find crabs (they're everywhere on the islands) or destroy the ships. I easily leveled my ship to max just sailing around & fighting ships while also getting the crabs.
  9. I think you can only level it up. The ship part of the game may be discount Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, but they don't have the ship customization. Otherwise the game would've told you you can do it.
  10. So, we're almost 2 weeks out from KHIII's international release. Hope everyone had fun. Just so you know, there are going to be very minor spoilers when getting to the "Final Mix" patch ideas, but everything else is gameplay stuff & the gameplay of this game is either shown in the trailers, or is based on stuff from the past games, so it's nothing people reading this shouldn't already be familiar with. Critical Mode: So, for this & the NG+, I feel Osaka Team REALLY need to take special care here. In the past, I feel they've really dropped the ball in one way or another with Critical Mode. Dream Drop Distance has this mode be bullshit hard rather than challenging, but fun, hard. I've already made an entire thread, which I'll link below, that you should read if you want my thoughts after replaying the game on that mode. Short of it is, the enemies with their randomized attack patterns & lack of flinching (which are made worse in that mode) on top of how the game limits you to make itself artificially hard. And not a "Fun" hard at that like KHIIFM, especially since the game used Flowmotion so much & the command deck system is used once again, but nerfed from BBS so it's not as fun. Also, Balloon made the game horribly unbalanced as well, but it's damn-near essential for Critical Mode. 0.2 got better, but I'd say where it falters is taking away Combo Master & limiting Once More & Second Chance, which the game was not designed for limiting you in those ways as Bizkit047 has noted. For Critical Mode in this game, I think this game could use the following to make it fun hard/challenging: * Taking double damage. * Dealing 25-50% (I say that because IIFM had 25, while 0.2 had 50). * EXP gains are nerfed. * The Secret Video is unlocked for free. * Enemies are more aggressive. * The Attraction flow Situation Commands are nerfed or show up less often. NG+: Like the last one, I feel Osaka Team dropped the ball every time thus far. In DDD & 0.2, the NG+ modes felt like afterthoughts. Maybe I've been spoiled by Spider-Man & FFXV, but it SHOULD be more than "get this minor element in your new save file from the beginning." Here's what SHOULD be in NG+, in my opinion. * Keep ALL perishable items & Munny, as well as buyable weapons. * Keep synthesis items, achievements, & recipes. * Keep the optional unlock Keyblades (Ratatouille & Ultima Weapon) & other synth unlocks, as well as other general unlocks. * Keep your levels. * Keep your Gummi Ship stuff & levels. * Have the chests that contain important items either stay opened in NG+, or have them contain random bigger items. That's about it. Let me know if there's anything else that should be kept in NG+. Final mix: Balancing: I don't know about you guys but in playing this on Proud, I didn't have much of a bad time...until I did for a second. In fact, I would say this is probably the most easy KH game since Chain of Memories, but maybe also Birth By Sleep in terms of the gameplay. Makes sense, since these are the same people who made the remake of COM & BBS. The gameplay CAN use some tweaks to make it more balanced is what I'm saying here. In terms of what could be added, I think an option to toggle situation commands on & off would be great, which is something I think a lot of people were hoping or expecting to be a thing. I say this because, at points, I accidentally clicked on the wrong situation command when I meant to click on another one. Some of them are also not good to use most of the time & are more or less clutter a lot of the time. Plus, some of them are controlled by the game's RNG. On top of that, I felt like there was aa sliding scale of difficulty with the majority of the enemies, particularly the Heartless & Unversed. Some of the enemies were just awful, like the snails with legs in Monster's Inc, while others were easy. Then there's the final bosses. They were fun, but the only ones who gave me trouble were the ones that were slightly improperly balanced, like Larxene & Xigbar, but the rest were pretty easy. Granted, I had the Ultima Weapon, which made them a bit easier, but when watching Bizkit047's blind playthrough of the JP version on Twitch, if you knew what you were doing, everything is significantly easier, even when taking on 3 bosses at once, especially if you knew who to target first to get out of the way to make the rest of the fights easier, especially since the fights are slowed down versions of their KHIIFM fights without reaction commands, thus limiting the combat potential off each boss, especially since they had to program the fights to balance 3 of them at once, which I think could use some tweaks to reach its full potential. One thing they COULD do is possibly team attacks for both the bosses & the main party like Sora has with Donald & Goofy. Here's an example. Luxord does his attack from II when he uses his cards to hide from you in one of them while Larxene & Marluxia do NOTHING of worth. Granted, they were fighting my teammates, but they didn't do much. Plus, I was fully expecting team attacks with everyone. In terms of what COULD be changed, I think adding in a map system into the Disney worlds would be good. You have the mini-map, but a map system you could bring up could be useful. These Disney worlds are HUGE, so a better look at the map would be good. Also, if there were points on the mini-map to indicate where the chests are, since a lot of the locations are SO obtuse & a lot of the chests blend in with the environments (to the point where the video guides I found for them revealed how much so), so it would help. Story: On a story side, a few story things NEED proper set-ups in this game, because some got mentions, & nothing else, then others didn't get anything at all on explanations. I'm sure there are more I wanted to list, but I can't remember. List them if you have any others & I'll put them here if they were the ones I was thinking of. Additions that SHOULD be added in Final Mix: General: Just wanna say, but in a future patch, they should try to optimize the different modes, since the frame pacing in both are bad. I'm all for an unlocked framerate, since it runs better than FFXV depending on the device, but also I don't think they optimized it for the Xbox One X, since it somehow runs worse on there than the PS4 in 1080p mode. It's a problem it shares with FFXV, since they didn't optimize the enhancement patch well on Xbox One X either. You need to match the settings to the console, since the Xbox One X is different than the PS4 Pro & has more powerful hardware. Links: https://kingdomhearts.fandom.com/wiki/Difficulty_Level
  11. No, she didn't for some reason. It's Kelsey Lansdowne.
  12. Go to the game, press "options" on your controller, then "check for update" or "update history" to check to see if you've downloaded it on PS4. It SHOULD auto download if you have that setting on either when you turn the PS4 on, or should when it's off, but it hasn't been doing that for me for some reason. For Xbox players, the update just wouldn't show up if it's already been applied.
  13. So, I got emails from YouTube letting me know that these were uploaded several hours ago while I was asleep...; Finally in English with English, French, German, Italian, & Spanish subs for International viewers.
  14. Kingdom Hearts III is finally available for preload on PS4 in North America, so if you've preordered the game digitally through Sony's store, you can install it, which I suggest considering it's over 37 GB before the day 1 patch, which is gonna be another 2 GB. Update: The Day 1 update adding the memory archive & whatever the "data fixes" for the game is also live for both consoles.
  15. Wait a day or so more. They had an error for a few days over here where the keyblade itself would come up, but it would give an error saying, "This voucher is no longer active." I think it has to do with when Sony makes them active.
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