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  1. Hi guys, a new version of the workshop game has been updated to be compatible with the OW live client ver. 1.45 and above. Version 1.1.2 (4/3/2020) These changes are made to be compatible with ver. 1.45 and above: Team orbs are now assigned to 2 different colours, one colour per team. Team 1 - purple orb. Team 2 - orange orb. Fixed negative orb scoring. Added comments on most actions. You can now choose D.Va, Wrecking Ball, Ana, Brigitte, Lucio, Mercy, Moira, and Zenyatta. Healing now has no effect. Instead, it will show a message during gameplay. You can now play in these new maps: Workshop Chamber and Workshop Island. Ultimate abilities can be used, but only once per player per match. You can now only choose one mech tank hero per team in a match. Each team must be able to choose D.Va or Wrecking Ball.
  2. A new version of the workshop game has been released. Here are the changes: Version 1.04 (9/2/2020) - Fixed the orb scoring problem. - Changed orb colour to orange from white. White orbs are too glaring for some players.
  3. The concept is by me, most of the rules are by me. Orb spawning and collecting is by Jarno. Create and destroy 10 second temporary HUD text that also shows that unable to move for 10 seconds by Shanalotte.
  4. If you have played the "Struggle!" sport minigame from Kingdom Hearts 2, you can do that in Overwatch with this workshop game. Inspired by the minigame of the same name from Kingdom Hearts 2, one team who collects all 200 orbs, or has the most orbs wins. Each team starts with 100 orbs. If you kill an enemy player, he/she will drop orbs for you to collect to score for your team. What to note: Turrets are disabled. Disabled heroes: Pharah, S76, most Tank heroes and Baptiste. You can only choose one mech tank hero per team. Ultimate abilities can only be used once per player per match. Killed players will be unable to move for 6 seconds (Sleep status + invicibility). Unable to heal heroes (including yourself). Import this share code in the custom game settings (Current version: ver. 1.1.2 - 4/3/2020): English: WKH8P Spanish: 6BK9C German: QRKCN French: 62V0Y T. Chinese: J2JET S. Chinese: 2CK6SA I do need Italian, Korean, and Japanese translations of my workshop game. Just 6 lines that need to translate. PM me if you need translations. For the more recent version, go to http://bit.ly/KH2Struggle How the actual Struggle tournament from KH2 looks like:
  5. If you're waiting for the KH3 Re Mind DLC that will release this Thursday, you can play the Kahoot game quiz about the complete Kingdom Hearts story, sans the Re Mind story. https://create.kahoot.it/share/kingdom-hearts-the-complete-story/80a959ea-ebee-4cc3-a7a8-25040efac0bd
  6. Do you remember 2 years ago that Hanzo can one-shot Orisa in full HP using a Scatter Arrow and aim on her feet? Kinda funny isn't it? Gameplay videos are not mine and are recorded 2 years ago:
  7. Does anyone have a high quality and clear version of this Kingdom Hearts emblem? It's kinda a bit blurry because it's from the PS4 Pro KH3 Limited Edition original theme.
  8. Hi, where can I find the high quality version of this Kingdom Hearts 3 emblem, which was used in the PS4 Pro KH3 limited edition original theme and in KH3 marketing? This emblem is taken from the PS4 theme screenshot, and looks low quality.
  9. You should check out my mockup of the Kingdom Hearts swimwear designs for females. Look for them in Creative Media.
  10. Add my channel, I got KH videos too: http://www.youtube.com/SpottyBlueGaming
  11. Come and check out my mockup of the Kingdom Hearts swimwear design for females. KH Black Monogram: KH White Monogram: What do you think?
  12. For Chel.C, http://www.facebook.com/chel.ccosplay
  13. Hey everyone, Chel.C will be cosplaying as Kairi (KH3 outfit) next time, as she got the costume on 1 April 2019.
  14. Hey, Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming to South Korea on 23 May 2019, confirmed in the PlayStation Festa event on 9 March. The Korean subs version will be using Japanese voices, like the Chinese subs version. https://asia.playstation.com/ko-kr/press-releases/2019/190311-KH3-releasedate/
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