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  1. KeybladeSpyMaster

    Final Chapter - Kingdom Hearts III 4K Wallpaper

    This is awesome! Really well done!
  2. KeybladeSpyMaster

    Celebrating 10 years of KH13 in the Kingdom Hearts community

    KH13 is definitely a long-time staple of the community, and it's great to see it grow and become this much better! I'm really excited for all of you guys; keep up the good work!
  3. Off on my mission to California! See you guys in 2 years!

  4. Initiate Operation:Diamond Dust.

  5. Happy #KHXIIIAnniversary to the Kingdom Hearts series!

  6. I'm skeptical this is real, here's why: Frozen is mentioned in the list of worlds. However, the game was in concept art until it was canceled in March 2013. Frozen wasn't released 'till November that year. I don't think this is real anymore. After viewing the art, I further do not believe this to be true. A lot of the "concept art" features renders from the other games simply posed in the sketches (see Genie and the Seven Dwarves, for example). Not to mention, this company doesn't exist outside this "website" (which is actually a blog). Nope, this is very much looking to be fake.
  7. Happy 10th Anniversary to the Final Fantasy Wiki!

  8. March 28 is the 13th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series. Square Enix should do something huge that day/week.

    1. Klonoa the Dream Traveler

      Klonoa the Dream Traveler

      Like, release KH3 on that day?