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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. It was part of vanilla BBS. At least for the international version. It was also in Re:coded and 3D.
  2. It's way more likely to be a BS kind of difficulty like the Babynort fight in BBS.
  3. Aqua is probably the most boring and overrated character in this series. I can't bring myself to care about her between the bad first impressions of the character writing in BBS and Willa Holland's robotic acting, and don't want her as the protagonist of any more games. Being a badass female warrior means nothing if the actual character behind her isn't any good. Just give me more Xion and Naminé--they act human. Or fix Kairi already.
  4. IIFM's version of Critical (aka the best one) boosts your damage compared to Standard and Proud. Only Beginner deals more damage, and not by much. Osaka, in their infinite wisdom, decided that was too smart and made you do scratch damage in pretty much every one of their game when you play Critical. iirc they had to patch 0.2's verison of Critical to boost your damage because the release version was so bad.
  5. Just hang out and chill. Besides, I live in SoCal. It's not like I need to go anywhere for some beach action.
  6. Scala. For the 10 seconds it played.
  7. No Tetris 99 option? Regardless, I do not. I just fail to see the appeal.
  8. Gonna tackle this from a purely gameplay perspective. I personally think the comparisons to IIFM general gameplay complaints are perfectly valid. III was explicitly designed to follow the mold of II, and game sequels are expected to improve upon their predecessors. I'd also hope a game released in 2019 would know how to function better than one released 12 years beforehand, especially when you're trying to ape it. Also, people bring up complains also lobbied at II vanilla were similar to the ones III is getting, but I think it needs to be pointed out that vanilla II's gameplay issues were comparatively minor; Limits being overpowered and was the only big thing that needed to be addressed. It only took some small tweaks to make IIFM as good as it is now. III, meanwhile, has a ton of methods to break it in half and other assorted problems (e.g. lack of any resource management for Team Attacks, Attraction Flow, etc.), and it would need a major overhaul to fix everything and be put on IIFM's level.
  9. His playable fight helps establish the difference in power between him and Sora after the events of 3D.
  10. Arendelle is a huge waste of potential and it feels like most of it is just filler. Freaking mountain climbing and sledding. At least you can leave 100 Acre Wood whenever you want and move on with the plot.
  11. So around 2007ish I was with my friend in a Target and he pointed out II to me. I recognized the series from seeing commercials of I in elementary school and I got the game. And history was made.
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