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  1. Raynaninja

    What Fall Anime are you watching now?

    Golden Kamuy! 👍
  2. Raynaninja

    Who's your favorite Spider-Man villain?

    Not a Marvel fan, but I really liked Doctor Octavius in Spider Man 2.
  3. I'm an Axel fan, so he obviously gets my vote. Also liked seeing Saix and Axel meet up. Xigbar is always awesome to see. Loving Luxord's upgraded/sharper look. This game is going to be both emotional and a cluster **** from what I've seen so far. Can't wait! But I was confused by Vexen. He is a separate entity from Even, or did Even decide to go back to being a villain? Even came back with the others, so this confused me the most in the trailer.
  4. Raynaninja

    What was the best moment of the KH3 trailer?

    Where in the trailer was the Xion tease? Seems I completely missed it.
  5. Raynaninja

    What's your favorite Cloud appearance in media?

    I love Cloud's Advent Children design. I gotta add that I loved Cloud's more innocent(?) personality in the Crisis Core game.
  6. Axel and Xigbar.
  7. Disney has been wrecking every franchise they've gotten their hands on.
  8. I like the sense of humor with this poll. :lol:
  9. Happy and surprised to see Luxord again. :biggrin: Not happy with another PoTC world. That world was terrible in KH2, plus it looks weird having real life people with the cartoon type characters.
  10. I'm so grateful that Lea's design is the same as before!!! I was so worried they would change him! Everyone in general looks amazing. The animation is gorgeous!
  11. I've been so worried that they would give Lea a makeover. Hopefully this is a sign that his design will remain the same (unless that was some kind of flashback). I like Lea the way he is, and the black cloak suits him. Please don't cut his hair! I should've seen Larxene coming after the Marluxia reveal, but I didn't. Surprised me there, especially with her now yellow Xehanort eyes. Glad to see Braig/Xigbar! I wonder what kind of role he'll play this time. Not surprised by Aqua, but I hope they save her! Fight it, Aqua! The animation is so beautiful too! All the characters look great! And I'm glad to see the Disney characters acting normal again, after seeing that nauseating wreck-it-ralph 2 trailer.
  12. The 2D princess's designs were cool in 3D, but I was quite disgusted with Disney trying to turn the princesses into a bunch of man haters. The SJW writers at Disney are acting as if the male characters of Disney never had problems of their own they had to overcome, lots of times with the help of one of the princesses and working together. Just shameful and way to spit on both the male and female characters in classic Disney. By the way, there's nothing wrong with getting help from a man, and most of us women appreciate their help.
  13. Raynaninja

    How do you celebrate the start of Summer?

    I hate the Summer. Way too hot. I wish it was Fall or Spring all the time. I'm fine with Winter, except for the ice on the roads.
  14. Love the Disney princesses, but I'm probably the only one here who doesn't see the point in having a scene like this in the movie.