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  1. Final Fantasy II has a fantastic story and characters, so I think it would be great for a remake or if they updated some of the game play. ❤️ Final Fantasy VI is amazing in general, so I'd love for a remake! 😁 Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is one of my favorites to play, but since my PSP has some issues, I'd love it if they released it for the PS4. 😍
  2. In my opinion from just this trailer, it looks boring and it probably won't add much, but seeing more of Xigbar and Luxord is always nice.
  3. Yes! I love the Kingdom Hearts manga series and I'm extremely happy that Shiro Amano will be returning! The manga is amazing, very funny, and makes the series so much more enjoyable! ❤️
  4. Love that they're planning another game in between KH3 and KH4. I loved the other KH games so I hope this one will be good as well, and come out in the near future. 😀 Sounds like he's had bigger plans for Xigbar for a long time, and I'm very glad for that! 😁 Xigbar has always been a cool character so I wonder where his and the other foreteller's story will go after KH3. Hopefully they'll bring back the Final Fantasy characters in the next games. ❤️ So I guess we're not getting a TWEWY world? That's too bad because I love that game and since Sora has already met Neku and his gang in KH:DDD that it would be cool to see them reunite. 😔 I'm 100% against any Marvel, Star Wars, or other Disney bought property in Kingdom Hearts. Not to mention it would take even more licenses to get them which means more time to get the game released. Better yet, make original worlds (like Verum Rex) and ditch Disney for the most part. From what I've read they were nitpicking at every microscopic detail in KH3 which took away from the main story to force the game to be more like a big advertisement for them. 👎 Sucked the life out of KH3.
  5. From this list I picked Master Xehanort because of the boss fight. He was the almighty final villain of the series up to that point and his boss battle didn't even feel like a threat. Even stupid Demyx's boss fight in KH2 was 100x more challenging than Master Xehanort's. Well, pretty much every boss fight in KH3 was really weak compared to previous games.
  6. So excited! I loved all the other KH titles so I look forward to whatever this one will be. And this will mean we'll hopefully get another game soon, unlike KH4 which I'm betting will take many years.
  7. I'm 100% against any worlds in KH relating to Star Wars, Marvel, or any other franchises that were bought by Disney. It's not originally Disney. Not to mention that those other franchises don't have the magic of the Disney cartoons and are more violent which is out of place for the more mild/kid friendly KH games.
  8. I don't think the answers for these were clear in the game, so what are your thoughts on the matter?
  9. The keyblades in KH3 weren't that great. However, the keyblade from the Caribbean world has to be my favorite keyblade to use ever in any KH game. I was expecting a strong keyblade to be made usable for Sora near the end and was surprised we got nothing this time. Yen Sid gave us a keyblade, but it was really low level at that point, so why bother?
  10. Based on the Secret Ending, I'm thinking there will be worlds based on other Square Enix games or original worlds. I would love to see this. I'd also be fine with being done with the Disney worlds. Disney company was far too fussy over every microscopic detail in the Disney worlds in KH3 from what I've read. Getting Disney more out of the picture would hopefully give Square Enix more freedom and make a better game.
  11. I don't care if it's on a handheld console or on the PS4 as long as we get the next game in the next couple years and not waiting a decade. I'm personally hoping for more side games since they come out quicker and I've enjoyed playing the side stories which build up the next big plot game.
  12. I never cared for the The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and I hated the world in KH2, but this world in KH3 was the best in the game. I was surprised by how much I loved it. Only one I felt worth revisiting.
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