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  1. The memes were amazing. Kingdom Hearts Crazy Files were truly some of the funniest things to me. A lot of conversations on the real names of Organization members.
  2. Kingdom Karts needs to be a thing, we have Jak X Combat Racing, Sonic Racing, Mario Kart, a whole bunch of others.
  3. This feels surreal as all get out and secondly, as many people have probably already said: THEY MASSACRED MAH BOI
  4. lol mood also, does anyone else miss the forum games?
  5. The longer you look at KH the more messed up it gets Remember skateboarding?
  6. I'm grinding right now so I can beat them ? On another note, has anyone figured out who that "???" is that sometimes has those Instagram photos on the loading screens?
  7. I never even paid attention to Vexen's lip movements, I was just so mad because he kept kicking my butt.
  8. KH2 and Days was just the right kind of mind blowing, Dream Drop Distance, and subsequent games were good, but a little confusing.
  9. TBH, I didn't really like the newer movies, and their worlds in KH3. I'd still rather see Atlantis and Treasure Planet anyway. A Bug's Life and Finding Nemo might be fun though
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