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  1. Oathkeeper Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?
  2. KH introduced me to Final Fantasy. One of my favorite things in KH is Leon. Since getting into KH, I've started playing about 4 different FF games. KH wouldn't be the same without The Restoration Committee.
  3. FFVII. (Sorry Squall) Vegeta or Trunks?
  4. Let us not forget how amazing the old Kingdom Hearts memes were. The Kingdom Hearts Crazy Files. (Shows how long I've been in this fandom huh? 😂)

  5. Well, tyranny is synonymous with absolute power and power unchecked. Eraqus was adamant about the light. He wanted nothing to do with the darkness, and this is reflected through Aqua when Cinderella's Fairygodmother says something along the line of "You cannot use light to fight the darkness." And Aqua being like 😮 "what do you mean⁉ In that context, only light was being used. Light, which should always be in balance with darkness, was disproportionately used. In other words, light (and the people using it) are tyrants for not keeping in balance with darkness. I hope I'm conveying what I'm thinking correctly
  6. Maybe Saix got his scar a la HP style 😂 (Voldemort tries to kill Harry, ends up making Harry a horcrux, Harry gets a scar) Except its Xehanort and Saix lol Also, with the aging thing, Ienzo/Zexion obviously aged. He was 8 or something in BBS, right? He looked like he was in his late teens or even early twenties in Re:CoM and DDD I love how us fans are starting to have deep discussions again. It's nice.
  7. Yes! Jak X is definitely my favorite racing game. I'm so glad someone else appreciates it. IGN said not to get our hopes up for Jak 4, but I'm not gonna stop wishing for it anytime soon 😁
  8. Terra best get his freaking bofy back I swear to Nomura

  9. I'm watching BBS cutscenes for Terra and he is dumb as a rock but I love him

  10. I just remembered this and I WAS SO WRONG. I HATED CHEMISTRY LAST YEAR UGH Anyway, potato chips. Popcorn is good till I feel the need to brush my teeth immediately after Speaking of chips: barbecue or sea salt and vinegar?
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