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  1. I'm sticking with beginnier to learn the mechanics and if i like the game. I only play hard difficulty if i really really like the game! Its okay to start on easy! Ignore the haters!
  2. Might be some game breaking bugs that people in the shadows have discovered, or something
  3. I wonder if we wont get a kh4 till another 13 years (lets hope it is shorter like 7, as in the 7 light)
  4. I prefer beginner because its easier for me to play. if I'm new to a game, i play on the easiest mode. i dont like rage quiting and buying a new console after breaking it is expensive. Also I'm not good at rhythm games, i haven't gotten to the secret levels yet because of how exhausting it gets. Please respect people who play on easy, thank you 😊 💖
  5. I bought the disc copy, and that works fine for me. This is one of the many reasons what I'm afraid of, for digital copies of any game. 😕 😔 honestly tho, i feel bad for those who couldn't play this game, i hope you guys get your money back, and if you still have your ps4 or disc version ps5, maybe just play the disc version of the game. Just a suggestion. I do honestly feel sympathy for those players😔 💔
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