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  1. No dude your wrong! Sora is owned by 2 companies! Like spiderman for example, spiderman is owned by sony and Disney! Stop spreading miss information!!!! No their wrong! Sora is owned by 2 companies!! Take spider man for example! He's owned by Disney and sony! What so were going to say spider man is only a disney character and not owned by sony?!?!
  2. For the 30,000th time Sora is owned by both disney and square enix! If he is owned by just disney, you'd see him in the background of disney movies and shows, and namura wouldnt be the one who made him! Please stop spreading miss information about sora, I'm tired of correcting everyone that sora is owned by both
  3. I'm not understanding about what you 2 said, will Xbox players be able to play old games? I never herd of an complete edition for the Xbox
  4. Oh dear! This gives me collectors anxiety Edit: i checked the site, *phew* the USA store is still good with kingdom hearts goods, figures, games, etc
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