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  1. I'm doing follow for a follow

  2. Sorry everyone I didn't mean to become inactive, I've been busy. but I'm back now!

  3. I personally disagree because Lea saw Xion's face when he was with Kairi, and he obviously sees Roxas in Sora when Roxas comes back if Lea were to die I don't think people who care about Lea could just sit there and watch Roxas go the dark side and rejoining organization 13 seeing as to how unhappy Roxas was when he in the organization and What about Xion, she comes back in Kh 3 and she probably wouldn't want to watch Lea die seeing as to how she literally starts crying as Sora tells her "It's alright! you can stop now! it's alright Xion!" Xion obviously cares about Roxas as well as Lea because she literally tells Lea to rest even if she still calls him Axel this shows she still cares about both of her friends.
  4. I personally agree although Kairi and Sora would be such a cute couple I really want Kingdom Hearts 4 to have her in it and we should be able to play as her yes Ik that's most likely not gonna happen but still the least kh4 can do is give us flashbacks about Kairi's life.
  5. If they do make a kingdom hearts 4 am I the only person who thinks they should add a star wars world?
  6. Anyone can follow me

  7. Definitely Namine because she's learned to bond with Roxas and no offense to everyone who's said Xion and Roxas but I personally think Riku and Xion would be much better together than Xion and Roxas even if they're best friends
  8. Am I the only one who thinks Xemnas was the best version of Xehanort? I mean if you think about it I think you'll understand what I mean.
  9. I love every single trio but I relate to Xion, Roxas, and Axel's trio which is why they're my favorite trio plus they had the strongest connection in my opinion.
  10. Kairi is literally my favorite character, I have a water bottle and I have posters most of them are sora and Namine though
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