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  1. Agenger1SCP

    The Realm

    Paladins' World The Realm (could I call the Archaeological Realm) is the place where the action of Paladins takes place. Is the world of my magic allies Paladins (aka Resistance). Realm Royale Reforged's World The world of Realm Royale has many locations where all the fighting takes place. From the frozen Icehaven, to the Fungal Jungle, to the ruined Crossing, there are many unique places for champions and soldiers to land, gear up, and fight.
  2. ''The powerful weapon obtained and adquired by me one year after defeat Sephiroth. Now I prepare to handle this Keyblade!''
  3. Agenger1SCP

    Kingdom Key

    ''Your weapon capable of fight and open the worlds'' Three year after Sora's disappearance, and he left only his Keyblade. Now I found, and I obtained a legendary Keyblade from my disappeared friend. My weapon capable to fight against the Heartless and open the worlds, also I can open the portal to trip the worlds.
  4. Choose the favorite video games to become worlds in Kingdom Hearts title. We have to wait for appear Final Fantasy's Worlds.

    1. Club Penguin Universe
    2. Paladins franchise
    3. SMITE
    4. Roque Company
    5. ALL Square Enix Games!


    1. Agenger1SCP


      I have my favorite video games franchise Paladins, Club Penguin, Final Fantasy and Square Enix for my crossover.

  5. Club Penguin Island is my homeworld that now is Super Club Penguin Island. Now I prepare for my new adventure across the island.
  6. Agenger1SCP

    Buster Sword

    ''My treasured greatsword that my hero and friend Cloud gave me after the first fight against Sephiroth.''
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