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  1. Keep in mind, this is Kingdom Hearts we're talking about. Yen Sid redecorated and Terra's armor spontaneously grew a cape. It would be very simple to explain how Maleficent got hold of the castle even after it collapsed.
  2. Even though BBS is my favorite KH game, I must admit the Keyblade Graveyard isn't so interesting to me, except as a backdrop for the characters' dramas. But End of the World and The World That Never Was are such unforgettable experiences... It's difficult choosing between them, especially since they're both grand in wildly different ways. End of the World is so desolate and otherworldly. It blurs the lines between divine, infernal, and even eldritch atmospheres. The music is so haunting and so mournful, even heavenly, as if you're in some twisted Paradise (I suppose it would be Paradise to the Heartless). The World That Never Was is clearly artificial, but to such a sublime extent. The castle alone is like an emotionless man's vision of Heaven, detached from the shadowy emptiness of the streets beneath it. It's eerie, and I'm glad it returned in KH3D, but I really wish Maleficent pulled through and conquered the castle like she promised she would!
  3. Surprised Wreck-it-Ralph isn't more popular. I really liked building (and wrecking!) all those strange structures in the middle of classic Disney environments.
  4. I thought of a fun, random scenario. Aqua is an accomplished magician, capable of many elemental spells and teleportation tricks. She's also known for her showy and extravagent gameplay animations. And she even has the ice cream called "Fabracadabra." So, just for fun, imagine Aqua is convinced (reluctantly or not!) to perform magic tricks at a birthday party! Maybe she was glad to, or maybe she was reluctant but she couldn't say no to the little kids' faces. Just for fun, what sort of magic acts do you imagine her performing? Like, what combination of two commands or command styles could she utilize for entertainment? Or what are some ways she could make herself disappear in a fun and showy way?
  5. I agree with ALL OF THIS. Yes! Despite my username (which is really just a joke), Aqua is my absolute favorite KH character, and definitely one of my favorite game protagonists in general, even when I was a kid! I honestly like that she's so normal. Even Sora, as cool and likeable as he is, is still kind of a typical Shonen protagonist. Aqua just looks and behaves like a normal human being you could meet in real life And besides her personality, doesn't she also look visually memorable? Her hair and outfit are so stylish, pretty, and cool! And her commands are soooo addicting to activate whenever you control her in the games, how she just dazzles the screen with acrobatics, smooth dance-like movements, and all kinds of cool-looking elemental spells and disappearing tricks! I think she's the most visually impressive fighter of the main characters. So I agree with you 100%. Thanks for this thoughtful and detailed post! I was looking for some kind of "introduce yourself" thread, but I think my response to your post sums up my taste in KH and my favorite character, at least.
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