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  1. Namine was already a villain regardless of if she was willing or not, back in Chain of Memories and KH2.
  2. Is there a reason Jimmy MacDonald was excluded from the choices? I say that as someone whom's answer is Wayne, but like Jimmy voiced the character for nearly as long.
  3. Only issue I've had with any of them is that Lloyd doesn't really have any standout lines to remember his portrayal by IMHO.
  4. With the exception of Vexen's shields they've managed to incorporate the weapon of choice of each of these members of the organization incredibly well making it difficult to choose between the remaining three. The first thing that always comes to my mind though is the KH2 battle with Xaldin on the bridge in Beast's world so his is the one I voted for.
  5. Lexaeus has the most physically devastating one. Zexion has the most mentally and emotionally devastating one. What I like about all four of their weapons though is how the series managed to make each one stand out in a meaningful way. The way Riku hits the ceiling from that one blow by Lexaeus's Axe Sword, the entirety of the mind games that ensue during Riku's fight with Zexion, the way they incorporated Saix's Claymore for the fight against him in KH2, and Axel saving Minnie and Sora with his Chakrams in Dream Drop Distance.
  6. They all kind of just blend together for me so I voted for one I knew most people wouldn't vote for (The Force Awakens) just to go against the status quo.
  7. May he rest in peace. Big sad. But he left a great legacy behind. The world shall not forget him.
  8. Riku. I'm also curious in general to see how he'd react to meeting Santa given he's the one who convinced Sora Santa doesn't exist.
  9. 2023 is almost at its end. All of the hopes for KH4 coming out this year or in 2024 seem like they should've gone to hoping KH: Missing Link releases anytime soon. I still think they'll try to capitalize on the 25th anniversary for KH4. If we don't get any updates on the status of KH4 by this time next year though, the jokes some people make about having to wait until the 2030s for KH4 to come out will start feeling like a much more real possibility. And that is a big "yikes forever" scenario as Little Misfortune from the game of the same name would put it.
  10. Voted for No DLC. I know it's standard practice now, but I still hate DLC. Especially if it's not just cosmetic and should have come with the bloody game in the first place. Surprised to see Story Expansion winning the poll.
  11. The reception for the live action remakes of classic films by Disney hasn't exactly been stellar and most have netted them great losses financially. A live action version of one of the Kingdom Hearts games (knowing Disney they'd start with the first game and try launching a live action film series with it rather than picking one of the games at random) would be interesting because it would technically be them trying new things, but at the same time be familiar territory for them. I don't think the games themselves need a reboot/remake/Re-Anything At All really. There are fan stage plays and musicals for Kingdom Hearts on YouTube and IMHO if the fans can come up with adaptations of the series in those forms that are rather decent Disney and Square Enix could probably do it pretty well themselves. As far as adapting Kingdom Hearts to other mediums being a worthwhile thing and better experience, I don't think it'd be a better experience necessarily just a different one, same as with reading the manga and light novels is different from playing the games, and how a movie would be different than a stage play which would be similar but different to a musical adaptation. And on the worthwhile thing to do front, long as there's money to be made it almost definitely would be worth their while, but they'd have to weigh the costs of production and promotion against the potential profit margins. If they're going to barely recoup their production and promotion costs what would even be the point of doing it? End of the day they're not some charity organization. Honestly though it would just be nice to have a new KH game that's not a mobile game by 2026.
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