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  1. Dio Brando

    What are your gaming plans leading up to KH3?

    Smash Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Smash Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Smash Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Rince and repeat till KH3 and after KH3 xD
  2. Dio Brando

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Is Aqua really Norted or Not ?

    In the latest trailer they've shown they've found Ventus...which can only be done through Aqua's knowledge of Castle Oblivion so by extension she should be norted
  3. With the exception of Mad Space,the Treasure Hunting stages weren't bad,it's the fact that the radar can only detect one shard of the master emerald at a time that makes it more cumbersome
  4. Dio Brando

    What makes a great Town in Games?

    Yeah That is obvious I'm just pointing out the one aspect that KH severely lacked which seems to be fixed in KH3 cuz the trailers showed lots of NPCs for places like the Tangle world Even if a lot of them are background NPCs you can't talk to it still helps make the world alive and makes it matter all the more when we save those worlds from the heartless
  5. Dio Brando

    What makes a great Town in Games?

    Music,Architecture,history and ESPECIALLY Townspeople the last one being something recent KH games have been severely lacking in.......from KH2's Aladdin mentioning "the action,the people" WHEN NO ONE IS IN AGRABAH or the laughable Ballroom scene from Birth by Sleep
  6. Either IX or XIV I'd love to see XIV being represented cuz I absolutely LOVE Eorzea
  7. Dio Brando

    Name something you love that everyone else hates

    Yeah 100%ing a game is never a required thing yet for whatever reason people judge games like this as if it's required to get everything As for the moons in Mario Odyssey,heck you don't even need all of them to get to Dark side of the moon and the game even allows you to buy moons with coins so why the complaint from them? The Korok seeds in BoTW aren't even required for anything,they're just there for a joke sidequest
  8. 1/I'm not talking about myself but a couple of friends I know who has this issue since I already have a Ps4 And 2/Why would people sell their console for one series of games? If they want the series to go multiplatform then they gotta commit to it.And Square failed at that by not porting over the collections And no the whole "sony exclusivity contract" bullcrap is complete nonsense cuz if it was real then why did the series have like......5 entries on Nintendo systems
  9. Like you said,it's better to just watch a summary of the plot on youtube,play KH3 then if they liked the game they can get the collections to experience the rest of the series There is no excuse for Square not to release the collection on Xbox One or heck even the Switch(KH2 on the go is my dream)
  10. the collections aren't available on Xbox One soooooooooo how the firetruck are newcomers on Xbox can play the rest of the series without forking 400$+ for another system and the collections
  11. Dio Brando

    Name something you love that everyone else hates

    The DK fandom hates this game just because "it has too many things to collect" Even tho you only need just half of that to beat the game No one said they should collect all 201 Gold Bananas or the rest of the stuff there. I did 101% DK 64...........twice It isn't anywhere near as bad as people say
  12. Dio Brando

    Name something you love that everyone else hates

    Donkey Kong 64 This game gets a lot of undeserved hate
  13. Dio Brando

    What Kingdom Hearts-related podcasts do you listen to?

    Dark Pixels Podcast But mostly for their Final Fantasy stuff not so much KH Also Mike can't stop mentioning the Witchers in almost every podcast
  14. I'd rather be his older self cuz that means we'd get another boss fight with him in his Final Aeon form with Otherworld/Jecht's theme playing in the background GOD THAT'D BE SO firetruckING AMAZING
  15. Final Fantasy cameos and Big Hero 6 I could care less about the plot but I really wanna see Cloud,Squall/Leon and the Hollow Bastion crew back alongside more additions.(Like Jecht in Olympus Colosseum)