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  1. Back in 2006, I only had kh1, and my friend had kh2. He told me that at the very beginning, you play as “soras twin” who looks just like Sora but with blonde hair. I immediately thought of cloud in kh1, and for a year or so I thought that cloud was roxas. I also remember thinking it was weird that Sora didn’t recognize any of the Disney characters, I thought “hasn’t he seen the movies?” (I was very young back then lol)
  2. Xeyril


    Nobodies are the natural counterparts to The Heartless. When a Heartless is created, the body and soul that are left behind usually die. However, if that person had a strong heart, their body and soul may continue to live on as a new being called a Nobody. Most Nobodies lose their human form, appearing as white, humanoid monsters. Most Nobodies also lose their memories and sense of self, and act on instinct, similar to the Heartless. However, even base Nobodies tend to be more intelligent than Heartless. The two are natural enemies, but will work together when guided by a higher power. When a person with a particularly strong heart becomes a Heartless, their Nobody can retain its original human appearance, intelligence, and usually all of their memories. The members of Organization XIII (link?) are Nobodies of this type, and they command the lesser Nobodies to do their bidding.
  3. Xeyril

    The Heartless

    The Heartless are creatures born from the darkness in people’s hearts. When a person succumbs to the darkness within their own heart, their heart is overtaken by that darkness. It exits their body, and becomes a being of its own. The heartless are mostly unintelligent, and act on pure instinct, with the goal of attacking people and turning others into Heartless. There are however, rare exceptions. When a person willingly becomes a heartless, they have a chance at retaining their self-awareness, as is the case with Xehanort’s Hesrtless, Ansem. There are two main varieties of Heartless, Pureblood and Emblem. Pure blood Heartless are the ones brought about through natural means, while Emblem Heartless are created artificially, via Apprentice Xehanort’s (link to character needed) Heartless-creating machine.
  4. How do you want to organize this? Perhaps by game/era? For example, create pages like X, BBS, 0.2, Pre-KH1 Period (for stuff that happens between BBS and KH1 outside of 0.2, such as Apprentice Xehanort conducting the experiments, etc.)
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