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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Thank you Kittenz! I really hope he reveals something along these lines in the game. Thank you so much for the support and kind words! I do too, and thank you for the kind words as well. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  2. I guess you can say I'm just preparing for the Keyblade War.
  3. Ventus reveals what could be dreams or memories of the ancient Keyblade War in our new scripted video that links Union Cross and #KingdomHearts3. Meanwhile there is someone in the Room of Awakening with him. Who could it be?
  4. The trailer we received from E3 still has many of us confused how Aqua may be controlled by darkness in some way. Did she just give up? Did Xehanort come after her? What was the circumstances for the way we saw Aqua in that trailer? My team and I created this script and voiced the characters in anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3. After hearing the audio in the video, what do we think? Even if it's far off, how did we do? Could something like that be presented in the game?
  5. Thank you! Did you happen to see the new one we posted a few days ago?
  6. Once again, thank you for watching! We just completed a new video that really reflects her current situation from the trailer. I hope you two can leave me some feedback.
  7. It appears that everyone in the Kingdom Hearts community is concerned about Aqua! It's a little uneasy waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to find out how exactly she fell into darkness, but I think in the mean time, this video that we created will help hold some of you over. Please watch our scripted video. You will not regret it! It's filled with an emotional script and voiced by a great team. I just hope everyone will be okay watching it.
  8. Thanks for watching! And yeah, we really wanted to create a video that shows what Aqua may have been facing all this time in the realm of darkness.
  9. Thank you! It's always our goal to make it seem as legit as possible.
  10. My team and I uploaded this video and voiced as Aqua, Terra and Ven. I honestly think this was a great prediction for how Aqua was taken by the darkness. It really foreshadowed the latest trailer we received for E3.
  11. I would like to think she would never give up.
  12. I'm devastated to see what happened to Aqua in the new trailer. If anything happens to her or Ventus, it will be hard to grasp. After seeing Aqua, I'm now curious to know if this affects Ventus. Could it be that if Xehanort got to her, she showed him where Ventus rests, and was able to collect him as one of the darkness's? Is that why Vanitas exists? By the way, the Frozen world is flawless! It is about time Square, but seriously, January?!
  13. Does anyone remember the days when we received new information randomly? It wasn't just about the random conventions or conferences. Every couple of months a new world or element was announced in Japanese magazines, or we got a random trailer on Valentine's Day. I miss those days. It would also be nice to know more about Big Hero 6, and if it's still in the game? And I'm still hoping for an announcement for a Frozen World.
  14. Thank you for the really sweet reply. We’re glad you enjoyed it, and we look forward for the future of the series.
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