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  1. C'est Incroyable... A lot better than the official one (Just my opinion, even though it's blasphemous to say...) Bravissimo/Bravissima
  2. Wow... That's really put Master Ava in a different aspect. Bravo/brava
  3. Impressive, and to think how far Kingdom Hearts has gone when you consider the animation in KH3 and compare it to the Beta version of KH1
  4. Hey guys, Songbird Rebel, here... I know it may not be "Kingdom Hearts" related, but today, we mourn the loss of the creative mastermind who brought to life countless heroes, villians, and anti-heroes in the Marvel Comics universe. Today, we mourn the passing of Stan Lee at the age of 95. While the cause is still not yet known, the effects on many Marvel fans is very similar to that among Star Trek fans upon the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Yet his legacy lives on not only through his surviving family and friends (which whom my sincerest condolences go to), but also with his works; both figuratively and literally. As many of you have know, Mr. Stan Lee have cameoed since 1989; not only within Marvel movies, television shows, and video games, but also in non-Marvel movies as well. Some are easy to see on either the first or second viewing, and some are 'blink-and-miss'. It is because of him that Marvel Comics is the comic powerhouse it is today, with its only rival being DC. Requiescat in pace, Stan Lee. You will be missed by friends, family, and fans alike.
  5. Tres fantastique Bravissimo (or is it bravissima?)
  6. Absolutely beautiful, so much so that it really soothes my restless soul... (Sorry, that sounds really cheesy )
  7. I can relate, though I felt myself more drawn to both Riku and Terra
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