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  1. The ending itself wasn't bad honestly people just have a problem with sora " dying" because 1 it was poorly explained and 2 it's pretty much pointless since we know he's coming back so it only served as needless shock value 3 for me personally the fact that Kairi had to die for it too happen was also a problem but that's a whole nother issue point is sora disappeaing just wasn't necessary and considering from what the secret ending shows us well play as him in the next game and he might also be saved which further adds to the why kill him if he's just gonna come back the next game?
  2. Again those where things tied to the xehanort saga this is a completely new saga old story elements shouldn't be recycled ugh whatever your persistent on the story doing the same shit over and over and over and over and over again.
  3. Yea but that was the point it was the final of the xehanort saga so of course old stuff comes back but for a new saga it makes no sense to recycle old plot points like that or the story just gets boring and repetitive.
  4. Again your literally just doing kh3 again that's lazy and doesn't make since because that's not how that works you can't just switch the numbers and expect to get the same result it was explained you need 7 lights and 13 darknesses Kh has enough rectcoons anyway that is incredibly lazy and boring for us to just do what kh3 did again but with the numbers switched and boring dick measuring " my x blade is stronger ! No mine ! " such an exciting battle 😒 come on dude you can't seriously think that's a good or Intresting thing ? Its literally the same as kh3 the point of this new saga is to start fresh and do new things not the same shit over and over again I'm sorry but this idea just sounds really stupid to me No offense I like new original ideas not old ones but slightly different.
  5. How about instead of just redoing the same thing again only reverse we just have our hero's work there way to there level its not like there God's sora was able to defeat xehanort so the fortellers should be no different and it's not like I'd take forever ether they learn and get strong fast besides if that's your argument why stop at 13 ? If numbers is going to matters why not take s whole army to fight them it's not like we're making the x blade again ( at least I hope not or we would really be recycling plot points ) so there's no need for it to be exactly 13 regardless this is only the beginning I highly doubt we're just going to immigration kill the fortellers in 4 so by the time they we do we would have worked our way to there level so number advantage won't be necessary besides what makes you think numbers would matter ? There a clear color scheme going on between the guardians of light and the fortellers meaning I think it's highly implied it would be one on one for each character so 7 vs 7 makes more since and is more original to me then just kh3 remix electric bogolo , also xehanort didn't use numbers because he was a cowered he used them because he needed 13 darknesses to make the x blade it had nothing to do with cowardice
  6. I don't really like the idea of this since its just kh3 but reverse it's lazy I think 7 lights vs the 7 false lights ( the fortellers and mom ) makes more since and is a little more original
  7. Spoilers Ok so here I am again talking about Kairi....again don't worry this one is gonna be simply do you think nomora will listen to fan feedback and fix/give Kairi development and shine in the next saga or do you think he will continue to ignore her and just use her as a damsel in distress/plot device till the end of the series? List your comments below and why you believe he will or won't .
  8. I'm not saying change fix of course nomora can't change what he did to Kairi in kh3 that would require changing how the story played out but I'm mean after kh3 like the next sage what he could/ should do with her going forward. I don't know why namine would do that or how since you need the power of waking to do that and she doesn't have the power of waking plus that's not necessary because Kairi is saved at the end i don't understand why people keep thinking she still needs to be saved sora already saved her otherwise she would have disappeared with him nor would she be crying.
  9. I agree I really hope so to I really hope the backlash really opens nomoras eyes and see that people want Kairi to be treated like a character enough with the kidnapping enough with the plot device we want a character he could do it with xion and aqua and namine so there's no reason he can't do it for Kairi all he has to do is just ( insert shya here ) do it !
  10. Spoilers Ok so it's not a secret that Kairis portrayal in kh3 has left much to be desired I think we've complained enough for now and instead let's talk about some solutions to fix Kairi going forward . First off nomora has to address the elephant in the room I'm not saying he has to apologize or address the Kairi hate in an interview or anything but as a writer he has to acknowledge that what he did to Kairi was a bad idea that only hurt her in the long term for if he doesn't then nothing will get solved and Kairi will continue to get kidnapped and used as a plot device forever Oh and speaking off now let's get into the don'ts for Kairis character going forward , in order to fix Kairi nomora must never ever ever ever ever ever have Kairi get kidnapped ever again kh3 is the last time this happens he also must stop using her as a plot device it's lazy and at this point repetitive just like the kidnapping thing nobody likes it get rid of it . And now to the actual fixing of Kairi well dispute his Apsolute failer to do anything with Kairi in kh3 he has given Kairi a good chance to develop as a character due to soras death I'm not the only person to come to this conclusion but now with her vary clear dissatisfaction and sadness from losing sora she would have more determination to become stronger now all Nomora has to do is just do something with that and I already have an idea on how Ok so in order for this to work Kairi would need a game to herself and considering the massive backlash it needs to be the next game I know a lot of people are led to believe the next game is the secret ending involving sora and Riku ...again ( seriously nomora we had 2 games about sora and Riku we don't need a 3rd one you have the nerve to keep pushing this sora x Kairi ship but instead of developing that you keep giving sora and Riku moments and you wonder why people think soriku makes more since !) "Sigh " anyway I don't think this is the case while these games do end up being made they were never the next game in kh1 the secret ending was later made into 358 days but that's not the game that came out after 1 it was com same with kh2 it was 358 days that came out after 2 not bbs but regardless I think this game should just be scrapped not like bbs volume 2 scrapped and then revived later I'm taking get rid of it forever we do not need another sora and Riku game it's completely unnecessary and it would just be retreding the same shit what are you gonna do ? Riku has already mastered his darkness and sora has com to terms of his mistakes and be more serious you done everything else you could possibly do with there bond so there literally nothing more you can do with them so this game doesn't need to exist , ok then what do you replace it with? Well we know secret endings usually come in 2 parts so I say the second half of the secret ending should focus entirely on rikus half of the secret ending " what about sora ?" What about him ? Nomora should keep soras current predicament vague " is he gonna come back?" Yea " when?" We don't know and he should keep it that way otherwise soras " death" was completely pointless and unnecessary if you're going to kill your main character have it have some waight or don't do it at all Anyway usually these second halts have an epic battle and this one should be no different this battle is between Riku vs Yozora and his boys we saw during the toy story world Riku will hold his own for a while but eventually he'll be overwhelmed but before Yozora can finish Riku 2 mysterious girls save Riku and suddenly Kairi appears in front of Riku protecting him Riku proceeds to get up and the 4 of them get ready to continue the fight of course that's probably not what's going to happen ok just throwing out ideas basically the biggest problem with Kairi is there's to much telling and not enough showing nomora tells her she wants to be more involved but it never happens he tells us she wants to protect sora but we'll we saw how well that turned out and he keeps telling us she wants to go with Riku and sora but again it never happens with this however we will actually see Kairi will be more involved this could re spark interest and investment in Kairi again. Now all that's left is to make the game and the story so I'd have this one be fairly simple it's been 6 months since the second keyblade war Kairi has been training with aqua to become stronger while Riku explores the world's in search of a way to find sora master yinsed told the guardians of light that due to abusing the power of waking sora has upset the laws of nature and what has happened to him can't be simply undone he can not be saved if sora is to return he must do so by himself but of course since when has something like this stopped Riku ? He is accompanied by terra and ventus during there travel they are attacked by a strange enemy they aren't heartless or nobody nor unversed not even dream eaters they have a white color and use light to attack but there bodies are made of metal despite there strange appearance and power the 3 easily deal with the monsters and then a mysterious voice laughs and approaches them he wears what seems to be ancient clothing in all black and wears a large goat mask he congratulates them Riku demands he tells them who he is but he simply says " you really think I'm just gonna reveal my identity just like that? As if " Riku may not recognize his voice but he does recognize that line the man tells them to stay on there toes I'd be a shame if they fought so hard for peace only to lose anyway and disappears . They report back to yinsed and tell him what happened here orders the 3 to investigate this immediately for they can not risk the rise of another darkness , Riku goes to visit land of departure to see Kairi they haven't spoken after she left and he's worried about her he's tried to reach out to her but she won't let him in he hopes after some time has passed she'll be more willing to talk but things aren't that fortunate when he arrives he notices aquas face she's surprised but also uneasy but why ? He asks where Kairi is and there's a pause aqua tells him something happened and the boy fears the worse " what happened! Did she get kidnapped? " Riku raises his voice aqua replies " no she ..." Riku :She what! (Aqua) : She ran away " (Riku) :what? Aqua tells him what happened they were in a normal training exercise were aqua would reminisce of her time as a apprentice and begins Kairis exercise she looks exhausted like she hasn't slept in weeks aqua asks if she's ok but Kairi tells her she's fine Kairi struggles a bit with the training which she shoes clear frustration but manages to succeed in the end aqua congratulates her but Kairi remains silent aqua tells her she can rest and Kairi returns to her room. Later that night aqua catches Kairi training in the middle of the night by herself (aqua ) : Kairi ! Its almost 4 in the morning what are you doing! (Kairi): I'm ..training , she's clearly exhausted she can barley stand on her own too feet (aqua ) : Kairi how long have you been doing this ? (Kairi): a ..a month _aqua) : A MONTH !!! No wonder you always look tried Kairi what are you thinking! (Kairi) : I - I need to get stronger I need to (aqua) : I understand that but depriving yourself of sleep isn't going to make you strong I can't watch this , she summons her keyblade and puts Kairi to sleep (aqua ) : we'll continue this after you wake up . Kairi walks up with aqua waiting for her and they talk Kairi had grown impatient she's not progression fast enough and is scared she will fail again and become a liability aqua tells Kairi it wasn't her fault what happened that even if she wasn't kidnapped xehanort would have found another way to create the x blade and sora going to save her was his choice but she's not convinced aqua asks where this all started and Kairi tells her originally she couldn't sleep the guilt was just to much for her to deal Kairi asks " do you think I'm really worthy to wield a keyblade? Do you think I was a mistake? " (aqua ) g what do you think? (Kairi): when I summon my keyblade I feel ashamed I don't deserve this this is a weapon ment to protect people but I haven't protected anyone I couldn't protect sora or Riku or namine I couldn't even protect myself how could I possibly call myself a keyblade wielder how could I stand by your side and call myself a guardian of light ! (Aqua ) : becoming strong takes time Kairi even the strongest people were weak once apon a time even me I was the strongest of the 3 of us but I still lost terra and ventus I even lost myself and fell to darkness everyone has moments of weakness and it's because of that we must rise above it and become stronger you'll get there I'll make sure of it (Kairi):really? (Aqua) : trust me one day you'll be the best of all of us , she leaves to give Kairi more rest . (Kairi ) : I wish I could believe you master I really do but I need to power I need strength or I'll lose everything , Kairi snuck out of the castle and creates a portal to leave (Kairi ) : I promise I'll become stronger sora Riku then maybe just maybe I'll protect you too (Riku) : " sigh " I can't believe i let this happen (aqua): no this is my fault I should have kept a closer eye on her (Riku ) : I'll go get her (aqua ) : no I will this is my mistake ( Riku ) : no this is my problem she's my friend I'll go get her ( aqua ) : and she's my appreciate she's just as much my responsibility as she is yours ( Riku ) : alright I'm not gonna argue with my elder we'll go together( aqua ) : good ( Riku ) : oh wait there something I have to tell you ! , Riku informs aqua of the strange man and they both agree to watch out for him while they search for Kairi as Riku creates a portal he vows " I will find you I won't lose you too " elsewhere Kairi sits in a unfamiliar place sitting on the grass as the sun rises she summons her keyblade and makes her own vow " I promise I will become stronger " and so the game begins I apologize for the long comment I know its going to be a pain in the ass to read a prologue that's probably not even good anyway please share any of your ideas on how to fix Kairi going forward there still hope for this poor girl all we have to do is have faith and keep yelling at nomora until he does it .
  11. I think it makes more since for Riku to be more of a supportive role because nomora has pretty much done all he can do with him as a main character there isn't much more he can go really so putting him a little on the side is fine now Kairi being more if a main character is just a necessity at this point , I don't think roxas needs another game for himself he's gotten plenty of shine .
  12. Cool I don't want to say I prefer this version......but I prefer this version
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