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  1. I want a game where Kairi takes an adventure around worlds as a sorta actual training instead of the fast tracked one she took to make her a Guardian of Light. I believe it was their mistake to fast track her and Lea, she may of had training but she didn't have an hands on approach to being a Keyblade wielder which caused her to be struck down. Since she survived I think maybe that's what the point of all the build up was. She definitely can't go back to Destiny Islands now. She's a main player now in the bigger keyblade order, this side game can cement her as such.
  2. Plus on the PS4 boxes of 1.5+2.5 and 2.8 even The Story so far don't have the Only on PlayStation mark. So it seems like its been planned to not be exclusive.
  3. Neat! I'll only re-buy the games if it comes out on Steam. But cool for the Switch people and hopefully the Xbox people get them too.
  4. I sadly saw all of this coming. It doesn't seem to be as bad as the Star Wars situation. But it still does distress me to see another one of my favorite fandoms fall to this.
  5. The post game content is basically on par with the original KH2. And not the final mixes, I think the final mixes got us use to so much post game content that going back to a regular non Final mix game with not as much content was weird for people.
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