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  1. Zimomo


    I laughed. A lot.
  2. Zimomo


    I got pretty scared yesterday, but it looks like it's probably fake, so I'll lower my guard a little. I'm not reading it, but I won't live under a rock for two months lol. Thanks to those who checked.
  3. Apparently there might be a big plot leak around. Be careful. It may very well be fake, but after Monster's Inc I wouldn't trust anything. Damn 4chan. If this doesn't come out as fake in a few days, these will be 2 LOOOONG months.
  4. I still can't believe that by next week I will have played the KH3 demo. Can't wait.

  5. Zimomo

    Let's talk about Roxas

    I don't remember, was Roxas able to dual wield because of Xion or Ventus?
  6. I agree, what we've seen is even a little bit too much, at least storywise. I would be satisfied with no more info, aside from the obvious world announcements. We don't need to know everything about how the game works before it releases!
  7. Zimomo

    Is Xion Really a Seeker of Darkness?

    I'm pretty sure that's not Aqua: why would you give her a black coat now that she has a new outfit? Ventus should be out of Xehanort's reach since it looks like Aqua doesn't have the Master defender anymore. Unless Nomura somehow pulls Ephemer out of his hat, I think we are really running out of options. I believe that's Xion.
  8. I mean, understandable... But why the 4 days difference... It doesn't make sense
  9. It's a shame. It is. Not being able to say anymore that it comes out this year is a shame. However the worst thing might how they were so sure about the "2018" release, even last month. It is an acceptable delay, it's not indecent, 1 or 2 months probably. The worst ones will be the "TOLD YA AHAHAH!" guys,, but if, maybe, hopefully,, they delayed the game to fix important stuff, then I'm fine. Disappointed but fine.. It would makes sense if they were keeping in mind the comments made by those who played the game at the event.But I want those problems fixed now.Oh, and another delay wouldn't be so acceptable. I hope the trailer (trailers?) manages to get me super hyped again, I'm a little down lol.
  10. It's... nice. Nothing amazing, but it's a good bridge between Pokemon Go and the main titles. Looks good. We already know that a main game is coming next year, so I'm fine with this. I hope that they take their time with it, I want it to be good.
  11. Zimomo

    Smash 5 Predictions and Ideas

    I thought you were one of those who said "she's too strong in Smash 4, I don't want her in Smash 5". If you don't like the character that's fair.
  12. Zimomo

    Smash 5 Predictions and Ideas

    I don't understand why so many people want Bayonetta out of smash instead of, you know, re-working her? Changing her moveset a bit? Furthermore, she's really close to Nintendo now with Bayonetta 3 coming, it wouldn't really make sense.
  13. Zimomo

    My Thoughts On KH3's Gameplay

    Yeah, my biggest concerns right now are the fact that Sora takes damage during the finisher animations of summons and the fact that almost everything activates with situation commands, which may take too much freedom away from the player. The first problem can easily be fixed, but for the second one... We'll have to wait and see. On the other hand I love the keyblade switch during battle. Like, a lot. I heard that you can also change it while you're in a form. I love it. Ps4 or Ps4pro? Because I played 0.2 on a standard ps4 and I don't remember that many frame drops. But I know that the framerate, despite being higher, is also quite unstable on the pro. I'd say that sadly we shouldn't expect rock solid 60 fps for the pro.(maybe for the One X? Who knows)
  14. Welp, it looks like only those who spend a lot of money in the game will be able to get in KH3 I missed a few days but I've been playing since the game came out, but I certainly can't win that HSC.
  15. At E3 we will most likely get an english trailer.