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  1. Yeah, I'm expecting a Re:X too. They can't just keep VERY relevant plot points on a mobile game. Now the question is... Will it be an MMO, or a standard KH game?
  2. I know I know, internet. I think it's just that I wasn't expecting such a polarized opinion from the community itself. From the outside, yeah, of course I was expecting harsh and sometimes baseless criticism. But not from the inside. Not at this level at least. I guess I was just naive.
  3. I really need to write this down. I'm someone who finds it hard to just ignore other's opinions, so the state the community has been in after the launch of KH3 kinda makes me both sad and angry. It's so hard to just have a normal discussion about the game. On the one hand you have people who keep trashing the game. The game is bad, the combat sucks, etc etc. You know the drill. If you even dare to say you liked the game be sure you'll have someone ready to flood you with comments on how much they disliked it, how disappointing it was, how much is wrong and doesn't work in the game. I've even seen complaints about stuff that has been with KH since the beginning, like how Disney is basically filler, or how the story is cheesy and stupid. I mean, they're right. But... why are you a KH fan again? I think we can all agree that the story is pretty dumb, even though we love it to death, and that KH has always struggled to fit Disney in its original story, apart from KH1, at least to some extent . KH has always been like this, and thinking that with KH3 this would change... just... why? Take off your nostalgia goggles, maybe you just don't like this kind of storytelling anymore). On the other hand however you have people who actually really liked the game, see the negativity surrounding it, and feel personally attacked for enjoying it. And so they become overly defensive. You aren't a true fan, you should pay more attention to the story, you should have played all of the games before judging KH3 (even though many times the criticism comes from big fans of the series), and so on. If you criticize something, you're a hater. That's just Nomura's way of telling a story, it's not a problem if X or Y don't make sense or if Z is a plot hole. Just enjoy the game, right? And so here I am. Every time I watch or read something KH related, I just tend to avoid joining the conversation at this point, I get way too depressed lol. Buuut that's just me, I know. This is just a little "rant" I needed to make. (there might be broken english here and there, and if so, sorry about that. I'm just writing this on a whim)
  4. Again, I'd like to reiterate that I really liked the game and many parts of the story, but it's understandable that for some people ignoring inconsistencies isn't that easy.
  5. Because the game is flawed, both in gameplay and story. Now, those who call it a "bad game", I don't know what they played. But it's undeniable that KH3 could have been handled in a better way. I think it's still the second best KH game, right after KH2FM, but... I don't know what to say. I loved the game, really, and I can ignore its story flaws all I want but... they're there.
  6. I got pretty scared yesterday, but it looks like it's probably fake, so I'll lower my guard a little. I'm not reading it, but I won't live under a rock for two months lol. Thanks to those who checked.
  7. Apparently there might be a big plot leak around. Be careful. It may very well be fake, but after Monster's Inc I wouldn't trust anything. Damn 4chan. If this doesn't come out as fake in a few days, these will be 2 LOOOONG months.
  8. I still can't believe that by next week I will have played the KH3 demo. Can't wait.

  9. I don't remember, was Roxas able to dual wield because of Xion or Ventus?
  10. I agree, what we've seen is even a little bit too much, at least storywise. I would be satisfied with no more info, aside from the obvious world announcements. We don't need to know everything about how the game works before it releases!
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