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  1. From what I understand, and I'm paraphrasing Nomura here, the only way for Sora to recover his friend's hearts was to rewrite history, since they had essentially perished indefinitely. They simply had no bodies to return to in the present. We know that hearts can travel back in time and we can assume that Sora unknowingly brought his friends back that way. Now my question is whether or not this created an alternate timeline (or worldline as it's called in the secret reports) or not. I agree, it's all still very messy, but when hasn't this series lore been all over the place. I felt the same confusion way back in 2006 when I first beat KH2 and thought "so keyblades must be like weapons in GTA, because Riku just pulled 2 of them out of his ass". The logic behind many plot points in the series since CoM is still vague to this day.
  2. Maybe this belongs in random but I never noticed this in KH2 before. Donald is a madman. This made me laugh.
  3. I just hope the Master of Masters is a more interesting villain than Xehanort who was basically Darth Sidious with Thanos' motivations. I have high hopes though. MoM is already shaping up to be the most mysterious character in entire series. I think he could be somewhat of a God in human form. We know he created the first keyblade and the dream eaters. Maybe he created the heartless as well. He's clearly more than just a mortal man. I wonder if he will even use a keyblade, or darkness as a weapon. He reminds me of The Father from FMAB. What if he is actually a nobody, the first one to ever exist, and his heartless is in the black box, the most powerful heartless we've ever encountered before. He supposedly "disappeared" but what if that was just his body. We could have a boss fight with Luxu who then opens up the box and we have to battle this massive heartless. We finally defeat it but that's when the MoM's somebody is able to reappear as a full person and we finally se his face revealed. He makes some snarky comment and he and Luxu escape to enact their true motives. That could be the end of KH4, leading us into the next game with a cliffhanger.
  4. Roxas can literally solo Saix in KH3, and you can watch the whole thing from the sidelines, all you have to do is land the finishing blow. None of the other Org13 fights are like that. To be fair, Saix isn't a top tier villain like some of the others, but I think it's clear Nomura wants everyone to know that Roxas is a complete savage.
  5. This. Also, do keybaldes themselves have their own unique abilities and levels of power outside of gameplay? Obviously we have different stats for different keyblades, this is an RPG, but I feel as though canonically, keyblades are just intermediaries for a wielder's own power. A wielder who is a master at magic such as Aqua isn't that way because of the keyblade she chooses to wield. Likewise, Terra isn't an absolute tank because he has a ridiculously huge keyblade, rather the other way around. As far as transformations (which I think are cheesy anyways), they probably come from the wielder's own imagination, not the blade itself. I mean you wouldn't say "X sword is more powerful than Y sword" but you would say "it has a longer reach, it's light, durable, easier to hold". The only exceptions I can think of are the X-blade (obviously), and Xehanort/Luxu's keyblade. With all that being said, the design of the X-blade doesn't even seem practical for melee combat. It's bulky and awkwardly shaped. Just look at the fight with Xehanort, he has to teleport around the battlefield because he probably doesn't have much dexterity with it. Perhaps it was never meant for combat at all
  6. Me too. I was a huge fan of the dialogue between those 3, and Donald roasting Sora all game was hilarious. I know some people wanted Riku to join the fight like in KH2, but Donald and Goofy felt more appropriate. It was certainly lacking in interactions between some of the other characters, but at least they handled SDG well.
  7. I love to hear people express when and why they fell in love with the series. I don't know anyone IRL who plays these games so it's nice to talk about. I noticed another callback as well. Jiminy says multiple times when chasing the Lich in Olympus "don't worry about the small fry, find the leader" which is exactly what Leon says in KH1 to Sora when they get attacked by heartless in the hotel in Traverse Town early in the game. That whole section seems to be riddled with callbacks. Pretty interesting.
  8. Why? Surely this topic has already been discussed but I had my own thoughts to share. I know it's frustrating not having the same feeling of closure we got for Sora in KH2, considering that was the middle of the saga and this is the end of it.... BUT... We got that for everyone else. Which was what we really needed, considering the other characters have gone through more pain and turmoil than Sora has. Sure the weight of the world(s) always falls on him, but he's pulled through every time and kicked whoever's ass got in his way, against all odds, and saved the world(s) time and time again. I don't consider him being put into stasis after CoM a big deal because he woke up like nothing even happened with a big shit eating grin ready for his next adventure, and he was put to sleep by the Organization in DDD for all of 20 minutes so that doesn't count either I personally loved the ending (albeit may have been a bit too quick, not leaving any time for the emotional impact of what happened). We knew Sora's journey wasn't going to be over with this game. I think Sora has been too lucky... had too much protagonist plot armor throughout the series, and it's been a long time coming that he would end up in a situation where he really has to pull all his strength from within himself instead of his friends to overcome the odds. Plus, who doesn't love a good cliffhanger to allow us to speculate and theorize. Keeps us occupied while waiting for the next installment.
  9. Nomura responding to a question about Xion's return by saying he will expand upon it in the DLC doesn't indicate she will be the central focus. I think it's more likely we'll be getting the final mix treatment. Limit Cut" sounds like it might mean Director's Cut, which would be additional scenes throughout the main story to flesh out the plot a bit more. We need more backstory on Scala, Xehanort, Eraqus, and their Master more than anything imo. Seeing as it is the end of Xehanort's arc, and everyone else's subplots can be explained in future games. This is it for Xehanort's story.
  10. I love the subtle callbacks in these games and I wanted to start a thread to see if anybody had caught some that I haven't. The entire Dive to Heart in the tutorial mimics KH1's opening almost to a T with Sora's gestures. The only major differences are that Riku (when we see him in front of the wave) is replaced by a bright orb of light, and when Sora reaches the surface of the water, he is encountered by Kairi in KH1, whereas he sees the mysterious water Darkside in her place in KH3 (Kairi's name means water remember). I think this is Kairi's heart after she is struck down by Xehanort. Since she cannot produce a heartless, is why it is made of water instead of darkness. I can't take credit for this theory but I can't recall where I read it before either. Also the whole "hunting the lich to retrieve your friend's hearts" is definitely a callback to the world terminus area of End of the World in KH1. Same music, same idea. KH1 was my first Kingdom Hearts game when I was only 10 years old (25 now) and I've been in love with the series ever since. I beat it with my best friend who I don't get to see anymore. I remember when we finally beat Ansem after probably a hundred tries we were so overwhelmed with joy that I'm pretty sure we cried lol. It holds a special place in my heart and is my favorite game in the series, from a narrative standpoint (game play is a little outdated obviously). So all of the little KH1 callbacks really made this game special to me, and shows that they still care about the OG fans from back in the days of their humble beginnings. Sorry for the scatterbrained post, it's my first one on the forum. I tend to ramble lol.
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