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  1. "I wonder if the measures I put in place to stop you worked, Xehanort" What measures is he talking about? Did Eraqus plant seeds that helped mold the story going forward after BBS?
  2. Their old hearts still need to be released from their heartless form by a keyblade for them to return as somebodies. I like to think their old hearts just merge with their grown hearts so they have the combined experiences of both forms. Roxas is definitely a special case because Sora retained his sense of self when Roxas was created
  3. If that were the case why would they still have their old memories and appearance? They are the same as their original selves, minus a heart
  4. But Axel is 100% Lea in body and mind Sora retained his soul/mind when he became a heartless so that never transerred over to Roxas. Roxas' mind was a clean slate
  5. I think that both endings are canon but the true ending is what actually happened and the bad ending may have been what Riku or Kairi saw in their dreams. Either way, i think him being crystalized will still be relevant somehow
  6. I don't even try to counter him in this phase because its risky. Just keep blocking til it's over. Also, his first swipe doesn't usually connect so wait a sec
  7. Yeah the one where he shoots the beam three times. After the third beam disappears he says "gotcha!" and that's your oppurtunity to use thunder. It might take a little practice but overall i find it to be one of his easier moves to punish
  8. You just hit him with Thunder from a distance when he starts to say "gotcha" then airstep to him. He won't steal anything
  9. Just glide horizontally when he uses that move to steal your items. I beat him with a Kupo coin, he never stole any of my items
  10. Double Form shreds HP. I don't have Oathkeeper so i use Oblivion, Ultima, and Kingdom Key. You want to save your finishers for when they are vulnerable and there's an opening to combo attack, so it's best to get used to swapping keyblades mid-fight
  11. Update: This was a stupid post because i ended up trying him anyways almost immediately after i posted and answered my own question. He's definitely harder, but not by a lot. Toughest thing about him so far (i haven't even made it to his DM) is that his laser attacks are super fast, super deadly, and don't count as a combo. So you get hit by 2 of them consecutively and you're done. His attack that steals your keyblade and the one that steals your items are actually very easy to avoid, so i think i'll use a kupo coin this time
  12. I finally beat Xehanort and Xion after several hours of failed attempts and now that i'm at the secret boss i almost don't even want to try. Can anyone who's finished the whole thing tell me how much harder he is than Xehanort and Xion? If he's significantly more difficult i don't even know man, i might give up.
  13. Most of the Re:mind scenario should have just been added to the base game. Similar to the way KH2FM added cutscenes and the Roxas fight. I haven't reached the Secret Episode yet, but from what i have seen, it's just a gauntlet for the secret boss. That being said, the secret boss looks amazing and the cutscenes that accompany it look very interesting (i haven't watched them entirely but i skimmed through them on youtube to get to the fight) I only have critical save files so unfortunately i have no choice but to defeat all of the data battles on crit in order to ge to the secret boss. I've defeated 7 of 13 so far and man are they tough, but really fun and well designed. I'd argue that they are better than the KH2 data fights, it's just that i feel the gameplay mechanics still aren't quite up to par with KH2 as far as balance and fairness. I had to use a kupo coin on almost every fight so far but maybe that's cause i suck?
  14. It also states somewhere that we're getting the free update before the DLC. Anyone have an idea when that might be? I was planning on playing through the main story again first for the added cutscenes. Would be nice to get that a day or 2 before
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